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  1. AL, In POE2, you're there because Berath wants you to discover what Eothas is doing, and then later to stop him from destroying The Wheel. How you get from the start of the story to its end is entirely up to the player. What would be more boring to me would be a game where the story was nothing more than a straight line from start to end, sort of like the IWD games. Anyways, I think that a problem that games like this have is that if the designers make the storyline too obvious it gets boring fast. And OTOH, if they bury it in mystery too deeply, some players may get confused easily a
  2. Voice talent is extremely expensive, which is why I'm not a fan of it, except on a very limited scale. Now, if most of the companion dialogs were text based, that'd be fine by me.
  3. Responses. 1) 5 vs 6 person party. I can life with it either way. I find 6 person parties more fun because it's easier to build a party for the long haul. With 6person parties, I like to have a core of 5: a couple of front line tanks, a priest, a spellcaster (cipher or wizard), and a ranged weapon specialist, while leaving the 6th slot for either a jack of all trades character, or as a character I'm using for a specific purpose in a specific battle (like someone built to help the part deal with fampyrs). But with a 5 person party, it gets a good deal trickier, and I tend to lose the
  4. I completely agree with you on this, Ontarah. I greatly prefer the nice flowing style of battle that RTWP provides. Every time I watch a video about turn based combat, it looks so damned slow. So much stop start, stop start, stop start. Now, admittedly, if one wants to pause a LOT, you can also get a lot of the same stop start, stop start thing. But you can also just let the battle flow and issue your orders while everything continues all around you, if that floats your boat. EDIT: Meant to include this point in this post. I have no problem, I suppose, with the game having th
  5. Boeroer, this is modern reasoning, not the sort of reasoning one should expect out of civilizations from around the 1400's to 1700's.
  6. To me, the primary reason certain weapon types are underutilized is that there just aren't enough of the unique ones in the game.
  7. Another problem that I have with pierce-only weapons is that if your character is using a pierce-only ranged weapon, the way I see it, the last thing you want for a melee weapon is another pierce only weapon.
  8. Favorite characters/companions aren't only about liking the personality of the character in question. Sometimes, unlikeable characters are good characters/companions. Also, not everyone responds to the personalities of other people (or companions in a game) in the same way. Let me give you a little example that I literally just read last night. In the 1960's movie, The Sound of Music, the lead actor, Christopher Plummer, didn't like lead actress, Julie Andrews. Why? Apparently, he didn't like that JA was so incredibly nice and cheery all the time, saying that she was like a Valentine
  9. Pallegina was my favorite companion, in large part because I love her accent. OTOH, GM was one of my least favorite companions in PoE1 because I seriously disliked her text only "quest".
  10. For what it's worth, Aeons, is that if sidekicks did comment and were part of the main story, then they wouldn't BE sidekicks. They'd be companions. I imagine that Obsidian didn't have enough money in the budget to pay for more companions. Heck, as I remember reading, the sidekick Ydwin was supposed to be a companion but the kickstarter campaign fell short of the goal that would have provided the funds to pay for the work. Also, I think that part of the problem from my perspective is that they spent too much money on voice acting. I prefer more content over voice acting as much o
  11. One way to isolate different areas within the plot like in PoE1 could be (for example) to have part 1 of the story be in Rauitai, then have part 2 in Valia, and finally have part 3 of the story in the Living Lands. You'd have to make a long journey to get from part 1's area to part 2's area, perhaps by ship (but without any of PoE2's ship issues, just a simple passenger ship journey without incident). A problem I had with PoE2 was that on most of the smaller islands, the combat areas (buildings, caves, dungeons, whatever) felt far too small. PoE1's areas were significantly larger and mo
  12. I have no doubt that if the designers wanted to go for (I don't even know what term to use) semi-railroad/semi-open world model, they could have the side quests all tied to certain events happening that would only be available after certain other events had been completed. But if they weren't careful, it could end up seeming too much of a railroaded plot and not enough open world, if you were literally forced to do the side quests in only a single order. I don't think that your Berath's Blessings idea would go over very well. There are a lot of players who only want to play the game to
  13. Like I said earlier , sometimes it's next to impossible to not have some negatives. Like the Devoted subclass. But others could be worked around. I'm not particularly fond of how they did wizards myself. I don't like the old "schools" system, because it's so damned old and stale. I wish that they could develop some wizard subclasses that completely dumped the school system. I'm not entirely sure what you mean by the open world approach. I'm not familiar with those other games, so they don't help to explain open world to me. I don't think that I'd like a single large dungeon
  14. Good post, Clim. * I didn't mind the PoE2 armor/pen system myself. * While I mostly like the underlying mechanic of how multiclassing was handled, I'm not really a fan of most of the subclasses. I would like to see the generic "no subclass" option sort of removed and replaced with a subclass that represents the generalist (generic) version of the class. Check out the Druid class where the Animist subclass does exactly this. Another change to MC that I'd love to see is the removal of the negatives as much as possible, along with the removal of the "no subclass" option. (Tie the
  15. A big problem with the PoE games is that a large portion of the loyal fanbase are vocal veteran powergaming players for whom the game seems ridiculously easy and would constantly complain thusly. Personally, I'm not one of these power gamers. I prefer a more role playing play style and usually play on the "Normal" difficulty setting. This makes balancing the game incredibly difficult because there are also players who are new to this style of game who have a difficult time handling the toughest fights. And honestly, I don't know how they can satisfy both ends of that spectrum.
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