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  1. Ok maybe tomorrow then I thought that was where it was supposed to be - probably wont get to play again until Sun anyway
  2. Ok I saw something about a new hunting bow (possibly community made) and I believe it was supposed to be in latest DLC but can't find the original reference nor anything else to point me in the right direction. Anyone know about this item - where it is found? what sort of specs?
  3. I always have numerous campaigns (or at least numerous starts) for a game - I played the IE games for years (BG series over a decade and the EE versions are still installed in case I find the need for one more)- so I like this method of adding content with DLCs especially when it does not require starting a new campaign to access it.
  4. I found it useful to use the shorter range but higher damage guns on one side and the longer range on the other - long range early short range late and often it's not necessary to board and while I have not really compared side by side it seems like the overall loot + rank increases is better than when boarding.
  5. They're workable-ish, but you can only have one on the field at a time, and they don't do nearly enough damage to justify that. Not worth bothering with after Port Maje, if there. That's too bad maybe they will tweak them before it's over. Yeah, I agree - at this point, pre-combat prep is mostly just "take some drugs." It's a shame. knownastherat's point that you're generally just going to sell them is also valid - most traps have a pretty decent sale price, so the irony is that the point in the game where you're most likely to get some mileage out of them (early) is also the point where you might be hurting for cash and will want to sell them for a bit of other junk. I am apparently still stuck in my BG hoarder mode where I rarely use any drugs or potions other than the occasional healing potion in battle and food for resting. For me pre-combat prep often is simply deciding on each party members opening gambit - only to frustrate me as the battle opens and almost eveyone ignores my opening order and does as they please I am hoping for a special Beraths Blessing for Most Crap Hoarded Ever
  6. They're workable-ish, but you can only have one on the field at a time, and they don't do nearly enough damage to justify that. Not worth bothering with after Port Maje, if there. That's too bad maybe they will tweak them before it's over.
  7. I've never figured out how to even set traps in this game which is probably a combination of apathy and a general distaste for their cheesy use in BG - are they currently workable in Deadfire? It would be nice to be able to use them by setting under stealth in an active area (like a certain adra warehouse) .
  8. I have a mix of cannon atm and am experimenting with them - I have a mix on both sides ( 3 per side on my Dhow) including the one you get from WM, a couple of the low range high damage ones (0-250) and one long range (400-600?) altho most battles I only use one volley then turn to face them and run in to ram them and meet on deck for a free for all - especially after we got the Dhow which takes much longer to complete a turn. So far we have beat them all tho a couple were close (on Classic). Just figured out today I could take a turn to move my wounded out and replace them with back-ups to keep my guns operating.
  9. Anyone have suggestions on types of cannon and how to configure them optimally? With six slots to work with do you set up differently on each side? Perhaps longer range on port and shorter on starboard? Do you have a favorite cannon type and if so do you use it exclusively or continue to mix it up with several types? What about sails and hulls? Favorites? Mix them up? Do you upgrade the other options like helm, anchor etc - seems very expensive to me with minimum gain?
  10. I notice in my larger ship (Dhow) I still don't get an option to fire except when the two ships are parallel - if my nose is pointed towards the enemy side I don't have an option to fire but I have had enemies fire on me in that manner - is my ship still too small for that option or is that never going to be an option for the player ? ( or only the enemy?)
  11. Not every ship has a slot for a boatswain. Sloop doesn't. Putting a sailor with some ranks in boatswain at the helm doesn't make him an acting boatswain but a helmsman. Boatswain coordinates the deckhands. Thought that must be the case guess I need a bigger ship
  12. Is there some detailed info on operating your ship anywhere? What the different job slots infer -which ones are most or least important and/or easiest or hardest to fill - what to do with wounded crew (it doesn't appear they are being healed at all even when in rest slots atm altho I suspect thats a bug). Why does one of the crew whine about not having a boatswain every time we enter a storm when there is currently a boatswain at the helm? (I don't see any other slot that indicates it is for a boatswain). If I hire a sailor at Dunnage why do I have to go to Nekataka in order to swap him into the crew (when my crew is currently full when I hire him).
  13. Why do you care how people choose to play their single player game? It's that whole "My way or the highway baby!" attitude that has seemingly become the norm today YMMV
  14. Well, if I understood Serafen right, we have to obtain either flag or spyglass to make sneaky appearance. Am I wrong? You can accomplish that (sneaking in) without either a flag or spyglass yes
  15. This is getting really frustrating - maybe I just don't understand how it works. Is is not possible to override the AI to issue a single order when it's turned on? This is most frustrating at the start of an encounter when I pause the game and go through and assign orders to each party member and find that once I unpause almost every order is apparently countermanded by the AI and almost nothing I had assigned was done. Is this expected AI behavior? Is it necessary to disable AI to assign an order and re-enable it after the orders have been carried out?
  16. Seems kInd of like apples and oranges comparing a chanters short duration summoned creature to a ranger pet that's always there (unless you do the Ghost Heart) ?
  17. The chance to name the island doesn't happen when you land at the beach of the island (ie click on the anchor and exit your boat). You always need to enter the dungeon on the island and when you exit the dungeon you will be prompted to name the island. And does the island always have an anchoring spot (shown by an anchor) it's accessible by ship? Or are there other ways to access an island if no anchor is showing?
  18. Maybe I gave up too quickly once I figured out I had already been there (first island north of Port Maje) - I breifly checked for the island south of Port Maje and was unsure how to land with no port sign showing (thus unsure which island was the uncharted one for the quest.) I will have to check them out again I guess (I have not named any islands altho I think I recall getting a message about doing so at some point early on and ignoring it - I have not done much sandbox traveling mostly followed quest lines - currently level 13)
  19. Does this essentially close the quest? I can't seem to get any reaction to my presence on the opening island to allow me to name it (went there and cleared it early before getting the quest) if I go back to the shop the mapping quest does not come up in dialoge at all.
  20. Yeah running away from a fight that has already started is not accepted regardless of difficulty AFAIK - exits remain locked closed until combat finishes - I'm not sure if hiding for a long enough time will allow the game to drop out of combat mode but even if it did your enemies are still going to be near your fallen comrades and when they get up they will return to combat mode and immediately attack them which in their weakened state is likely to prove fatal almost immediately and you're right back in the same situation. Sounds like game over
  21. (spoilers) --- I talked to Zili and found out about his cousin Persa and their plan to rob the Bardottoes - didn't get into Delvers Row (just the Gullet) and reported that back to the Bardottoes but refused to ambush the Valeras with them when they came to rob them - then I talked to Valeras and set up the meeting so maybe you have to set the meeting without telling them about the planned robbery - I also wonder if its just not having the right stats for the peaceful options in the dialoge - I'm OK with the big fight (since we lived through it ) just wish we could have finalized it with the old man talking to us at the end I hate it when a bug just leaves you hanging LOL
  22. Long story short - made my way through the Family feud quest line in Queens Berth got the two parties together at the end at the Velera estate and the massacre began when the Bardottos attempted an ambush at the end of negotiations - at the end of the fight everyone from both families except the Velera old man and his wolf were dead and attempting to talk to the old man only brought a reply to meet him in his study - this of course led us to more hostile Velera men upstairs and when they were dead the old man did not show in his study - he is till downstairs asking to meet in his study and no one else (Vallian Trading Co) will mention anything either - We looted both estates and I guess thats all that can be done other than loading a prior save and trying again - anyone else have this issue? Anyone think it's worth it to redo or best to move on? We did gain a bunch of loot
  23. The vision is becoming clear now - it's a druid who just shifted to a wolf followed by a wolf wait is that a rat sized tick following them??? The druid has a huge pet tick? I wonder what it's powers are? I bet there's blood involved
  24. Currently playing a Dwarf Mindstalker Beguiler/Trickster that's pretty fun and effective with a couple other oddballs (in a classic difficulty party). Eder & Xoti are fighter and priest respectively and currently Pallegina as Herald (Paladin/Chanter) and Maia as Geomancer (Ranger (gun hawk) /Wizard) . Just hit level 8 and heading to Hasango -
  25. Ok is anyone else seeing their third weapon set (opened with arms bearer) unequipping itself? Perhaps on level ups but I never notice it until I look up and Eder or someone is boxing instead swinging their weapon. (I tried a couple half-hearted searches to no avail )
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