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  1. I was a charming rogue who talked his way through most situations, but could handle the occasional fight. Then my companions and I met the Adjutant in her office. I was stunned by what she told me and angered by her request. I walked out into the lobby to think for a few minutes. After a lot of internal debate, I came to the painful conclusion that she had to be stopped. Then, full of regret, I went into her office, killed her, and we fought our way out of the building. After this point, the Board issued a kill-on-sight order for me. I was worried that becoming a wanted enemy of the Board would end in the death of myself and my crew, but I was determined to fight my way into the prison and free Phineas. I visited a few folks around the colony to see how they were doing as I made my preparations for battle. I upgraded my armor and guns and bought all the supplies I thought I would need. Then I traveled across the point of no return to Tartarus. Imagine my surprise when Mardet soldiers showed up at the landing pad and MSI soldiers helped me fight my way through the prison. It was so gratifying to see that these factions decided to help me in my hour of need. The outcomes of my decisions were bittersweet. It was heartbreaking to find out that Adelaide turned her back on the refugees from Edgewater. However, I was comforted by the fact that we were able to ensure the long term survival of the colony. It was very rewarding to see that my crew went on to have successful careers of their own.
  2. When I was playing, I walked into a bathroom and an NPC was sitting on the toilet... with uniform still on, though.
  3. Dear Obsidian, Thank you for making such a great game. I really enjoyed the story and the game play. I specifically liked being able to solve problems using multiple tools instead of just shooting everything. The ending moved me deeply to the point that I sat through the entire credits. This game made me think and it made me feel and I really appreciate the enormous effort that went into it. I know your organization is probably still recovering from the stress of the release, but I am already looking forward to future adventures from you. -- Thank you, MountainRiderAK
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