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  1. Moon Godlike Cipher. Ixamitl Plains, Mecenary - War Veteran. Loving the combination. The Moon Godlike passive for healing at 75%, 50%, and 25% endurance helps so much when I'm in the melee fray with an estoc. Heals me and my party, and that (somewhat random, when I take spikes of damage) trigger of my passive is basically free heals. Super handy. My "backstory" is that I was born to an Elven family who settled on the Ixamitl plains in Orlan territory as farmers when their home was destroyed in Aedyr. They wanted to start fresh, so started a farm. I was born as a Godlike, but my parents still loved me all the same. After years of farming, I decided to join the militia to defend the Ixamitl Plains from bandits, wildlife, and keep the peace as a constable between the Humans and Orlans on the Plains. Somewhat cheesy and stupid, I know. Haha. There is more to it than that but it just dawned on me nobody really cares so I'll stop typing now. Anyway, I feel kind of bad about playing (one) of the most popular classes right now, as I usually try to play the underdog class. Oh well!
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