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  1. Indeed since perception is only increased by items and one assumes it will be like POE1 where usually only the highest item works (others are surpressed) it seems there should be a way to increase your ability to find traps over the course of the game. I guess I could toy with a dwarf with high con and heavy plate and just send him ahead and make sure he rests often enough not to die setting them off?
  2. Noted that the post announcing Beta mentions that trap finding is now based on Perception and not mechanics but am not seeing how it works - Main is Beastmaster (Shifter) perception 14 - party rogue is Orlan perception 14 (mechanics 2) - party travels in stealth (plus stop and go to allow traps to be found) in danger areas but never finds a trap until it goes off ??? Any insight or suggestions?
  3. Old?? When I was growing up the kid closest to the TV was the remote, phones had rotary dials and were often attached to a wall, and an RPG was playing Cowboys and Indians outside with the neighbors!
  4. So if the change is not going to be major it should not be made at all? That doesn't make much sense if the object is to fine tune the game. If the change is so small you think it doesn't make any real difference over time then what's to complain about - what's the difference between change for change sake and not changing for not changing sake?
  5. One might surmise that it's not just the internet but the entire world that is no place for anything proper according to most of the last couple of generations to arrive on the planet. Can't help but find that a bit sad...
  6. Maybe it's because when BG ONLY had walk everyone screamed it was too slow hence the faster walk in BG2 and now the run - be careful what you wish for...
  7. What about a skip toggle? I mean seriously why shouldn't my party be able to skip down the lane occasionally like a totally happy six year old why are walk and run the only movement options anyone talks about. Or March? A nice disciplined march step for my gang of soldiers with a goose step and double time option and fancy parade formations to show off while we march into town with the Ogre head on a pike! (toggle of course no reason not to just make it a toggle so not everyone has to march my way) These would make this game so much less immersion breaking! Can I get a HELL YEAH???
  8. So you think the trap maker prints the damage on the bottom someplace and when you disarm it the figures change? How would your character even know how much damage a trap set by someone else would do to begin with never mind know how much it more or less it will do if it is reset and used later by someone else. Sounds to me like the player here is the one breaking immersion with too much metagaming
  9. @corrado: This AI you are describing in no way even begins to resemble any AI from the IE games - you are actually asking for an AI that when implemented by the player does in fact allow any character you have "programmed" to play by him/her self. There were some player made scripts for BG that attempted to do a robust AI for spell casting and some general AI options that led to a reasonably competent "auto-attack" and yes I do think such an AI as you are describing would be a large scale project to implement in a cohesive manner for each and every build you may wish to play. And yes I also would prefer the devs spend those resources on improving something other than party AI.
  10. I'm not much of a fan of epic levels myself. The sweet spot for high level play for me in D&D based games were levels 12-16 or so - beyond that things got too crazy. For PoE 2 I'd like to see a new character and starting levels between 1 & 5 ending in the mid teens someplace again.
  11. You could always jump in at the start and work your way up then after you take that party through the expansion go back to your original group - there are after all lots of different choices to make going through the game a second time.
  12. No tech expert here but it occurs to me that just because cut scenes utilize a walk it doesn't necessarily follow that it's "in the game" in such a manner that a developer could flip a switch to turn it on. Aren't cut scenes usually just that - little movies constructed to act out a given scene that can just stand on their own? (separate from the gameplay itself)
  13. Let us not forget that in dark dungeons you are also likely to be eaten by a grue - never a good thing...
  14. Yeah warden bountys are pretty intense - easy to get battles over your head - but you beat it so all should be good!
  15. "What do you do when you're faced with an enemy with a much higher DR than you can overcome?" Run baby run! Seriously I pay almost no attention to the combat log stats while playing but I can tell you that this game is not linear and it's quite easy to end up facing enemies that are too powerful for your current levels - perhaps this is what you have run into.
  16. Doesn't bother me much other than forgetting to look under it to see what's available in the heat of battle but then I rarely use consumables anyway...(so far)
  17. Somehow I just can't get into the whole "How Things Must Work" according to Brimsurfer myself...YMMV
  18. Huh? I thought you just had to be a game developer to decide how your game would work and define it's working in your own way...
  19. Well if you only camp when needed and then just camp twice in a row in order to remove an extra then the only effect it will have on your party or the game is advancing the time an extra 8 hours.
  20. Pretty easy to just adjust that yourself isn't it? I've not played on easy but I don't think the game automatically gives you more than 4 does it? Even if they start you out with more you could just waste them down to 4 and then not buy or pick up any that take you above 4?
  21. Do you suppose they gave the druid a little less effective spellbook (than the mage or priest) becuase the druid also gets spiritshift (for what it's worth)??
  22. Not much fun for those of us that struggle with lower light vision.
  23. The magic they produce is so heavy it takes a second hand for balance to keep the user from falling over...
  24. I don't have much trouble with the devs balancing stuff by assigning things to the attributes they have chosen that may or may not make sense given our normal understanding of the word they chose to use to describe or define the attribute. I have no trouble accepting that that's just the way things work in their (soul driven) world. In fact I much prefer they choose familiar terms than to make up "in game" terms to describe terms like might, dex con etc. Resolve effects deflection? OK by me! That's much better than the resolve attribute being labeled Evloser in order to have it work the way they wish without having people say hey thats crazy you can't do that deflection is better suited to Ytiretxed...
  25. You can both create wholy customizeable henchmen at any inn as well as respec your character and any companions you pick up. I'm referring to your own choice of WEAPON grouping for the weapon focus and weapon specialization talents not party grouping He means that if you make a mistake with your weapon focus, it's not game over. You can just fix it later. So pick now, try it out, see if it works, if it doesn't, respec at shopkeepers or Caed Nua. +6 accuracy makes a bigger difference early level, than it does later. Although accuracy is still pretty good all the time. I am aware of that altho since I mostly RP my party I would be very unlikely to take advantage of it - Gee I used to be better with a sword and bow but now I'm better with a club and wand doesn't really fit my playstyle - nor does the idea of having a character with different stats & skills depending on where you are in the game (or a whim) - not that there's anything wrong with that - just not my style. What I'm trying to say is I guess I find the weapon sets a bit too restrictive from an RP standpoint - I'd like to be able to choose a bit more freely and not have my choice of melee weapons dictate the ranged weapons I use or vice versa.or the choice of a single weapon only allowing certain other weapons if I want to make use of the bonus. I would gladly trade a group of 3 of my own choosing even if it was restricted in some manner rather than to only be able to choose a non varying group of four or five together. It's not a huge deal to me sometimes I just don't take weapon focus or I take it but still use weapons from outside the group as I please altho I have probably only seen someplace between a third and half of the game at this point so it's possible it will come into play later on and I'll have to adjust. ATM my biggest goal is simply not restarting and attempting to get through the entire game prior to SoD being released...
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