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Found 4 results

  1. I was wondering, since Deadfire will eventually be out for consoles, if there is any news on controller support for Deadfire on Steam? Or maybe even a fancy mod to be able to do so? Thanks!
  2. Ok, as the title states, I've been playing a bit with the Wacom Intuos Pro Tablet (small). I'll start by saying 99% of people won't know what that is and its primary use is definitely not for gaming, as it would do horribly in 99% of games. Pillars on the other hand, has its fun moments. My set-up consist of my computer plugged into my TV via hdmi. I then pair a bluetooth keyboard to the computer. Said keyboard sit on coffee table or on the cushion ahead of the tablet depending on my position. The ability to set 6 hotkeys on the left (as well as zoom wheel) + an oversized much more accurate pad, makes this much more than "track pad gaming". Again, with anything fps or even diablo-like, this would fail horribly. The ability to pause makes it all possible, and fun. Of course I need my keyboard from time to time, but this fairs much better than an actual controller would. I just thought i'd share and get some thoughts.
  3. In case it hasn't been mentioned yet - please add getting rid of the mouse pointer on screen when the controller is active to the bug fix list. It's a bit annoying.
  4. While this topic was mentioned before, and received the expected invective from ignorant elitist "REAL PC gamers...", I wanted to revisit the issue to see if the dev's have had any discussions related to this matter. In a (probably vain) attempt to head off the flamers arguments, I'll post a few ideas and caveats. Eternity is a PC game first and formost. I understand, and respect this. And as most (percentage?) players who backed this project will be using a keyboard & mouse setup, the UI must reflect this and be optimized for this set up. However, I rebuke any stance and idea that this precludes including a UI that enables users of a controller (360) from playing the game in a fashion that is most convienient for them. This isn't a one-or-the-other proposition. Both options can be fully enabled and optimized while not taking anything away from the other. This will of course require additional work and resources. But perhaps this is worth it. The problem I see is that we don't have solid numbers as to how many would choose to play this game with a controller if given the choice. No cost/benefit analysis has been done for this (as far as I know). The KB&M crowd are a vocal bunch. As is any group that belongs to a dying, at least diminishing, segment. This isn't up for debate, examples of this are everywhere. (This is NOT about PC games in general, just the use of KB&M). From the growing popularity of consoles, phones, tablets, and the soon-to-be "Steam Box", the time of the KB&M being the defacto-standard interface is fast approaching its end. For this reason, I believe, a strong argument can be made to spend the time to implement a UI for the controller centric crowd to future-proof the game now, and for future expansions/sequels. I've read the same statements made by the dev's how they were tired of building their games for consoles while ignoring the PC crowd. The KB&M crowd have used this statement as justification for closing debate on this issue. I consider this both premature, as the statement was made quite a while ago now, and taken out of context somewhat. Let me explain the latter: all of Obsidian's previous games have been funded by a publisher. They weren't free to make the decisions they wanted. As mentioned earlier, consoles being popular, publishers wished their game to be optimized for the console crowd first and formost. Nothing wrong with this in and of itself, however, publishers being what they are, they chose to ignore the, albeit smaller, PC segment entirely resulting in shody "ports" of games from the console to the PC. I view the dev's statements from the perspective that they were tired of comprisming the enjoyment of one segment of their fans for the benefit of another. NOT that they are somehow against console gamers entirely. It's from this perspective that I feel that debate on this subject shouldn't be shut down. Perhaps I'm wrong though. Perhaps the dev's do have an idiological problem with using controllers as an interface device and it's for this reason that they won't include any controller support. I sincerely hope this isn't the case, as it makes them no better than the publishers they complained about. In SHORT: 1 ) Could the dev's give some clarification on this issue. 2 ) If they won't include controller support, will they at least build the game to allow for modders to add controller support? I want everyone to happily enjoy the game with whatever interface device they feel most comfortable with. Is that asking too much?
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