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Ok, as the title states, I've been playing a bit with the Wacom Intuos Pro Tablet (small). I'll start by saying 99% of people won't know what that is and its primary use is definitely not for gaming, as it would do horribly in 99% of games. Pillars on the other hand, has its fun moments. My set-up consist of my computer plugged into my TV via hdmi. I then pair a bluetooth keyboard to the computer. Said keyboard sit on coffee table or on the cushion ahead of the tablet depending on my position.

The ability to set 6 hotkeys on the left (as well as zoom wheel) + an oversized much more accurate pad, makes this much more than "track pad gaming".  Again, with anything fps or even diablo-like, this would fail horribly. The ability to pause makes it all possible, and fun. Of course I need my keyboard from time to time, but this fairs much better than an actual controller would. I just thought i'd share and get some thoughts. 

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