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  1. Sigh... downloaded both patches from GOG - White March patch worked - the other patch ( tells me this patch does not support your version of the game please download a new installer... Please tell me this is not saying I need to redownload the whole freakin game again
  2. Just a reminder those of us playing with a DVD version are still stuck at 2.01 with no White March 1 either...
  3. Maybe with a little zinger in a text bubble over the damage doers head like "Gotcha" - "how do you like me now" - "not on my watch" or the ever popular " tag you're it" !!
  4. I'd be more inclined to see a single tank that could easily hold a mob in place as a flaw myself.
  5. But what were the budgets of those millions selling games? What are the profit margins? How well did Obs itself do for time and resources expended? Bigger is not always as better as it might appear.
  6. I do have a problem when choosing ranger talents. But not because there's nothing to my taste, quite the contrary - there's too much stuff i'd like to have. But again, i'm a boring passive player. People who want many active abilities may not find much appeal in Ranger class. I too find the ranger has too many options that I would like to have rather than too few or the ridiculous idea that there are NO useful abilities to choose from - I think the ranger is now in excellent shape and not underpowered at all.
  7. There's some merit to what you're saying, sure. But there's no way of knowing for certain if the resources poured into VO would translate into greater return than applying those resources to more content, fixes, and gameplay enhancements (my instinct is the latter would generate more sales though). The only issue I see with this is it's trying to change the game from what it is to something else. Kind of like the guy that was whining about the game needing ragdoll physics. Not the type of game for that. And the game was designed to have a lot of reading and little VO. I, like many others, would rather see any monetary resources spent elsewhere. An intentional choice from the developers - not a whim or a budgeting shortfall - this was the sort of game they wanted to make and they did - now is not the time to change horses mid-stream - if there are resources to spend do NOT waste them on unnecessary voice acting - spend them on improving and expanding the game you set out to make.
  8. Everyone except those who will miss the actual game improvements that could have been done with the money wasted on more voice acting.
  9. Not to mention the damage and tactical advantages the pet provides including their ability to completely heal after every battle - rangers are now one of the best class options in the game in my opinion but that may be biased as rangers have always been one of my favorite classes.
  10. ALL funding was important and the backers were promised NPCs with their chosen stories as part of the finished game - no way is it acceptable to place a toggle removing them from the game - period - especially when they are nothing more than NPCs standing around in populated areas that have no impact what so ever unless you CHOOSE to click on them and look at their story.
  11. I think a toggle would work fine you can either have the backers as is where you are free to ignore them and carry on or you can toggle them off and the game disappears just like it would have if they had not become involved in its funding. Works for me!
  12. To avoid this issue simply make your save BEFORE stealthing your rogue - then you will know you have to do so when you reload. (You're welcome! )
  13. Anyone can have a high mechanics. Rogues are not an end game necessity. I just completed a PoTD Trial of Iron run without one. That being said they are amazing damage dealers and a compliment to any team. Also like he said Chanters are the bard equivalent. They can cast Paralyze and summon "spells" also some damage dealing ones. I know they are called invocations but they are still types of spells. The highest skill check in the game is 15. For anyone who isn't a rogue (and not using Brighthollow bonus) that's every single skill point you ever have in the game. You won't even have points left for athletics. And the party's athletics is only as good as the lowest member. Rogues start with 3 mechanics. By the time they get to 15 they still have 23 points left. The starting skill bonus makes ALL the difference. Not if you have items that boost mechanics, at the moment in one of my playthroughs off the top of my head for instance I have one character with gloves that give +2 mechanics skill, which already nullifies the rogue class advantage to the skill. Also, you seem to be miscounting, rogues don't start with a +3, they start with a +2, you are probably also counting a background bonus, something other characters can take too, which in addition to the +1 some of the other classes get to mechanics means that you can get up to +2 easily enough without being a rogue, which is just one point difference (and that assumes the rogue takes a background to give a bonus to Mechanics, otherwise it's even). You also don't need to pass all mechanics tests, if it's a lock then you can use lockpicks to compensate and if it's a trap, well just don't trip it or trip it with someone you know can take it. Those items that boost mechanics are available to rogues as well - no way to get around the fact that rogues can have higher mechanics than any other class.
  14. This. I have never had a rogue in my party save the Devil. MMOs just spoiled them for me. My main is usually the mechanic, but anyone will do just as well. Rogues have no special bonus to mechanics that other classes do not have. Chanters, priests, and wizards make good mechanics as well. I think Sagani (ranger) was my mechanic in my most recent playthrough. "After him, Itumaak!" Actually rogues do have a bonus to mechanics - they start the game with 2 points in mechanics (one more than any other class and 2 more than most) which by the time you get to high levels translates into a fairly large number of skill points to match their max level thus making the rogue at the least the best choice for a high mechanics build (with chanters priests and wizards coming in second)
  15. Any estimates on when the 2.02 update may be available for dvd players??
  16. Pretty sure he tweeted that it was in the hands of the editor so could be close.
  17. It seemed to me that the main thing with GOG installs is you can't skip any - you have to install each patch (in order) or the next one will not work - they are labeled fairly well to see which one does what but I still find this very different than the IE games for instance where all you had to do was install the latest patch (which already included those that came before). It's been stated (by a dev) in this thread that when it comes to the 2 current patches (if you have WM installed) it should not matter which order you install those. I'm still wondering when the latest patch will be up for DVD users - going on Vacation Monday and that's what's installed on my laptop.
  18. I guess you won’t have any problem as long as you don’t install mods on your game. I wouldn’t be surprised if all the people having problem with "manual" patches have modded their game at some point prior to trying to install the patches. I didn't have any mods and I got the draining file error.
  19. Ah! I thought he was referring to himself as an Arch Hunter. Brain really isn't in gear this morning, thanks. You need high stealth to sneak up on those arches!
  20. I agree with the issues listed for the GOG patching system (if we can call it a system at all) not to mention the extremely long waits for those of us who also have a DVD version to be patched.
  21. Pretty much exactly the same pause/autopause system used in the IE games** - I don't ever recall anyone asking for a dedicated pause button on those forums wonder what's up with that? ** BG2 at least - I can't recall for certain which other IE games had auto pause options.
  22. Seriously? What exactly happens during that millisecond between hitting the pause key after an autopause - the game unpausing - you realizing it and repausing - that you just can't deal with?
  23. +1 million. + another million I'll see your 2 million and raise you a gazillion!
  24. This is the path in my install: C:\Pillars of Eternity\PillarsOfEternity_Data\assetbundles\prefabs\objectbundle Got it! Fixed now Thanks!
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