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  1. Considering item stacking and the number of slots per character I'm having a hard time seeing why it would be difficult to keep what you needed on hand even if access to the stash was limited to "safe areas" unless the game required extreme item usage (multiple items for every character per battle) - I'm certainly glad that's not how things worked out as I personally keep item usage to a minimum anyway (rarely use any food or potions at all).
  2. So the only serious discussion is that which agrees with you? I think not! You see even though I think it is highly unlikely that any of the ideas you propose will ever see the light of day (at least in the "official version" of PoE and it's sequels) I do think it's important to add my own position to the discussion just to make sure no one thinks that everyone (or even a majority) are interested in seriously considering changing the game in this manner - because in my humble opinion - that would suck.
  3. ^This! And I would generally suggest that the one go with either a slash or pierce weapon and a crushing weapon. Note that some weapons with have two damage types, and will choose the most effective one when it applies the damage. While often not the most damaging of weapons, these dual damage type weapons are very flexible when it comes to this issue. A good reason to open extra weapon slots as well...2 for melee 1 for ranged! Entirely true, Wanderon. To me, 3 weapons slots is the optimal number for most characters, though particularly front liners. One Pierce or slash weapon, one blunt weapon, and a hard hitting ranged weapon (i.e. not a bow or magical implement). Of course, for me, this is a play style issue because I like to open up battles with a ranged volley from all of my characters (except anyone casting a spell). With any luck, it's possible to take down one or two enemies before they can even get into melee range. Though I can see how other people would prefer to do things differently. Still, I kinda wish that the "warrior" classes (i.e. fighter, paladin, barbarian, and ranger) got 3 weapon slots as part of the class package. It would seriously reduce the pressure I feel when wanting to create a "warrior" class character to pick Island Aumaua for the extra weapon slot. Agreed Crucis - barring that maybe they could open BOTH extra weapon slots for a single talent
  4. Actually, this entire topic existed in another thread and you purposely started a whole new Topic instead of replying in the appropriate location. On top of that, you are now resorting to personal attacks (aka, calling wonderon's responses "dumb"). This is pretty typical behavior of a troll, so you might want to reflect on your own actions before labeling others. As for the actual topic, wanderon is right. You should keep a pen n paper handy next to you while you play so that you can impose your own rules. Instead of opening up hostile forum discussions about how amazing you think your self-imposed rules are (and anyone who disagrees is dumb) lol What he said... (BTW - discussion does not mean everyone agrees with your ideas about the topic - nor that only those who agree should participate)
  5. ^This! And I would generally suggest that the one go with either a slash or pierce weapon and a crushing weapon. Note that some weapons with have two damage types, and will choose the most effective one when it applies the damage. While often not the most damaging of weapons, these dual damage type weapons are very flexible when it comes to this issue. A good reason to open extra weapon slots as well...2 for melee 1 for ranged!
  6. ^^^ So unlimited storage is ok later in the game but not from level 1? Just becuase the game still allows you access inventory in civilized areas does not preclude you from having your own rules prohibiting it. Why can't you assign your own weights and keep a running total next to your keyboard if it's that important to you? IIRC the ammo belt that would hold multiple item types from TOB was high enough to make filling it unlikely. AFAIK you can "drop items" into any container you wish including dead enemies (from regular inventory slots)
  7. BG2 also had bags of holding some (maybe all) of which were bottomless - along with ammo belts & quivers as I recall - I also seem to recall it's possible to restrict access to the "stash" in PoE - for my money that's a pretty good balancing act between accomadating folks who like inventory tetris and those who prefer the stash. if that doesn't work for you - well you can simply use your own rules - it IS a single player game that you are free to play as you please - thus everyone is pretty much covered unless of course you wish to force others to play under your rules. Also only ground items faded - (becuase too many would slow down the game) containers would hold items forever unless it was on a map that changed. (when the map changed the container was replaced with a new (empty) one)
  8. I would also fund a PoE2 and any other projects set in the PoE world that continue to promise the same sort of (non-console) isometric party based CRPGs.! Bring them on!
  9. Winning the discussion? Wait! Are there prizes? Is there an age limit?
  10. I agree with the concept of being able to have all companions being impossible to implement but it would be my choice if they could Rolled up a Barbarian and just picked up Aloth and Eder - I find barbys difficult to keep alive early on - this one used up all his potions doing the chef quest solo on his way to Gilded Vale - I may set him aside for the moment and look at a different Main up to the same point in the story before deciding who will continue on.
  11. I too like having my main as mechanic regardless of class altho there are occasions when I choose not to and add a rogue merc for that purpose - it would be nice if a/the companion rogue was available earlier. I often add a paladin merc if I am not playing one as well until I get Pallegina. So far I have only taken one group to level 9ish and fooled briefly with WM - I with that group - I have not done any Act 3 content yet and only cleared one dungeon in WM (on normal) (probably due to chronic restartitus especially when a new patch arrives) I generally play on hard and that's no doubt where this team will be - I really have a hard time letting go of companions no doubt in large part because I have not really seen that much of their content yet So I try to tell myself they are just doing guard duty at the keep. Decisions decisions...
  12. After patching to 2.03 I plan to start a new game (PoE + WM1) rather than chance issues with current games - what's your favorite group of PoE companions and how soon do you try to get to them?
  13. I can't install the basic patch either - white march patch installed fine - basic patch says I have the wrong version for this patch and to download a new installer - what exactly does that mean (download a new installer)?? Edit: After about 12 hours to download the new installer - game is finally patched ......... now I get to decide whether to restart with a new team or continue with an old save and hope for the best...
  14. There has been two versions of the GOG installer for the Linux version of 2.02, if it’s the same for the Windows version and you missed one, I guess you’re stuck re-downloading the game...Sorry for that, please don’t shoot the messenger Well the terminology confuses me to begin with - what exactly is the "installer" they are talking about? The only installer I can find reference to is attached to the GOG downloader - I have made every update so far from 2.01 to 2.02 and now the only option shown is 2.03 (there is no longer any option to get previous updates) and why would one of the patches work while the other says I have the wrong version?????? Meanwhile I have the DVD version installed on my laptop and it's stuck on 2.01 with no access to white march so I'm beginning to feel a bit annoyed...
  15. Sigh... downloaded both patches from GOG - White March patch worked - the other patch ( tells me this patch does not support your version of the game please download a new installer... Please tell me this is not saying I need to redownload the whole freakin game again
  16. Just a reminder those of us playing with a DVD version are still stuck at 2.01 with no White March 1 either...
  17. Maybe with a little zinger in a text bubble over the damage doers head like "Gotcha" - "how do you like me now" - "not on my watch" or the ever popular " tag you're it" !!
  18. I'd be more inclined to see a single tank that could easily hold a mob in place as a flaw myself.
  19. But what were the budgets of those millions selling games? What are the profit margins? How well did Obs itself do for time and resources expended? Bigger is not always as better as it might appear.
  20. I do have a problem when choosing ranger talents. But not because there's nothing to my taste, quite the contrary - there's too much stuff i'd like to have. But again, i'm a boring passive player. People who want many active abilities may not find much appeal in Ranger class. I too find the ranger has too many options that I would like to have rather than too few or the ridiculous idea that there are NO useful abilities to choose from - I think the ranger is now in excellent shape and not underpowered at all.
  21. There's some merit to what you're saying, sure. But there's no way of knowing for certain if the resources poured into VO would translate into greater return than applying those resources to more content, fixes, and gameplay enhancements (my instinct is the latter would generate more sales though). The only issue I see with this is it's trying to change the game from what it is to something else. Kind of like the guy that was whining about the game needing ragdoll physics. Not the type of game for that. And the game was designed to have a lot of reading and little VO. I, like many others, would rather see any monetary resources spent elsewhere. An intentional choice from the developers - not a whim or a budgeting shortfall - this was the sort of game they wanted to make and they did - now is not the time to change horses mid-stream - if there are resources to spend do NOT waste them on unnecessary voice acting - spend them on improving and expanding the game you set out to make.
  22. Everyone except those who will miss the actual game improvements that could have been done with the money wasted on more voice acting.
  23. Not to mention the damage and tactical advantages the pet provides including their ability to completely heal after every battle - rangers are now one of the best class options in the game in my opinion but that may be biased as rangers have always been one of my favorite classes.
  24. ALL funding was important and the backers were promised NPCs with their chosen stories as part of the finished game - no way is it acceptable to place a toggle removing them from the game - period - especially when they are nothing more than NPCs standing around in populated areas that have no impact what so ever unless you CHOOSE to click on them and look at their story.
  25. I think a toggle would work fine you can either have the backers as is where you are free to ignore them and carry on or you can toggle them off and the game disappears just like it would have if they had not become involved in its funding. Works for me!
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