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  1. 1. Cursor movement speed in map 2. Hunger and thirst levels while in the aid menu 3. Companions health need buffed on Supernova. No way should they die before me with better gear. Either that or just make effect from healing the same for companion as you or allow them to recieve buffs from consumables in inhaler like you. It needs tweaked bad.
  2. I have never heard of a developer being this silent when comes to quality of life updates. I have looked everywhere I can think of and have not found 1 single thing that says "we're aware of such and such and working on it" I'm not ready to quit playing or anything I just want to know the game isn't dead on arrival
  3. My two biggest complaints are Supernova companions. Perma death is derp Enemies agro. Massive gun fight and enemy 50 feet away "is someone there"
  4. Completely agree with OP. I don't care about some perk at end game and drilling 100 in companion based skills just so they don't die as easy. All they have to do is disable perma death for companions in a hot fix. Problem solved. And enemy AI is laughable. If I can see an group of enemies they should hear my gunfire. The first 2 camps on Emerald Vale are perfect examples. You can take guys out and their buddies just watch until you get "close enough to detect"
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