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  1. Had a first for me during this cipher run last week when Durance was killed permanently in a scripted encounter in WM 2. We were able to locate his remains later but I am pretty sure we lost some of his items as well - I did not want to continue with no cleric in the party and considered reloading but eventually we went to Stalwart and hired a dwarf priest of Magran and moved on. Now I am hyped to push on and get this cipher run done so I can complete the game with at least one more of the current characters I have available - pretty sure I can finish my Paladin who is in Act 3 and I also have a druid in Act 2 I might finish and a rogue in act 2 I almost certainly won't finish (I also have a rogue who finished). The cipher run has been interesting and I suspect I will look closely at a possible cipher/rogue Multi for one of my first Deadfire runs.
  2. You know you can turn off the AI for a specific character, while leaving the other party members under AI control, right? It's what I ended up doing with my cipher that kept casting Whispers of Treason on Vessels Yeah I know I can turn it off but I don't want to have to keep up with manual programming every single move or action - I have thought about stacking orders (shift key?) as well but haven't tried that yet. I already have Durance Aloths and Hivarias per rest turned off and choose their spells manually (so we don't waste them) while Eder and Pallegina mostly run on their own unless they get in trouble.
  3. Currently in Act 3 with this character - finished WM1 - I think we are at level 9ish Endless Paths and the main group is Eder, Pallegina, Durance, Hivarias, and Aloth. I am not as pleased with the cipher main as I expected to be - the biggest issue I have is the auto pilot over riding my orders - as we progress I prefer to have him attack at the beginning to build focus before casting - the battle starts (auto-pause) - I choose the cipher - I hit X (stop what you are doing) - I choose a weapon attack - I give out orders to others - I unpause - cipher is casting whisper of treason aaauuuggghhhhh! It also seems like there is generally one spell per level that is almost always the "go to" choice making the ciphers contribution kind of boring as well as micro management intense. Hopefully being able to multi with some sort of rogue in deadfire will make things more interesting ...
  4. Seconded - This may allow me to get 1 or 2 more existing characters through PoE & WM 1&2 instead of just one!
  5. can't find any damage numbers anywhere (in game description/ wiki / general google??) Also be interested in any other comments you may have about them pro or con - TIA
  6. I don't really know how the mechanics of switching works I just kind of judge by what I see (not at all into the maths ) I do know there's a quick switch option when leveling (Utility area) and I have seen discussions related to it's use for gunslingers in particular but I have never taken it. I can't think of any area off hand that will not be available as a result of entering Act 2 (or 3 or WM 1&2) altho once you've cleared an area it generally stays clear unless they use it for a bounty or later plot area and unless you are sent someplace most static NPCs don't get any additonal dialogue either with some exceptions (maybe related to factions and or your reputations. (Inns have the same options, stores don't get new items (maybe some exceptions there) etc Good luck!
  7. I like to have a melee option especially since my first two options are very slow - I don't use it a lot but do occasionally - I started with the spear/shield but currently have Whispers of Yenwood and Hearth Harvest in that slot - I have not taken a weapon focus yet so I am just picking from my current inventory. ( I also am a sucker for Arms Bearer and give it to almost everyone eventually ) I generally use some melee for "clean up" coming in to assist Eder finishing off and occasionally some melee opponents get past him and get in my face and I hate to be cranking the arbalest or reloading the pistol while they whup on my butt especially if focus is down. Doing De-finance Bay now but wont get much play time if any until Sun.
  8. Ok I decided to try to complete a cipher run to import to Deadfire and I was thinking I might skip some non-essential areas so I'd like to know what areas I should make sure I do not miss! I don't really need spoilers or details and I am just as interested in great conversation opportunities as I am in places I might score some stuff - just anyplace that can be special for ciphering! (Aumaua - Deadfire -drifter) Orwin M- 14 C-8 D- 14 (+2 gloves for 16) P-12 I- 18 R-12 Currently outfitted with a Fine Arbalest, pistol (Disapointer w Acc+1) and spear/small shield - Not quite level 4 with standard early companions -
  9. I think I have seen him at the keep as well (altho not every time that I was there when he was supposed to be there) but if I did I can't seem to recall how he sold his current item to me in person - was it a conversation choice? I don't recall him having a group of items like a merchant...
  10. When he brings an item to sell I don't even need to see him I get the option to buy the item thru the stronghold screen from anywhere I can access it (and it's in my treasure room when I return ) - seems like the only time he is missing is when he is just a prestigious visitor
  11. So supposedly Azzuro (prestigious visitor) is supposed to be at the keep currently listed as leaving in 6 hours - i have wasted the last 12 hours (game time) looking in every building on the property for him - I seem to recall he usually shows up in the main keep but also recall at least once he might have been someplace else and I believe this is the second time i have come looking for him and not found him???
  12. Good to know! I currently have three PoE playthroughs (mostly act 3 and/or WM) that I might be able to finish before April and it occurred to me I might want to make use of a respec or two while fooling with them in order to make use of different companions to change things up from my only other finished game.
  13. Never used a pet (excluding rangers) - it was my understanding they did absolutely nothing except tag along and there were already enough issues with blocking and path finding to annoy me
  14. The main thing I didn't care for about the way the game progressed in BG2 once you got to chap 2 was it starts by giving you a major "plot twist" quest re: Imoen then proceeds to dump a gazillion more or less "optional" quests on you from every Tom **** and julia your party strolls within shouting distance from - very few of which seemed dire enough at the surface to feel like they should distract you from the main thrust re: Imoen - other than the contrived issue of raising a fairly substantial pile of cash. This bothered me from an RP standpoint primarily (like I kept feeling I should be rushing to Imoens aid instead) but I almost never did. That was not the case in BG1 where it seemed much less bizarre to have my character wander off into the wilderness (grieving my loss) and stumbling into numerous small adventures (gaining levels and recruits) before signing on to the main plot line and moving it forward. None of which stopped the BG series from holding my attention for most of a decade and remaining today the game I have no doubt played more than any other I ever owned.
  15. Tried this yesterday thinking the same thing - but the Trcksters illusion spells are disabled (apparently by the conjurers ban)
  16. As far as I can tell there is no mention of melee weapons at all in the class description. I was fooling with a devoted but was not restricted to a single proficiency - did I miss something about how you choose your "devoted" weapon choice?
  17. Ah... excellent! Just the sort of info I was hoping for - I will go check out those links! thanks all! Anyone else played a devoted fighter/ ? MC yet and if so how did the weapon restriction work for you? Mine was essentially non-existant. About to try a Male Mountain Dwarf - Warlock (Barbarian (mage killer)/Transmuter) as part of a new oddball group led by a Female Orlan Harbinger (trickster/ troubadour), with a Male Moon Godlike Paladin (Kind Wayfarer) a Male Fire Godlike Mystic (Wael / Soul Blade) and a Female Druid Lifegiver. I am interested to see if the mage killer/mage combo will work out.
  18. Recently finished my first full play through of POE (after many many partial play throughs) and thought I would fool around with the BB a bit (hoping to hear a release date soon) - I have not been following the development much at all after making an early pledge but I finished a run through of the Beta yesterday - seems MUCH shorter than POE Beta which I played fairly extensively over quite a few months while waiting for release and don't think I had any run throughs of that BB that I finished all the content available. as I was mostly interested in trying out classes and learning the gameplay (I have not yet entered any of the areas in the Deadfire beta that warned of higher level content than I might be prepared for) I searched around for discussions of companions expected for Deadfire and eventually came up with a page (on the wiki?) that had names & portraits of all those more or less "confirmed" but no other info - so I guess all the companions from the original will make an appearance and apparently some of the new faces will be "sidekicks" (I assume more limited than full blown companions). Any thing else I should know about that? I built a MC fighter/chanter and chose the devoted sub-class for the fighter which says I can only have one weapon proficiency but I was still given the choice of 2 proficiencys to start and gained another on level up and did not see any difference in how they performed - I assume thats a bug in the beta? (have not had time to read through any bug reports/known issue info). I am pretty excited about the multi-class opitons and hope it will work out so that the player can make choices (changes) to use them with the companions (without having to give up "real" companions for hired adventurers to do so.)
  19. Hmmm... perhaps that has had some effect on my inability to figure out how to get the full measure when it's supposed to be more than 1.
  20. Huh! I kind of thought another inn rest would cancel them altho I thought maybe resting in the common room (no benefits offered) would only remove one rests. I will have to keep better track and see if they are working as designed for me.
  21. Some inns and resting at Caed Nua are supposed to provide their benefits for more than one rest but I almost never see this actually occur? Instead almost universally the benefits only last a single rest - on the very few occasions I have seen one last more than one rest - it has been when resting in the wild altho I think it may have also worked for me when I rested at an inn and chose the option that offered no benefit. This led me to wonder if resting anywhere that offered its own benefit pack would automatically cancel and then replace the existing one with it's own? So are there rules that determine how this works or is the function just bugged?
  22. Yes altho you have no direct control over them or over any other groups that join you other than a dialoge option or two early on
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