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  1. Hmmm... You know I was just fooling around with the option of doing a new history this morning - I bet that's what happened! I miss that canon!
  2. What triggers the missive from Stalwart - I seem to recall it occurring very early on (perhaps the first time you leave Nekataka in your ship). I am currently at level 6 and still don't have it...?
  3. My bad! I was trying to use the crane and not the windlass - problem solved we are off to plunder elsewhere!
  4. OK we worked with the crew to steal the ship and lure Benny out - then we killed him and when we went back to the window we arrived through there was no option to leave (did not use a hook) - so we fought our way to the usual entrance/exit - (killed everyone in the outside areas) and it is closed and I can't find any way to do anything with the gate or the crane to open the port gate and leave???
  5. I generally keep everyone outfitted (for both active play and ship crew battles ) but when I send them to their cabin I may pull any of the especially good pieces they are using and pass them to active characters who can make better use of them at that time. I spend quite a bit of time redoing active characters with new gear as it arrives as well. I really appreciate the fact that Pillars has streamlined this process in many ways - back in the original BG 1 - I used to "save" items for later "when I really need them" by stashing them in particular containers - a barrel outside the smith i
  6. This worked! will have to fiddle with it a bit to decide exactly where we end up with the best balance between too dark and too light but it is a great improvement for those old tired eye! Thanks
  7. For some reason I do not seem to have St Drogga's skull on this playthrough I noticed that a while ago - not sure if I have it on someone else in "storage" or if I lost it or maybe didn't get it at the start - I have been bothered with some items seeming to disappear - but my Parkinsons brain has memory issues so I just move on I did use a regular torch and had Xoti wield her lantern but the effect was very localized. I don't recall ever having this issue on prior games (GOG has me listed with several thousand hours of play) . I am playing on a new laptop which probably has better gra
  8. Just finished traipsing through the Old City and these old eyes need better lighting. Is there any way to turn up the lighting? TIA
  9. Damn guess I forgot to put those sarcasm tags up again - that happens when you are older than dirt...
  10. Both times it happened for me it was our party they were attacking but I haven't yet conquered the ability to spread fights out once they have bunched up so it's entirely possible one of my over sensitive staff decided to attack anything that appeared in front of them thus bringing the ire of the horde down on us. For some reason I was under the impression that as long as we attacked in the dead of night these encounters did not include irate citizens and guards going beserk after getting in the way of a stray arrow or spell but perhaps I was just lucky
  11. (Playing on GOG Galaxy - 2.0.15) I cleared my GOG Deadfire of save games last winter before starting several new campaigns but I currently have every saved game from those campaigns (1200 hours +/-). Any chance these are contributing to issues on this old computer (HP Envy 2008-ish) like mouse & load screen hang ups and slow downs? (I have over a TB of free space on the 2TB HD on the Envy )
  12. Well I have been playing a LOT this year between being retired and social distancing (and I was isolating long before the virus came around anyway) (according to GOG I reached 800 hours a year ago and started playing again 3 months ago and I now have 1898 hours (3 Deadfire games the last of which is winding up as we speak) Can't say exactly when this started but it has been a while - as mentioned in OP it isn't as much of an issue early on as it is when things start getting more difficult (I typically start on classic but may drop down a notch (or come back later) if I have to reloa
  13. I have issues with the AI constantly over riding the decisions I make by hand. I like to micromanage but I don't want to make every single decision. I call for the priest to heal someone and the AI cancels the order and gives an alternate. I call for a certain 20 pt cipher spell (which will allow me to cast it again immediately) and the AI changes it to a 40 leaving me with no focus for the following round. I tried changing the AI to auto attack only which is a pain as it seems to revert to one of the other choices at will (or maybe on a whim). the first 2/3 of the game it's just annoying and
  14. Wait! Wait! There are nude sex scenes in the Witcher? Why was I not informed? I gave up on that game after about a week and gave it away and went back to BG or some other option I can't recall - but if I had only known...
  15. Was the custom legacy from an actual game - I did this and discovered that if you have a character die during that game (and is not available to raise again) they will not show up in the Deadfire if you use that game for a legacy.
  16. May be spoilers ahead - re: a bounty from Dunnage that ends at Spiral Stair area.... Consider yourself warned ! So the last two times I went after Katrenn I ended up fighting about half the guards and numerous innocent bystanders from the area as well in spite of waiting until "after dark" to confront her and her party of Constructs (as if I needed the event to be more difficult than it already was as some of those constructs are nearly immune to damage (especially if one doesn't use metagame info to prepare ahead for that ) I do not recall the fight
  17. Thanks! I pretty much understand that but where/how exactly do I find and access these spells to cast once they have been stolen? are these the ones at the far right of the spell choices? do you only get a single access point even if you steal more than one? and if so how do you choose between one or another (I have thus far only seen a single spell there and when attempting to cast it - it was difficult to see if it cast or not? )
  18. What am I missing here - I have attempted many of these - I seem to recall that (at some point) when successful the stolen spells would appear above my normal spells in each category - this is not happening - I DO see a wierd spell option icon at the far right end of my spell options but it appears to be only a single spell - I'm guessing this is a new way to do these - can anyone expand on exactly how this works? TIA
  19. Yes that worked! Turns out the item was there all the time I just didn't see the container was available - but now the Arkemyr quest is done and Fassina is on board - completing two new achievements - Constellation Prize & Recruiter!
  20. OK will check that out - it's not in my inventory and I did not start the quest with Arkemyr (have never even seen him in the game that I recall) just sailed by and went in while we were out bounty hunting - after we "finished" what we did I looked up the quest and then went to Nekataka and got it started talking to those two outside the house arguing about who should get them -we entered the Baths and started in that way but soon were seen and I let them escort us out until I could do some more research before fouling things up any more - what I want to accomplish most is to recruit Fassina
  21. Would I still have the research? I do not find it in my inventory now that I have left the area...
  22. Ok it seems there are several options in how when this gets done and what the results are... My main question is if you just wander in and do the quest as far as it seems to play out (without being sent there by someone in Nekataka) are you "done"? ( I can just take my old toy and move on?) The quest seems to have just stopped (killed the resident on the roof - found the writings that allowed us to make the observatory work - but only once - which changed the looks of something downstairs - but that's as far as things progress -further fiddling does nothing and the objects I found to work
  23. Updated answer today... BG series (1 & 2) Pillars series 1&2 IWD series 1&2 Literally played the IE series well over a full decade and still fire them up occasionally. Honorable mentions: Planescape Torment, Fallout 1&2, Dragon Age : Origins, Neverwinter Nights 2, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic series Also rans - early games that led me to BG eventually - Return to Krondor, Leather Goddess of Phobos, Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy, and of course ZORK where I was often eaten by a grue...
  24. Yeah I have been playing a lot lately (retired! ) and the walking/riunning speed is messed up probably 1/3 to 1/2 the time for me - I have been just ignoring it mostly after discovering no constant method of returning to "normal" - it seems to me the "slog" speed enters on occasion as well - I just put it down to my crews laziness or hyperness no doubt brought on by their diets...
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