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  1. I agree - adding option after option ad naseum - changes the game from a vision of the developers into Monty Halls dial your own game any way you wish - no rules that can't be broken no wish that can't be met - no point in even attempting no theme to be found
  2. Here's an odd thought - what if the pets actually did something related to the game at some point? Opened a conversation or two, found a unique item, charmed an NPC into giving them something useful to the party, you know - something besides just taking a slot up someplace.
  3. Yeah, so I just gave up and got myself GOG Galaxy to do the patching by itself. Didn't want to do it, but saves me the nerves. Yeah I ended up getting Galaxy too after uninstalling my DVD version and being unable to even find a link to install the old GOG Downloader to install the game manually (and having had issues with regular downloads before with missing/corrupt files etc)
  4. I don't know who's fault it is anymore, GOG has since refused to take responsibility. But that's why I'm leaving this message here. As it currently goes, GOG users have to shell twice as much money to upgrade to the Royal Edition, compared to Steam. There is no game difference between the 2 stores, so I see no reason why GOG users are being treated as second class citizens and paying more. I have no intention of buying the expansion (much as I wish to), as I would only be supporting the person behind these decisions. Maybe Steam is the culprit - giving their folks a non- required discount offer.
  5. Same question here - I only have access to the Champion Kickstarter edition which apparently does not include the expansion - I have my disks installed on my laptop but how do I get a copy of the expansion (and patch 3.0) for my dvd version??
  6. Only 17 replies to this topic over 5 months many of which are the same people - suggests the answer may well be that there is not enough apparent interest in the DVD version to continue to support it -
  7. I don't see a real need for a comprehensive breakdown of security and prestige levels - as said above it seems to lead the player to play the system rather than the game - after all it is an RP - G so I think a general description of what one might expect to gain/lose is sufficient altho I definitely would like to see more detailed and interesting encounters related to the stronghold and more regular (interesting) NPCs that reside or arrive or can be recruited - each with their own little storyline/quest.
  8. One would hope this doesn't mean DVD updates are NEVER going to become available after months of being promised that "we are working on it"
  9. So are we expecting DVD updates to be available with the WM2 release or will we still be waiting?
  10. Obsidian is making money from the game? I thought it was just part of their community service requirement.
  11. Pretty sure once the change has been made by entering a new map then all maps will be at the new level. It's retroactive? The tooltip when you change difficulty says "Difficulty changes will take effect on any map you have not yet visited". Actually I think it says when you enter any map you have not yet visited. Thats when the new difficulty STARTS - once it is started it applies to the entire game unless you change it again (or at least I assume so) I'm no tech wizard but I assume the reason for this is that the difficulty is changed during the load process to the new map (when other changes related to entering the new map are also occuring ) - so you can't change difficulty without going through a loading screen but once it changes I've always assumed it applies to all screens so yes in that respect it's retro active - it would be pretty odd if you entered a map (say dyrwood) - immediately changed the difficulty - went to a new map (entered a building) and when returning to the old map (Dyrwood) the old difficutly level applied - and then switched again when you left any old map (Dyrwood) for any new map (new building).
  12. Pretty sure once the change has been made by entering a new map then all maps will be at the new level.
  13. @ Vorgar Think you have to be upgraded to the patch level that was released with WM - forget what the number was - 2.0 maybe?
  14. Actually I think you can get the ring by could be wrong tho...
  15. Icewind Dale was more challenging out of the box than BG but you got extra experience for higher difficulty - which in the end (by mid game at most) made your characters more powerful sooner off setting much of the higher difficulty. Still fun tho...
  16. Have you actually played the original Baldur's Gate? Because it sure sounds like you haven't, or at least that it was very, very long time ago. Just about the only part of that post which holds true are rare magical items. Icewind Dale was at least more difficult and more linear, but that's about it. I would pretty much agree - wolves might one shot your level 1 character but you could run away from pretty much anything and by the time you hit level 4-5 there was almost nothing left in the wilderness areas that would give you much challenge other than one of the "bounty hunter groups". (Xvart genocide anyone) - first time through knowing nothing was certainly challenging but stats were balanced between player and enemy as long as you didn't get too big for your britches and even then running away was most always an option. As far as being linear - unless you did nothing but follow the story line - the game was a huge sandbox - if you were planning to dual class you could easily take only Imoen along and ignore the main storyline until you both hit the level to add your second class and then farm exp in several places until you got your old powers back also starting the storyline at 3/4 or 4/5 if you wished - even easier if you install ToTSC. The BG series is still the #1 RPG ever in my book regardless
  17. The situation isn't that just because D&D had immunities doesn't mean PoE has to have them - the point is that there was nothing wrong with immunities in D&D and neither is there anything wrong having them in PoE (do we really have to trot out the spiritual successor horse?) and yes the ridiculousness of knocking down a full scale dragon has something to do with that - I just do not get why there is so much whining about this change - change is good- this change is good - I fully support immunities in PoE (just in case anyone was in doubt about that)
  18. There has been two versions of the GOG installer for the Linux version of 2.02, if it’s the same for the Windows version and you missed one, I guess you’re stuck re-downloading the game...Sorry for that, please don’t shoot the messenger Well the terminology confuses me to begin with - what exactly is the "installer" they are talking about? The only installer I can find reference to is attached to the GOG downloader - I have made every update so far from 2.01 to 2.02 and now the only option shown is 2.03 (there is no longer any option to get previous updates) and why would one of the patches work while the other says I have the wrong version?????? Meanwhile I have the DVD version installed on my laptop and it's stuck on 2.01 with no access to white march so I'm beginning to feel a bit annoyed... I have the exact same problem. Did you find a way to fix it? By the way, in the previous patch you got someone else's file to fix a issue while upgrading as well? I did...maybe you did too and this could be why the patch doesnt work. If you mean the DVD issue - then no - we are just waiting for them to get it done. If it's the GOG - "wrong version" issue I had then yes - I had to go the the GOG downloader page (under "MORE" on the pillars page) and download and install the GOG Windows Installer - I have very slow download speeds so it took about 12 hours for me but once done and installed I was up to date (I had already successfully installed the 2.03 WM patch) - good luck!
  19. I am looking forward to constructing themed parties using most or all mercs in the party but not until I explore the companions a lot more than I have so far...
  20. Looks like I settled in on a female wood elf ranger 18/8/12/18/12/12 with wolf and we have Eder, Aloth, a merc Island Aumaua Paladin, and just picked up Durance. I think my plan is going to be to get to Dyrwood fairly early and grab the druid and GM while keeping Eder, Durance, and perhaps the merc/Pallegina sending Aloth, Sag and the chanter to the keep. Subject to change without notice of course...
  21. Well, as you might know, during the beta, the personal character inventories were half as large. That made lots of people upset. I do sort of recall that early in the beta altho I don't recall it being an issue to me but that probably falls back to my playstyle of minimal use of items to begin with.
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