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  1. Damned job... I still haven't had the opportunity to try what you advised to me.. I promise I will look into it asap.
  2. You know.. You gave me an interesting idea.. A dwarf with rifle.. Seems fitting.. Maybe better than crossbow or arbalest. Still undecided between sc and mc.. Being noob-y, I tend to think at sc, but the little voice in my head keeps telling me "try mc!"
  3. I'm sure I'll have plenty of time to try all those combinations, but for now... I understand 1/4th of what you say I just want to focus on "role playing" my dwarf and boar, min/maxing and optimizing builds will be next step. As far as I'm having fun and the character reflects what I thought he would be...I'm fine. I think that, while I play easy difficulties, I should have little to no issues in going on with the main quest... Confirm?
  4. That's better imho. It adds that "crafting" flavour that PoE1 lacked. Better this way. I know soulbound "grow" with u, but maybe I don't even feel like growin' them tbh
  5. Are they so few?? No Bows or Crossbows or Arbalests? Oh well, I'll focus on uniques then... Come to think of it... even in PoE1 there wasn't a large choice...
  6. Any interesting soulbound weapons you can advice? Don't worry for spoilers, I'd look 'em up anyway lol
  7. Ok, understood. I figure there must be a lot of abilities between various classes that complement each other in good ways... Being I completely non-competent in this kind of "matching work", I believe I should start my first playthrough with a SC character...? Oh and... does the class(es) impose some "bond" with weapons? Such as having abilities that only work with a specific weapon? Or will I be free to change -say- from bow to arbalest from time to time?
  8. Well thanks a lot, really. I'm at work now and can't check directly but.. How does the eventual MC end subclass work exactly? You can do it at specific levels? Or you choose right at the start? (subclass only ofc) Sorry for my noob-y questions Iirc, dwarves were good with bows in PoE setting, so I think I chose the right game to bring my ranger to life. In fact, I wanted to to that character BEFORE coming to PoE2... I even thought of doing it in D&D
  9. Ok thanks first and foremost to both of you! I forgot to mention that I usually play at easy levels, I don't do PotD, I don't solo. Playing PoE has always been like reading a good ol' book, I let the game tell me a story in which I take part and relax at the same time. My only doubts are: Is a ranger "in theme" with the water-y atmosphere of the game? I wouldn't want to feel "out of place"... And second question is: what is PL8?
  10. A'ight so... I come from the 1st chapter, bought this a lot of time ago but until now I didn't manage to install it and give it a try. So now I'd like to begin a playthrough, and I'd like a (ranger?) character as described in title. I'd like to know if it's viable and whether it should be MCed or not.. Anyone got experience with a build like this? Crossbow is something I'd really love. Thanks for your time m8s.
  11. Hi Xzar, I think you are perfectly right. I just bought the game and I like to form my own opinions only AFTER I try something. And since I was not at all disappointed with POE1, quite the contrary, I bought this game and expect it to be fun. No game is without flaws, that goes without saying, but I think the devs made efforts to make it up to -and better than- the previous one. Here in Italy we have a mag, it's called TGM (The games machine) which, as far as I know and have been able to understand, is impartial and very highly regarded upon the "nerdy world". Give it a try if you understand Italian!
  12. Oh well, I'll try to enjoy then. Some time ago, I read an article about how POE2 was supposedly not up to the previous chapter.. I would have bought it anyway as I'm a huge fan of the lore and the game itself, but it relieves me to hear your enthusiastic comments. Keep up!
  13. Thank you mate! Yes I figured as much. Boeroer (I think he should also roam this board) told me they're good and fun in POE2, so I'll try and do it. Who knows...
  14. Greetings, I'm happy to be here in the POE2 community. Just bought this game, and hope to enjoy it as much as I did with POE. I'll get in touch with the new game and then will surely come here to get advices about builds and so on. I've understood this game revolves a lot around sea, so maybe my monk idea was not excellent in terms of lore, but I'll see what I come up with. See you!
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