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  1. I want to play on the hardest difficulty for the challenge of the combat but want to remove weight limits as I feel that just slows down the gameplay (having to constantly visit a shop to offload your junk) and normally the first thing I do in Skyrim/Fallout for example is use the console to remove my weight limit. Any console commands we can use to that effect? Seeing as I don't think Microsoft and Epic allow for modding.
  2. First game had it's faults with logic too. Like the female who opposed Thaos asks why the Watcher did the things they did in their previous life. Blaming them for things that happened in a life they didn't live. Sure, there's some logic involved in a world where souls are passed onto others, but there's nothing logical about blaming someone for something their previous soul did. They're not reincarnated as the exact same person. When an elder passes a soul onto a younger member of the family, it's not like an exact twin of that elder is born. Then there's the whole game's logic that new souls can be created from 2 other souls (Population increase), but that must mean they are completely independent of the other 2 souls, so there's no reason to believe people are just reincarnations of others but instead unique. Then there's the massive holes in Thaos's logic of creating the gods and keeping them secret. He even admitted societies created their own false gods prior to making the current false gods, they achieved nothing but perpetuate the belief in false gods, which did nothing to solve their own existential crisis. (The Engwithans) He admitted to mass murders solely for the purpose of perpetuating the lie, a lie that would've existed with or without his civilizations creation of false gods. It's completely illogical. Not only were both the main stories incredibly pretentious, boring, lacking a sense of urgency and lacking player choice, but they were illogical as well. When you analyze them, it's fairly easy to understand why most people don't like the main story of these games. (BTW this whole thread should be in spoilers)
  3. Play a grindy Korean MMO and you'll find out how quickly your patience for repetitive combat runs out. My problem with the combat in Deadfire was that there was a lot of it, but most of it was just trash. There wasn't enough interesting boss fights.
  4. Another conditional I would love added is "Self: Has a summon active" The game only allows each character to use 1 type of summon at a time. I can't find any other conditional to use to make sure they only use a Summon spell if they have no summons currently active. The animal companion one sadly doesn't work unless you're a ranger.
  5. From what I've noticed while playing is that there's a huge amount of enemies with incredibly high pierce DR. Making most piercing only weapons obsolete in certain scenarios, where as weapons with multiple damage types really shine thanks to their ability to convert their damage into whatever works best. Like skeletons are immune to all piercing damage in this game. (Which wasn't the case in the first game, pierce just did less damage)
  6. Your argument is that barbarians would be pointless without AoE damage. When their AoE dmg is mostly a gimmick than a necessary ability, but like I said, small AoE, balance could be maintained by having barbarians have a larger aoe that could even stack with 2h weapons making their AoEs bigger when using bigger weapons.
  7. Melee AoE is the Barbarian specialty. Congratulations, you just ****ed an entire class. Barbarians aren't just melee aoe though, their shouts are aoe silences and their fury gives them attack damage steroids. BTW there already is a 2h weapon in the game that does AoE damage and it doesn't make barbarians pointless.
  8. Yea I don't understand how balance can't be maintained. You just pick a reason for each weapon to exist. Instead of flooding the loot table with a bunch of useless items you should make each weapon good at something. Like most 2h's should have increased range and deal damage in small aoes and the ones that don't should have multiple damage types or be defensive weapons, for instance all Quarterstaves should give high deflection as it's incredibly easy to use those to block. Also gives mages a practical reason to use quarterstaves. When it comes to 1hs, lets take Dagger, Stiletto and Rapier for instance, rapier should give great deflection bonuses (For rogue tanking), stiletto should do high pierce and penetration and dagger should do slash/pierce but low penetration. Simple. Make maces armor crushers (Incredibly high penetration, but low base damage), swords should be jack of all trades master of none dealing slash and pierce, axes should have high slash damage and penetration but only do slash damage. 1h Spears should have increased range to poke from behind the front line. Far as guns, pretty sure the blunderbuss should deal some crushing damage. Pistols and Arquebus are pretty much fine as they are. There ya go, balanced the weapons for ya. But also you gotta ensure the loot table has multiple magic weapons you can find in each category. Like there's currently way too many swords and only 1 magic battle axe.
  9. Honestly, Old school pirate games like Sid Meier's Pirates managed to do the whole ship battle thing better and those graphics are definitely dated. It's apparently really hard to create a good pirate game, all the most recent ones have been pretty awful. Even AC:Black Flag and AC:Rogue with it's AAA gaming budget were incredibly shallow. Though I don't really see how they managed to mess up the whole text adventure that is ship to ship combat in this game. There's no graphics to even worry about yet they failed to even create a balanced and interesting ship combat with just text. Every battle can just be won without ever firing a cannon and the difference in ship size means almost nothing. Maybe it was too punishing at some point and they made it incredibly easy mode so noobs wouldn't get scared off? I don't know. It's just completely unsatisfying.
  10. There's a serious lack of bosses in this game period. The only one I even remember fighting is the giant Cave grub under Neketaka. (Which wasn't immune to dominate mind you.... meaning pretty easy fight)
  11. Hey, just wanted anyone who didn't know, I converted the Critical Role voice packs from the 2nd game to work in the first game. I set them up to replace some of the original voice choices as that's a lot easier than adding custom voices (I don't even know how honestly) The portraits are easy enough to copy over, but here they are. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/bsjo57h94yayjt3/AACq_-alAy2VVOWi_Q3zrk_ra?dl=0 Copy them to Pillars of Eternity/PillarsofEternity_Data/data/art/gui/portraits/player/male and /female Here are all the voices and what voices they replace, if anyone wants to use them. Here's Keyleth's voice pack converted to replace the original Female Feisty voice pack for Pillars 1. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/9wmzwkgg3kt9vhc/AAD9UPxUvvspHWpmxvmjPd_8a?dl=0 Grog, he replaces Male Stoic. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/d0xz189iehjpcpu/AACAJNHhzxoCOOOa9W6jNPN7a?dl=0 Scanlan, he replaces Male Smooth https://www.dropbox.com/sh/eekvf29ud3sskaj/AADBd39lemVJxSa1QyYu4pnua?dl=0 Pike, she replaces Female Kind https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ogkpx3ijm99dik0/AADNE9R7jd7ZcSmcYFgUsas3a?dl=0 Vax replaces Male C0cky https://www.dropbox.com/sh/cpqi7kd1y5g60zl/AACQwgrGBU-xQWuJQroWtyy9a?dl=0 Vex replaces Female C0cky https://www.dropbox.com/sh/vuhupcsrtcqttfs/AAAT-y6_esFIr6bUB_L_TYVja?dl=0 Percy, he replaces Noble Male https://www.dropbox.com/sh/z79h29wvmj2xi6x/AADq1lPpirFUmxraEh0ViEq7a?dl=0 And Gilmore, he replaces Mystic Male https://www.dropbox.com/sh/i6ccke0ift3g5n0/AAAKwHUwdkloxEs9RoVZPRVCa?dl=0 Just copy-pasta those files to override the ones in Pillars of Eternity/PillarsOfEternity_Data/Data/audio/vocalization/vo wav files/player and you're good to go. Remember to make a backup of the originals naturally. Enjoy Holler if you're having any trouble, hopefully Dropbox is working fine.
  12. Someone should mod it so each character has a randomized sexual orientation each time you start a new game. Making it so even if you want to romance a character that character might not be sexually attracted to you, just like real life. Of course if there's going to be Bisexuals, there needs to be Pansexuals and Asexuals, also Eder should have a random chance to be a furry. (The dude really likes animals what can I say) Could even take it a step further and have them be sexually attractive to different races and muscle tone. Taking how much Might your character has into effect.
  13. Shadowing Beyond NEEDS to cost at least 2 Guile, seeing how broken combat reset with Invisibility is. Maybe Enduring Shadows could cost 1 Guile again seeing it's only available for pure Rogues, but honestly, I'd rather they fix the combat reset from the get-go. Yea, Combat reset needs to be fixed for every ability not just that one lol. Smoke Veil already costs 2 Guile and resets, does basically the same thing as Shadowing Beyond without the teleport and you can get it earlier and doesn't require upgrading an existing skill. Even Smoke Veil's upgrade needs a rework as the Distraction effect it adds is almost pointless as the Persistent Distraction passive makes it so anyone the rogue engages is automatically distracted anyway. It should daze, or confuse or something.
  14. Aloth is perfectly fine. Fassina is the one who is horrible. Forced to be Conjurer in a game where you're only allowed to use 1 type of Summon Spell at a time per character. There is absolutely no reason to even use their "Summon Familiar" ability the entire game as there are way better summons available. If anything, the familiar shouldn't be considered a normal summon and should be permanently summoned like a ranger pet, but differs by being squishy and using spells instead of auto-atks. At least that would give it a reason to exist. Conjurers should be able to summon multiple summons as well. Yea multiple summons can be OP but give the enemies good AoE spells and the summons will die off quicker than they can be summoned. (Especially with those insane casting times) Or how about this instead. Limit the max amount of summons to 5, spread about between every character. So the amount of max summons available at one time doesn't change but you can summon multiple summons with 1 character.
  15. Rogue - Escape Ability Problem: All of the "Escape" skill upgrades increase the Guile cost from 1 to 3. Making upgrading it completely pointless as the benefit of upgrading it is completely countered by the insanely high guile cost. Solution: Change all the upgrades to only cost 1 Guile like the original skill does. You already are wasting a skill point upgrading it, you shouldn't be punished for upgrading it.
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