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  1. I was a charming rogue who talked his way through most situations, but could handle the occasional fight. Then my companions and I met the Adjutant in her office. I was stunned by what she told me and angered by her request. I walked out into the lobby to think for a few minutes. After a lot of internal debate, I came to the painful conclusion that she had to be stopped. Then, full of regret, I went into her office, killed her, and we fought our way out of the building. After this point, the Board issued a kill-on-sight order for me. I was worried that becoming a wanted enemy of the Board
  2. When I was playing, I walked into a bathroom and an NPC was sitting on the toilet... with uniform still on, though.
  3. Dear Obsidian, Thank you for making such a great game. I really enjoyed the story and the game play. I specifically liked being able to solve problems using multiple tools instead of just shooting everything. The ending moved me deeply to the point that I sat through the entire credits. This game made me think and it made me feel and I really appreciate the enormous effort that went into it. I know your organization is probably still recovering from the stress of the release, but I am already looking forward to future adventures from you. -- Thank you, MountainRiderAK
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