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  1. That has to be intentional, some coder wanted to annoy some artist... no way you pick 149 by accident
  2. ... I'm sorry. Looking for 2 things, neither of which I'm even sure if possible The absolute biggest weakness of spiritshift was covered by the devs, spiritshifting removing all your gear. My view of the other 2 problems with shifting probably shouldn't be handled on that level due to potential overpowered-ness. 1. can we give shifter subclass some other penalty besides completely locking casting? massive cast/recovery penalties? -PL even when not shifted? just something other than locking 1/2 the class features away and turning the character(if single class) into a bad fighte
  3. near as i can tell brilliant is still its stupidly overpowered self at a guess? ciphers are(were? haven't tested all the changes) considerably weaker than chanters, ciphers have much worse MAD syndrome - meaning harder to min/max durations, cipher resource requires you to stop casting(so you can weapon attack) to regen whereas chanter could regen 2 phrases during the cast time of an ability(if troubador and the ability is slow enough) all told, ciphers cast much rarer making it much harder to keep brilliant up on everyone all the time. It might still be possible but that would be the
  4. hmmm brilliant as a pl7 cipher ability... level 13 single class, level 19 multiclass... Huge buff for pure cipher, and I'm very glad to see that status effect come back in some form
  5. been mentioned a few times but it bears repeating d+d caster stats (int + con, dump everything else) do NOT work in pillars perception matters might matters dexterity is god a caster with 3 INT is light-years better than a caster with 3 dex - just pick single target or line based spells eder/pallegina are there to take the hits, put on a gun/wand/bow, and rain fiery death from afar. make the enemy walk through a web or thorns to get to you, charm their archers to shoot them in the back, fireball, terrify, fireball, knockback, meteorswarm!
  6. They've changed the encounters too. and "lazy and incompetent" are much to harsh. Considering the amount of builds with the words "immortal" or "infinite" in them, it should have been well known the nerfs would be fast and furious, particularly in the first go round on adjustments. Expecting large amounts of AI and scripting changes with just 2 months was hoping for too much to begin with. But Archaven didn't comment on the broken skills, she mentioned devotion of the faithful, one of the more low-key stupidly strong abilities in the game. +20 stacking accuracy(and +4 might)
  7. 1st question: are you giving maia Blightheart? if so ranger/wizard no question so she gets the wizard enchantments which are the best ones assuming no blightheart, ranger/rogue is better than ranger/wizard particularly on maia since her pet doesn't have to worry about engagement and can EASILY set up flanks and ranger skills lean towards debuffing in terms of pure damage output, pure range is actually the best not because of the lvl 8/9 skills(most of which suck, i mean really, self only withdraw is a tier 9 ability? xoti gets it for free at tier 2 and she can target allies) but bec
  8. you can prioritize by marked target/sworn enemy Its not perfect since it doesn't prevent the skill from being used if something else prevents you from going for specifically the marked target, disengagement being the most likely, but it works
  9. Scripting for dummies: 1st and most important, scripts are sequential. every few fractions of a second the AI reads the script from top to bottom 2nd, a player inputted command disables AI until that command is finished - If you tell Xoti to walk 1/2 way across the battlefield, she will do nothing else until that walk is finished or prevented by enemy action 1: is this box on cooldown - this refers to the customizable cooldown in the behavior settings, if yes: skip to next box if no: proceed 2: if necessary, define "target" - the word "target" in conditionals depends on th
  10. Description: Spiritshifts are missing as ability options when editing AI behavior, They're present in the pre-built AI but if you create a custom one none of them show up. also the abilities that require you to be shifted(bear-form's yell for instance) are only available if you open the Behavior editor while shifted in combat. tested on both single-class animist, and multi-class shifter, consistent to both builds Secondary issue: Possibly related to above, Second Wind is showing as an available option to build a behavior for even on a druid with no athletics(and therefore no access
  11. So I'm considering a Pathfinder: Rogue(Trickster or nothing) + Druid(shifter) as my watcher and main tank The plan is to abuse the hell out of the free heals from shifting forms to just face tank all the damage while using rogue abilities to setup sneak attacks on target. Did a quick test and trickster's illusion "spells" are treated as abilities for the purpose of shifter's penalty, hurrah for 10 free instant heals and mirror image+riposte Looks decent on paper, but the paper leaves out some information I'm hoping to get from people around here First and most important, Does the
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