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  1. Well, Josh posted on twitter that the Cipher is getting buffed thanks to player feedback. Good show gents, this thread may have accomplished something; with this upcoming Cipher buff, i think all the classes might be worth using now.
  2. lol, amen. Ciphers have been reduced to mediocre for a bit now, but for sure a wizard is better at this point. Here Chanters have finally been made decent with 3.0, then they do this to the Cipher.... Oh, Obsidian, the things you come up with
  3. Personal specs:3.2 quad core amd with amd hd 7900 vid including the latest drivers. Win 7 x64 When switching chest armor, although the different damage specific resists (crush, slash, and etc) are changing correctly, the DR property stays the same. I'm getting no difference in DR whether i have armor on or not. The issue is uniform for the player created and story characters. The proper change of DR from switching shields is working fine.
  4. The game doesn't feel complete to me as well. If the new expansion added no new areas at all, but polished up the great game that wrecked and burned after the animancer trial, i'd actually buy it. The strength of PoE lies in the great job the writers have done on the companions; expanded companion quests and endings would be totally welcome. (also, actually fleshing out the new companions introduced in TWM) Also, more work could be done to make the existing game feel alive, adding to existing locations, rather than a constant combat oriented approach and dungeon crawling for uniques we don't
  5. This kind of thinking misses the point so much it's painful to read. It's not about "immunities" as a buzz word, but the actual effect of any status effects to the game. A Wizard or Rogue, for example, during an important enemy encounter will be focused on dps and is not effected in the least by the lazy implimentations of this latest patch. Also, the enemy immunities added to this latest patch are not new immunities to the game but are simply a wall blocking off certain attacks utilized by the weakest classes in the game already. I'm making an argument against the latest patches effects in re
  6. It's a video game, it's not a logic game, Breaking down the concept of a giant lizard and the specifics of how to damage it perhaps is as silly as trying to figure out why specific ogres provoke maggots to attack their adversaries. I didn't create this thread to aimlessly attack a game which i like alot, I'm simply trying to point out how this latest patch could have been focused on more practical issues, for example, possibly addressing that we don't have an option to disable auto-save, (the simplest of things) so our load menu doesn't take longer to access and isn't polluted with useless con
  7. Naturally i don't consider any "review" by any outlet anything but some random guys opinion. My argument it's so much of a whine about a class i like being less useful but an argument in defense of any given class to make it worth using so the game has more replay value; Fighters are still rubbish dispite their arbitrary upgrade most likely doled out to appease fans who were mad about the petty -10 deflection issue, Druids with their extended animal form are by far still better tanks than fighters on top of being greater dps deliverers with great buff/debuff abilites to boot. Also, Paladin
  8. It's not really about the arbitrary/pointless change in deflection that matters, it's the mistake of not documenting it in the patch notes that's typical/systemic of how things have been handled with this game and hidden bugs with every new patch. Folks are wondering what's going on.
  9. Hello everyone, so first off, i don't post here much, but i have considering that i found some things i think vitally worthy of dicussion considering the games current state. So to kick things off, here's a video review of the latest version of PoE that i consider to be really well thought out by a person who has been thorough with their analysis: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Polkiqr8gOo I like this game. Alot. I wouldn't have spent time analyzing it so much if i simply wanted to bash it, but the latest patch is profoundly amazing in its ridiculousness. Alot of enemies have been given
  10. So, the only spell that makes the Wizard comparable to the Cipher has been ruined and the the severely poor class that is the Paladin gets no buffs.... nice.
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