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  1. Well...just wanted to update you as I am now Lvl. 14 and going for thaos. This MC has been really good all the time. I really think he will follow me in PoE2. I've not done anything about WM1/2.. Shall I finish the main game before going on? Or should I leave Thaos for last?
  2. Well, matter is... They are not bad by themselves, they are bad at bashing. Having a shield with bash is not like fighting with two weapons, in that the speed does not improve. Just think about it: if you can have a shield that does damage AND enhances your attack speed, ON TOP of giving you a strong def bonus, would you consider going 2 weapons? That said, it might be a choice, if you like that particular shield... I'm now almost lev. 13, but until 5 or 6, I gave Eder the Larder Door... well it worked for a while, until I got better shields..
  3. In next run I’d like to go cipher. Things I know are: High res for dialogues, prolly two weapons like hatchets which with high res go for high deflection, high dex for high speed. Which race would suit? Maybe I’d like wild Orlan but it’s just a guess.. The attitude I like to play the most is clever.. and would like wtw bg. So maybe even pale elf or dwarf... I still have a long way to go before completing my pally play through so... hope to gather many info!
  4. Ok thanks, so I didn't do any big mistakes in the end;) Glad to hear that. Now I'm gonna go and add Hiravias and GM to the party. Do you recommend changing someone? I used to have Sagani before getting Pallegina, but now my dps is higher..
  5. Sounds good. The fact that I can have zealous endurance makes me feel more "shieldbearer" as the character is otherwise very in tune with the bg (Shieldbearers are usually elves from aedyr, and that I am..) So I'll respec and take zealous endurance. Other thing is the group. Currently: Me - ranged arbalest Eder - melee sword&board Kana - ranged arquebus Pallegina - melee 2hsword Durance - melee staff (many doubts about this) Aloth - ranged scepter/wand/implement Would you change someone/something?
  6. You're right, I didn't mention I use zealous charge. Since I have Pallegina in the party, I have zealous focus enabled. I want to switch to zealous endurance. I was thinking about going melee sometimes, but I'm still not too sure, since I like the sniping ability a lot. I love this MC because I get a strong RP experience, plus he is a natural leader, and fits the party excellently. Just want to have a little more impact on the combat, so I also took Gunner a little earlier, but I'll admit it's still very slow. Thus the idea to also go melee.. but I'm undecided atm..
  7. Turnabout: I'm going on with my current MC. It's too long to just restart and do it all over again. The Character is quite good as it is, and I thank you all who have been patient with me. Keep you posted. Slight edit: What if I try to focus on protecting others with stuff like zealous endurance? Does my ranged status weaken my auras due to distance?
  8. Sweet. I’ll try gp then. Oughta be cooler with scion of flame... even though +10ac on fod for everyone isn’t bad..
  9. Does that mean you use her ranged? I send her in the fray with a 2hander... am I wrong in doing this??
  10. Torm, I agree with your point of view, but other than that, there's pure mechanics.. I mean.. gold pact have fire dot.. but darcozzi.. give nothing to my benefit, and wayfarers which are usually awesome are almost no use while ranged.. I want to continue with the main idea: the sniper that opens combat, it's really fun and strong, Elric was great in giving me the build, AND a good story! Maybe o just want to go stoic, just to vary a bit from the usual good and honest pally.. but still evaluating... For Elric: the sworn enemy is something I don't use frequently.. I can't open the combat with it.. can I replace it with something else?
  11. Yeah I've taken a look, and seems fun to play. Though we got two different approaches to combat it seems.. your pally relies on mind control and cc in general, while mine's purpose is to weaken (or take out of possible) the main threat of the encounter. Usually I scout a little ahead, then FoD the mage or the boss for a good 70ish damage right away. Then when the fight begins, I send him back and send Eder and itumaak on the front while keeping aloth Sagani and kana back, and boosting everyone with durance. It's very unlikely that I go melee, and I focus on honest and diplomatic due to st. Elcga. Think I'll take pallegina asap. Not sure about hiravias, can't find a place for him.. what about your party? Edit of the day after: Someone of you posters in this thread told me I could also go Goldpact. Elric if I'm not mistaken. I'm not sure I want to go on with Shieldbearers, 'cos it's too.... similar to Pallegina, which I literally ADORE having in the party.. Elric can you please tell me what to change if I go Goldpact and what bg suits? Thanks a lot! (Other posters welcome of course, it's just that he was very kind in helping me..so credits due )
  12. Thank you! I didn't know such thread existed! Right now I'm on the pally, but will move to cipher next playthrough!
  13. And the pally gets to Defiance Bay, and starts hitting things So I ask you some questions, in order to improve my experience: - Isn't there any way to improve shooting/reloading speed? My pally is a sniper, yes, but awfully slow.. Dex is average, and I try to use Kana's singing to hasten things but...to little avail. - Are there any occasions in which my shieldbearer lore will be used? For now, there hasn't been any... - What's the best party? I got Edèr, Aloth, Sagani, Kana, Durance.. Thanks for your info.
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