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  1. I know! I was playing normally as one would, and was like hold up?? I'm actually playing now. I have a tv show on the tv. My computer is in front of me on the coffee table and I'm laying down with my intous in front of me on the couch. It's quite fun.
  2. Ok, as the title states, I've been playing a bit with the Wacom Intuos Pro Tablet (small). I'll start by saying 99% of people won't know what that is and its primary use is definitely not for gaming, as it would do horribly in 99% of games. Pillars on the other hand, has its fun moments. My set-up consist of my computer plugged into my TV via hdmi. I then pair a bluetooth keyboard to the computer. Said keyboard sit on coffee table or on the cushion ahead of the tablet depending on my position. The ability to set 6 hotkeys on the left (as well as zoom wheel) + an oversized much more accurate p
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