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What race/class did you pick?  

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  1. 1. What race?

  2. 2. What class? (1/2)

  3. 3. What class? (2/2)

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If you've done multiple playthroughs, choose all that apply!


Interested to see which races and classes people gravitated to the most.


(I had to split the classes into 2 questions, since their polling only allows 10 options per question and there are 11 classes total)

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I trialled a few things like Ranger and found the damage output pretty poor (I've not played Cipher but I've heard it's great). Now having a high Might and Dex Aumuau Barbarian I'll really dishing out the pain and so satisfied, it was definitely a good pick.

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Thanks for the responses, guys.


So humans are easily the most popular race, with Godlike coming in a strong second.


Ciphers and Rogues are the most popular classes, with Monks, Paladins, Druids, Chanters, and Priests all being pretty unpopular.

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Human Chanter


Starting a second run with a Human Melee Ranger

Derpdragon of the Obsidian Order

Derpdragons everywhere. I like spears.


No sleep for the Watcher... because he was busy playing Pillars of Eternity instead.

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Death Godlike Amauna-Cipher-Old Valia-Artist

"Very well permit me on this night. To break your hearts once more. This is the story of the Chain of Dogs. Of Coltaine of the Crow Clan, newly come fist to the 7th Army"- Duiker:Memories of Ice

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I tend to pick Human a lot, mostly because they're often the generic-bonus types in games. And even when they're not, it's sort of just habit by now.








...since I haven't been terribly keen on the casters in PoE so far, I'm leaning towards liking the fighter class the most.

“Things are as they are. Looking out into the universe at night, we make no comparisons between right and wrong stars, nor between well and badly arranged constellations.” – Alan Watts
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Wood Elf Cipher, because I put together her history when I was play-testing the beta and I really liked it so she was my first hit, I finished her run earlier this week.


Next up will be Meadow Folk Priest of Eothas. Then a Vailian Wizard. Then a Pale Elf Barbarian. Then a Fire Godlike Priest of Mag. Then a Rogue, not sure which race yet...


I could go on forever... I have so many characters that I've played in previous RPGs that I want to bring to Pillars, plus new characters like my Priest of Eothas that I want to take on their first adventure. I'm super excited about all of them.

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Moon Godlike Cipher. Ixamitl Plains, Mecenary - War Veteran.

Loving the combination. The Moon Godlike passive for healing at 75%, 50%, and 25% endurance helps so much when I'm in the melee fray with an estoc. Heals me and my party, and that (somewhat random, when I take spikes of damage) trigger of my passive is basically free heals. Super handy.


My "backstory" is that I was born to an Elven family who settled on the Ixamitl plains in Orlan territory as farmers when their home was destroyed in Aedyr. They wanted to start fresh, so started a farm. I was born as a Godlike, but my parents still loved me all the same. After years of farming, I decided to join the militia to defend the Ixamitl Plains from bandits, wildlife, and keep the peace as a constable between the Humans and Orlans on the Plains. 

Somewhat cheesy and stupid, I know. Haha. There is more to it than that but it just dawned on me nobody really cares so I'll stop typing now.

Anyway, I feel kind of bad about playing (one) of the most popular classes right now, as I usually try to play the underdog class. Oh well!

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Wood elf cipher (diplomat - rogue replacement) - 12/8/10/16/18/15 - most damage done in party (so far) and been knocked out the most as well - obviously a well balanced build. :grin:   (just got to Defiance Bay level 4)

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Not all those that wander are lost...

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Hearth Orlan Cipher (Mystic) from The White That Wends. He's doing fantastic damage and control with his powers, and has been rather safe using a pike. Have had no issues gaining focus with the pike either, was worried I might have been forced into dual-wield.

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Cipher probably makes the most sense as the PC class given what they are meant to represent during the story. 

That said, I picked a human Barbarian who dual wields swords. Barbarians are a pretty good off-tank, pretty good damage dealer, and flailing my swords around like some kind of angry rage-beast really appeals to my personality. 

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