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  1. Well... You are getting Port Maje rep mostly by helping VTC representatives here. And the port itself actually is VTC outpost. So, I don't see why Vailian traders can't sell you goods with a discount if they like you. Moreover, what's the difference between tavern and market in this case - why bartender sells stuff cheaper and they're not. Pretty strange if this is not a bug.
  2. Even having the maximum reputation with Port Maje does not give you any discount on items in Port Maje market (both Henric and Alteria). Looks like only the barkeeper in The Kraken's Eye is affected. Is this intended? Game version -
  3. Oh, I didn't suspect that blunderbuss uses shotgun-like mechanic with pellets. Good to know. And if I understood you correctly every pellet's hit is evaluated separately for all possible calculations. Means DR value will also be subtracted for every pellet? And if it's so, why are you still suggesting to use it with Wounding Shot? As far as I know, Its damage is based on the damage of the initial hit. So considering the fact that initial damage is reduced by DR for every pellet - applied DoT should be really insignificant, isn't it?
  4. Don't like the idea of melee ranger. But thanks for the hint - will be looking for a gun with decent DR. And another question: what Aim (Swift/Vicious) talent will behave better for my setup (low Mig + lots of Dex/Per + hard hitting gun)?
  5. Agreed, they can't include any possible resolution to every possible quest. But if such dialog option (that I mention earlier) is available for players to select, then it has to lead to some different result. I mean, devs gave me the option to react on the situation in very specific way, but didn't provide an alternative to go ahead and complete the quest based on the given option. Well, you can't skip something you don't like until you know for sure that you actually don't like it. When I will play the game next time I may possibly skip this quest - it will depend on the personality of my future alter-ego. But it's hard to skip something you are facing the first time. And generally speaking, you can't abandon quest when there is no such possibility. The only thing you can do - is to pretend to forget about it and don't notice it in you journal anymore. But I don't like this option too. Perhaps, it would be a good generic solution to add "abandon" functionality (at least for side quests) in order to resolve such problematic RP situations.
  6. I'm gonna use blunderbuss - it should be tech-oriented Powerless Ranger. Not sure about wolf pet - it is too fragile on PotD difficulty- what do you say about bear with Resilient Companion talent?
  7. I'm thinking about starting new playthrough with an Orlan Ranger as a main character. Looking at the forums, I haven't encountered large variance of builds for the class. Basically, I understand that this one is simple - you don't need to care too much about defenses - so Constitution and Resolve may be at low numbers. But what I'm thinking about - is to gimp Might attribute as well (have it set to 7 or 8 ), but in exchange give him lots of Dexterity and Perception. The question is: how viable will it be in terms of DPS? Won't I face with big issues of how to penetrate armored foes?
  8. Honestly, I don't understand why someone still have the stomach to argue with a guy who is overtly admitting that he hates everything about the game. Seems to me, he thinks of it as kind of the righteous crusade against unbelievers, that should be punished for the act of illegitimate expropriation of his sacred money. Besides, the flow of this discussion is getting so far away from the OP (no more talking about disengagement attacks or engagement system in general), that it's time to ask moderators to close it, I guess.
  9. Basically, I agree with you. I would also be glad if game will provide such number of customization options. As I've already said, I can't remember the roleplaying game where the currency resource does actually matter from the start till the end (except perhaps the Dark Souls series, which has very specific type of currency). So, I expect it will be quite a challenging task to accurately balance all this stuff. But maybe someone will take this challenge at last. %)
  10. I'm somewhere between 2 and 3. And ring is already given back to the fake Purnisc. Yes, I have chosen to investigate, but finding out that the guy who have caused all this mess has already taken his punishment, I decided to depart (because my character is passionate, but not needlessly aggressive). And the person who I'm actually helping (Kaenra) does not want to know the details for her own sake. That's my vision as I've already said before, but not the vision of someone who designed this quest. %)
  11. Yeah, we've already figured out that this quest hasn't got all logical endings. I was forced to complete it by the way which was looking "inappropriate" to the personality of my character, just to rid off of it.
  12. Why are you always came up with an "animation" argument? Animation is absolutely schematic in this game. It's here just to give us an illusion of real combat. Even the games with much more powerful graphics engines have to be designed around the fact that what you see is not what is actually going on. Means there are lots of simplifications because of this. Just use your imagination to fill the gaps and you won't be needed to think about weirdness of "invisible" disengagement attacks that are taking place at the same time as some other action. The issue is within the combat simulation mechanics, it is not the visualization that have be fixed.
  13. Killed impersonator, got to Kaenra with "good" news. Sadly the only thing I was able to say to her is the same crap about "something strange is going on, I'm investigating". Looks like the quest can only be completed if you are willing to help Purnisc. Or maybe if you kill him as well. %)
  14. Arguably. What they've actually mastered is a spreadsheet-style marketing. There is also quite a lot of ways to get relatively unlimited money.
  15. Well, this I can check - still have this quest unfinished.
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