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  1. Hi Xzar, I think you are perfectly right. I just bought the game and I like to form my own opinions only AFTER I try something. And since I was not at all disappointed with POE1, quite the contrary, I bought this game and expect it to be fun. No game is without flaws, that goes without saying, but I think the devs made efforts to make it up to -and better than- the previous one. Here in Italy we have a mag, it's called TGM (The games machine) which, as far as I know and have been able to understand, is impartial and very highly regarded upon the "nerdy world". Give it a try if you understand
  2. Oh well, I'll try to enjoy then. Some time ago, I read an article about how POE2 was supposedly not up to the previous chapter.. I would have bought it anyway as I'm a huge fan of the lore and the game itself, but it relieves me to hear your enthusiastic comments. Keep up!
  3. Thank you mate! Yes I figured as much. Boeroer (I think he should also roam this board) told me they're good and fun in POE2, so I'll try and do it. Who knows...
  4. Greetings, I'm happy to be here in the POE2 community. Just bought this game, and hope to enjoy it as much as I did with POE. I'll get in touch with the new game and then will surely come here to get advices about builds and so on. I've understood this game revolves a lot around sea, so maybe my monk idea was not excellent in terms of lore, but I'll see what I come up with. See you!
  5. Oh, I thought any choice made during character creation stayed intact... Ok then, I'll try to build this char following my own taste. Is there a special stat I should invest most points in?
  6. Well, I was thinking at initial setup.. stuff like backgrounds, stats, dwarf subrace etc.. I don't know if in DF something is gonna change... Why do you say I gotta have sabres? Is there any problem with unarmed attacks? And, other than that.. does dual wield affect fists?
  7. Sorry I'll double-post just to get some info about char-building 'cos I don't remember much... How should I build this monk? I was thinking of dwarf, but don't remember the right combinations of culture and/or starting things...
  8. Hi everybody! I'm back to this game (I had almost finished it with a pally, almost 2 years ago I think). I'm planning to get POE2 soon, and would like to build a character to bring through the first and then import in the second chapter. I believe this is possible, yes? Now.. I'm very fond of monks in this moment, will they be performing in the 2nd chapter? Will the experience be rewarding in terms of good role play? I just don't value fights or difficulty too much, I value RP. Thanks for your help. P.s. Ofc, I also own a paladin. It's a fire godlike iirc.. Worth taking to 2nd?
  9. Well...just wanted to update you as I am now Lvl. 14 and going for thaos. This MC has been really good all the time. I really think he will follow me in PoE2. I've not done anything about WM1/2.. Shall I finish the main game before going on? Or should I leave Thaos for last?
  10. Well, matter is... They are not bad by themselves, they are bad at bashing. Having a shield with bash is not like fighting with two weapons, in that the speed does not improve. Just think about it: if you can have a shield that does damage AND enhances your attack speed, ON TOP of giving you a strong def bonus, would you consider going 2 weapons? That said, it might be a choice, if you like that particular shield... I'm now almost lev. 13, but until 5 or 6, I gave Eder the Larder Door... well it worked for a while, until I got better shields..
  11. In next run I’d like to go cipher. Things I know are: High res for dialogues, prolly two weapons like hatchets which with high res go for high deflection, high dex for high speed. Which race would suit? Maybe I’d like wild Orlan but it’s just a guess.. The attitude I like to play the most is clever.. and would like wtw bg. So maybe even pale elf or dwarf... I still have a long way to go before completing my pally play through so... hope to gather many info!
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