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Hey, simple suggestion to make using a controller a bit more smooth while playing Grounded. While playing with a controller you have to open up a radial wheel to access anything in your hot bar and I personally do not fell this is very smooth for an easy and smooth transition between items. My suggestion is to make left and right on the D-Pad a way to change items in your hot-bar, or just add a way to set buttons to be able to change the items in your hot-bar to make changing items easier and smoother in the game. 

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7 hours ago, Tc_lion0 said:

i second this. A quick hot bar swap method would be easier than opening the wheel every time. Especially if i need to switch a weapon in combat.

I also agree, I play on PC and use the Xbox Controller and it has to be the most awkward implementation to date.

I hope they change this, because right now, for people who play with a controller this doesn't make for quick weapon swapping.

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