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  1. Of the two options, I'm perfectly fine with #2, and think it's perfectly OK. However, there are two other options available: #3: Provide all physical backers with a digital download. (Even if they originally didn't have one). #4: Delay the digital release until all (or most) physical product has been delivered. Had these been options, I'm sure most would select #3. But that's just my 2 cents. Thanks for asking.
  2. Steam IS DRM, so if it requires Steam, then it isn't DRM free...
  3. So you're nerd raging because they missed an update, and some special website they're working on isn't quite finished yet? Seriously dude, take a break from the internet and have a kitkat and a hot chocolate. It'll cool ya down. (I don't want to be around when they announce a delay to the games release... ACK!)
  4. This, I hope, is a no-brainer for them. When I can scale any web-page with the click of a button, PE should be able to scale the UI in just the same way. Even if it doesn't affect me, it's an easy option to implement, and helps future-proof the game for later higher-resolution displays. (People didn't think BG would be played 15 years later, but it was, and mods were needed to bring the games UI and whatnot up to todays standards).
  5. I'm sorry, but not giving your party members ANY AI is beyond (I'll say it) stupid. I really hope the quote was based on early decisions that don't reflect current direction. Even BG games had an AI you could adjust. As mentioned, I don't want to have to pause the game every time I need my mage to cast Magic Missile or my priest to cast Cure Light Wounds. I would also like my characters to judge who to attack, and what weapon to use. However, I do want the ability to intervene at any time to override their decisions with my own. I also want the ability to select the circumstances in which
  6. I'll put in my 2 cents... I'd prefer no UI at all. (Just hear me out...!) When it's just your party wandering around the map, there's no reason to have any UI taking away from the splendor of the map. Each member of your party is going to have a coloured circle underneath them, so this could easily be utilizied to represent that characters health. (Bright green for full health, to dark red for nearly dead). Effects such as some buffs or curses, can be represented by the animation. (Glowing halo above the characters head for "Holy Aid" type effect, or occasional hic-ups for drunkeness o
  7. Thank you dev's for answering the question and clarifying your position. As I mentioned in my first post: benefit to cost ratio isn't high enough (in the dev's opinion) for them to devote their time to making the UI work with controllers. While it's possible to argue the merits of that, it doesn't change the fact that that's their opinion, and as such, their decision is the correct one based on that. (Although I wouldn't mind a more formal Kickstarter poll to give solid creedence position). That said, I hope it won't be detrimental to the game if the UI was coded in such a way as to al
  8. While this topic was mentioned before, and received the expected invective from ignorant elitist "REAL PC gamers...", I wanted to revisit the issue to see if the dev's have had any discussions related to this matter. In a (probably vain) attempt to head off the flamers arguments, I'll post a few ideas and caveats. Eternity is a PC game first and formost. I understand, and respect this. And as most (percentage?) players who backed this project will be using a keyboard & mouse setup, the UI must reflect this and be optimized for this set up. However, I rebuke any stance and idea
  9. That's just an artists representation. The pic has nothing to do with what the actual dungeon will look like.
  10. Sorry, I voted wrong. I meant to vote UNlimited ammo.
  11. Quick, someone go spread a big banner across a bridge in your area with "Project Eternity on Kickstarter" on it to get the game on the news. (Oh, and best to be nude when they come pick you up so that it makes world-wide news... )
  12. A proper economy is very difficult to emulate. The biggest problem is shopkeepers never have to worry about paying the rent... as such they'll buy anything and everything, (albeit at a steep discount), even if there isn't a market for the item. Which is the next problem: what IS the market!? Who's buying the stuff you're selling? To do even a close aproximation you'd have to program in NPC needs and wants, with corresponding jobs and taxes, as well as resource requirements and alot time to developing those resources. Then put it altogether so that shopkeepers prices accurately reflect the
  13. Ammo has to be unlimited unless they deal the amount of damage they would REALLY deal IRL. That is, one or two shots from an arrow and you're dead...
  14. Um, I think I'd prefer a 3D character you can rotate and whatnot... just me?
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