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  1. That has to be intentional, some coder wanted to annoy some artist... no way you pick 149 by accident
  2. ... I'm sorry. Looking for 2 things, neither of which I'm even sure if possible The absolute biggest weakness of spiritshift was covered by the devs, spiritshifting removing all your gear. My view of the other 2 problems with shifting probably shouldn't be handled on that level due to potential overpowered-ness. 1. can we give shifter subclass some other penalty besides completely locking casting? massive cast/recovery penalties? -PL even when not shifted? just something other than locking 1/2 the class features away and turning the character(if single class) into a bad fighter with some selfhealing 2. is it possible to edit the wildstrike talents to give +1 penetration per tier? The damage and accuracy scale by PL, but all that bonus damage is lost when playing on veteran/potd due to "no pen". and 2~3 ability points seems a worthwhile cost for 2~3 situational penetration when you factor in the lash and proc. Key thing, I only want the +pen to affect spiritshift, giving druids +3 pen w/ weapons goes beyond overpowered I had a dream of a warden(fighter/druid) tank who just laughed at enemy attacks since he got the equivalent of 6 second winds, but in practice the character was a 100% worse than a crusader(figher/paladin) who used all his zeal on lay on hands, since the crusader would keep his weapons and had options for changing battle conditions.
  3. near as i can tell brilliant is still its stupidly overpowered self at a guess? ciphers are(were? haven't tested all the changes) considerably weaker than chanters, ciphers have much worse MAD syndrome - meaning harder to min/max durations, cipher resource requires you to stop casting(so you can weapon attack) to regen whereas chanter could regen 2 phrases during the cast time of an ability(if troubador and the ability is slow enough) all told, ciphers cast much rarer making it much harder to keep brilliant up on everyone all the time. It might still be possible but that would be the entire build for the cipher(massive action speed+ recovery- to get focus back as fast as possible, stupid amounts of INT to get decent duration, stupid amounts of PER/acc, again to get focus back, and even then the cipher probably can't afford to cast anything else). Still would like the status to be available on at least one other class - priest level 9 spell maybe?, most of those suck, maybe ranger since their level 9 still remains a joke... xoti gets withdraw for free at pl2, rangers get a worse version at level 9
  4. hmmm brilliant as a pl7 cipher ability... level 13 single class, level 19 multiclass... Huge buff for pure cipher, and I'm very glad to see that status effect come back in some form
  5. been mentioned a few times but it bears repeating d+d caster stats (int + con, dump everything else) do NOT work in pillars perception matters might matters dexterity is god a caster with 3 INT is light-years better than a caster with 3 dex - just pick single target or line based spells eder/pallegina are there to take the hits, put on a gun/wand/bow, and rain fiery death from afar. make the enemy walk through a web or thorns to get to you, charm their archers to shoot them in the back, fireball, terrify, fireball, knockback, meteorswarm!
  6. They've changed the encounters too. and "lazy and incompetent" are much to harsh. Considering the amount of builds with the words "immortal" or "infinite" in them, it should have been well known the nerfs would be fast and furious, particularly in the first go round on adjustments. Expecting large amounts of AI and scripting changes with just 2 months was hoping for too much to begin with. But Archaven didn't comment on the broken skills, she mentioned devotion of the faithful, one of the more low-key stupidly strong abilities in the game. +20 stacking accuracy(and +4 might) in an AOE, but its a level 7 priest spell(level 19 on a multi-class). Its strength isn't in its ability to let you hit(by the levels you'd get that on a pure priest, the only reason a melee wouldn't have an exceptional weapon is because you have a unique you haven't enchanted yet). Its strength is that due to the way the accuracy calculation works, that +20 accuracy is effectively +20 crit rate. And don't get me started on the crime of what it does if you have a solid amount of hit-to-crit. That's what got it the nerf bat. Looked at through the lens of crit rate instead of accuracy(something we never really need) nerfing the spell becomes a much better solution to the "problem" of too many crits than the only alternatives, lowering player crit rate directly - which lowers accuracy, or raising enemy deflection(slightly better since there are more stacking ways to drop deflection than to raise accuracy). both of those create situations where instead of being rewarded for having a priest - "I'll bring xoti, she gives my melee 10% crit rate". You're instead penalized for not having a priest - "well I'd like to use tekehu and a chanter as healing, but if I don't bring xoti we'll never land any hits." I know which of those situations I prefer - xoti's been stapled to my bench since i hit neketaka.
  7. 1st question: are you giving maia Blightheart? if so ranger/wizard no question so she gets the wizard enchantments which are the best ones assuming no blightheart, ranger/rogue is better than ranger/wizard particularly on maia since her pet doesn't have to worry about engagement and can EASILY set up flanks and ranger skills lean towards debuffing in terms of pure damage output, pure range is actually the best not because of the lvl 8/9 skills(most of which suck, i mean really, self only withdraw is a tier 9 ability? xoti gets it for free at tier 2 and she can target allies) but because having more points to dedicate to pet passives can turn Ishiza into a monster
  8. you can prioritize by marked target/sworn enemy Its not perfect since it doesn't prevent the skill from being used if something else prevents you from going for specifically the marked target, disengagement being the most likely, but it works
  9. Scripting for dummies: 1st and most important, scripts are sequential. every few fractions of a second the AI reads the script from top to bottom 2nd, a player inputted command disables AI until that command is finished - If you tell Xoti to walk 1/2 way across the battlefield, she will do nothing else until that walk is finished or prevented by enemy action 1: is this box on cooldown - this refers to the customizable cooldown in the behavior settings, if yes: skip to next box if no: proceed 2: if necessary, define "target" - the word "target" in conditionals depends on the target set for the ability, this is especially important when referencing allies or enemies of the "target." the condition "Target: allies in melee range > 0" on an enemy only ability (a nuke) means: are there 2 enemies of the caster within melee range of each other(are there 2 enemies standing together) The actual target will be chosen based on the target preference chosen(highest Will, lowest deflection, marked, etc), then nearest to farthest away(unless the preference chosen was "farthest") 3: conditional - target(self or ally): health below 50%, are there any allies or myself who are below half health? if yes: continue, if no: skip to next box 4: additional conditionals - ALL conditionals must be true for an ability to fire(useful for keeping a caster from using a huge nuke on just one peon enemy) 5: availability*- can the ability be cast/used(are you out of zeal/guile/focus/phrases/etc)? if yes: continue, if no: skip to next Ability, if no more abilities listed, skip to next box 6: range - is the target in range(non-factor for self target). if yes: cast ability, if no: check engagement status. If not engaged: walk towards target(shortest path possible) until target is in range, cast ability. If engaged: check engagement flag if "allow disengage" checked: walk towards target(shortest path possible, taking the disengagement hit) until target is in range, cast ability. if not: Skip to next Ability, if no more abilities listed, skip to next box*** The sequential nature is what screws up a lot of people, if you have a buff or attack listed above your heals, she'll never get around to casting a heal until she has no viable targets for her attacks(this is bad). Second wind should be the first conditional for every AI behavior for any character that can use it (self: health below 50% - second wind on self, no target preference) USE YOUR COOLDOWNS - they default to 0 and should almost never be left that way unless you're building very specific conditionals or you'll just burn through your resources in seconds on useless actions(casting mirror image 4 times in 10 seconds) be careful with conals - its probably a bug, but a conal ability(originates from caster acts in a triangle) doesn't check distance, if the target is 20m away, but your cone only reaches 5m in front of you, the AI will still fire the ability hitting nothing and wasting resources. Generally speaking, and assuming not playing a beguiler-cipher or a rogue, most attacks shouldn't be set to AI until you reach a point where you have more resources than you really know what to do with. AI attacks increase DPS(the computer is faster than you) but greatly hurt flexibility - The "Self: has at least # resource" conditional can help here. Rogues and beguilers should keep some on AI to ensure sneak attacks stay active, but be very careful with rogues, guile doesn't regenerate. All told the behavior editor is by far the most fleshed out one of those I've seen in quite some time, I'm actually very impressed. but, you gotta be careful with it, using it poorly can easily lead to a party wipe as characters stop filling their role because you "told" them to do other things *This is why the pre-made AI's suck, they mix too many abilities under one condition and in the wrong order meaning some higher level/stronger abilities won't be used just the weaker ones that are listed first ***This is checked repeatedly during the walk, if an enemy engages you mid-way and you aren't flagged for allow disengage, that can easily prevent a needed heal from going off since Xoti won't walk any farther(it would require her to break an engagement) but the target is still out of range, step 6 fails... skip to next box
  10. Description: Spiritshifts are missing as ability options when editing AI behavior, They're present in the pre-built AI but if you create a custom one none of them show up. also the abilities that require you to be shifted(bear-form's yell for instance) are only available if you open the Behavior editor while shifted in combat. tested on both single-class animist, and multi-class shifter, consistent to both builds Secondary issue: Possibly related to above, Second Wind is showing as an available option to build a behavior for even on a druid with no athletics(and therefore no access to the ability)
  11. So I'm considering a Pathfinder: Rogue(Trickster or nothing) + Druid(shifter) as my watcher and main tank The plan is to abuse the hell out of the free heals from shifting forms to just face tank all the damage while using rogue abilities to setup sneak attacks on target. Did a quick test and trickster's illusion "spells" are treated as abilities for the purpose of shifter's penalty, hurrah for 10 free instant heals and mirror image+riposte Looks decent on paper, but the paper leaves out some information I'm hoping to get from people around here First and most important, Does the heal from form shifting scale, and if so from what? I assume might since might scales all the other healing, but is there anything else, Character level(ideal but not expected) Power level(expected) or Max HP(Could be fun). This is more or less the crux of the build and I'd hate to be level 14 and find out my main trick is no longer keeping up. Second, do passives that don't specifically mention shifted forms effect shifted forms? the big ones here being riposte, dirty fighting and two-weapon style(every form available to shifter dual-wields) Lastly, any suggestions on druidic spells? Stat spread is going to be very INT heavy for shift duration, and very perception heavy for landing afflictions and its relying on a lot of passives and rogue tools, in the build I kinda spec'd out there's only room for ~7 druid spells beyond what's auto-granted so gotta be very judicious on which ones i pick. side note: which wildstrike element holds up best throughout the game?
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