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  1. Agreed to all those. Really want to see crafting put in and additional content.
  2. Well if they patch it you'll need it for that but otherwise there's no multiplayer side to it to need internet connectivity.
  3. Honestly fetch quests are just a rpg mechanic to lead you to another area or area suited to your level. And also to more quests. Most of the other rpgs that don't have many fetch quests also kind of leave you hanging as far as where to go and what to do next. Your left to wonder about and likely run into areas that your not ready to be in.
  4. This isn't a mediocre fallout because it's not made to be a fallout clone( bethseda fallout that is). In playing I've noted several instances where they could have used some of the same systems as fallout but instead blatantly dodged designs and mechanics that could be construed as copying them. Sure it causes us to come on here and say "You need to this this way and change this and that" . But that just goes to show that they tried to make something different. I always find it funny how we throw off on a game by saying its a clone and then complain about others because they don't have the mec
  5. I love the colors in this game! My first step out of the pod and I was " The colors, omg, the colors!" You've played Fallout and other games with depressing lack of color environments for too long if this makes your eyes bleed. And it has places in it with lesser colors so it's not like you are made to look at non stop bright colors.
  6. Hate to sound like an ass to those posting here. But here goes. This was meant to be a place to post your favorite moments and adventures in the Outer Worlds not for stuck on quests or bug complaints - those actually have a place, like say the support section or general chat. Only posts so far that seem at home here is the screen shots post. So, um, yeah lets see some stories people!
  7. I personally would love to see crafting added -- put some use to those hides and robot parts. Being able to make clothing that has mod slots. As a stealth player I would like to wear leather or cloth instead of clunky armor or not look like I'm wearing something made of random rags (aka the miner suit). Also more hair styles and please separate female hair styles from male. Understandably some hair styles are androgynous but some of those are straight up not right for a male character
  8. The equipment stat bonuses simply bump up that stat. Let's say you find a lock that you need 55 lock picking to open but you only have 50, you put on a piece of armor that has +5 to locking picking and now you can open it. The skill abilities are connected to your actual skill number.
  9. Yep same. I just can't find the justification in losing the stats for 1 perk point. I know they were trying to offer a way to improve your character is some way while give an adverse like the fallout games do with mutations. But most of the perks just aren't worth giving up multiple stat points.
  10. Yeah poor guy. When he realizes he goofed, Bethesda is like "Thanks for not supporting our competition!"
  11. So umm you realize there's a big Obsidian at the top of the page and that Bethesda is no where on it. Like it shows on the trailers as Obsidian and Private Division. The creators of the original FO did this not the ones who have been handling it at Bethesda.
  12. Oh yes stashes are a must. Don't like having what I can own depend on what I can hold in the personal inventory. Hmmm maybe a container with small portal technology to your stash
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