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  1. Please write it to Private Division here. They can add the issue to Obsidian's todo list and tell them when they can fix it.
  2. It is not a bug, it is a classic feature. The numbers are keys on keyboard for the choices. Edit: if you play it on the console, it seems to be a bug.
  3. I hope they will add it too. Especially this game would look gorgeous in HDR.
  4. I had similar problem. My problem was that I added Outerworlds.exe to the logitech software G-Hub as a new profile and it didn't recognize the game when it was running. The problem was that there was another file I was supposed to use. The file is called IndianaEpicGameStore-Win64-Shipping.exe and it is in the path \Indiana\Binaries\Win64. Maybe your MS version also have a special exe you are supposed to use instead of that tone. Try to find it.
  5. Developers already know about this problem. It depends on Private Division when they allow to solve it. I suggest you to write them directly so that they knew a lot of people need this. I wrote them about it too.
  6. Show current objective on the map (I mean text) Show the amount of weapon and armor parts I have at workbench Show an indicator of availability of companions special skills on the screen
  7. + Equipped item comparison ability while shopping (well, this comparison should be everywhere where I can hover an equip) + HDR support
  8. I am not sure if your game is really not updated. Try to select a new game and as a name write Nia there. If this name is blocked, you have the day one patch. If you can use it, you don't have it.
  9. You do have integrated graphic card according to the fact you have that intel processor. Sometimes games try to use the integrated graphic card instead of the dedicated and it can causes problems since the integrated card is weak and often doesn't have all the important instruction.
  10. Have you checked if the system uses your geforce card and not the integrated one? What about windows event logger?
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