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  1. Updated answer today... BG series (1 & 2) Pillars series 1&2 IWD series 1&2 Literally played the IE series well over a full decade and still fire them up occasionally. Honorable mentions: Planescape Torment, Fallout 1&2, Dragon Age : Origins, Neverwinter Nights 2, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic series Also rans - early games that led me to BG eventually - Return to Krondor, Leather Goddess of Phobos, Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy, and of course ZORK where I was often eaten by a grue...
  2. Yeah I have been playing a lot lately (retired! ) and the walking/riunning speed is messed up probably 1/3 to 1/2 the time for me - I have been just ignoring it mostly after discovering no constant method of returning to "normal" - it seems to me the "slog" speed enters on occasion as well - I just put it down to my crews laziness or hyperness no doubt brought on by their diets...
  3. I'm thinking it may be linked to choosing "level scaling" at the start - if you have level scaling then it might follow that in most cases (assuming it was working) that would be close enough in level to mean you should be able to accomplish it at least as far as the journal is concerned - I DO get some other warnings with the skulls etc altho as noted above not in a timely enough manner to avoid starting a fight - The thing is I am fairly sure I have ALWAYs chosen "level scaling" and I'm fairly certain I did these areas before at levels perhaps even lower than the 13 I am currently at without issue which is why I asked about any recent changes.
  4. No my journal lists the difficulty of every quest as at or below my current level with success likely - when I actually encounter the area signs for some areas in the islands indicate red skulls (warning me of failure) and once I engage a group in a populated area where those signs do not exist I see them as well when I hover the cursor over them (but not prior to engagement thus not allowing me to decide to not engage).
  5. Did the last update make significant changes in some of the bounty and other quest levels? Specifically in the bounties offered in Dunnage for the Imp and the other related bounties from Dessiral and the other one in Sacred Stair area Symbols of Death - My crew is currently at 13 and some of these are still considerably above me - I don't recall this being the case in earlier run throughs?
  6. I think the other benefit is your enemies are less likely to be protected from acid/decay in the first place (ands more likely to be protected against fire, frost and shock) but yes it is certainly going to be more useful for a druid build where not only spells but wildstrike could also be effected.
  7. Alternately you could go back to a previous save (perhaps even before entering the DLC) and carry on with the rest of the game coming back later if you choose - or not.
  8. Buy it and try it - while some of the popular builds from the first game may not work in Deadfire the multi-class option opens who new worlds of build options AND they can be utilized (to a somewhat lesser extent) with companions (All companions have some multiclass choices but not the full range of choices the player gets). I am currently playing an Aumaua Druid with Eder as a Swashbuckler (Fighter/rogue) and Aloth as a Battlemage (wizard/fighter) - classes I would have loved to be able to use for them in PoE1 - I also currently have a couple new faces that have been multiclassed as well - a Barbarian/cipher and a priest/monk - fun times! In the end if you don't like it you will have supported an awesome company that still builds old school isometric RPGs and maybe you will like the next one better.
  9. Hot keys? It is fall in Upstate NY nothing is hot anymore keys or otherwise and probably won't be before mid-June - good thing I have Deadfire to take my mind off the damn cold. (Never use hot keys - I like the new feature so far!)
  10. Red headed dwarf Barbarian/Unbroken "Cap Crimson" sails the Crimson Storm
  11. I think that's at least part of why they did them- having sidekicks who'll stay in your party no matter what means they can be strict with companions leaving you based on things you do, because no matter what you'll always have a full party available Makes sense. Imagine all the rage quitting if people played for dozens of hours and suddenly discovered that most of the companions abandoned them because of their choices. Well on the other hand they did say that choices would matter...
  12. Ahhh that's comforting to hear - (the whole permanent thing) as perhaps they will make better stand ins for deserting companions than a generic store bought one (Hear that Eder??
  13. Ok I just picked up Ydwin and it may be the first time I picked up a "sidekick" in Deadfire - what exactly makes them a "sidekick" (vs a companion) other than limited banter ? are they only available for a limited time? How many sidekicks are there?
  14. While I have noticed some groupings of barrels explode when hit I have been unable to determine a method to reliably make that happen at the right moment (when they are surrounded by enemies). At one point I thought it would only happen if there was a pile of gunpowder on the ground or floor with a group of barrels (like it was a spill) but even when I am able to determine that is the case a successful explosion of the entire grouping seems to almost never occur.
  15. The party awoke in their room at the tavern in Port Maje having all apparently shared the same vision of sailing to Harbingers Watch and two intense battles they fought there. Eder seemed convinced he had actually died in the icy realm and swore his soul had been winging across the seas and that he had awoken just as the Eothas Colossus in his giant glowing green glory had appeared on the horizon and pointed at him. Aloth suddenly began to rise scrambling from his chair eyes wild, chest pumping, gibberish sputtering through his open mouth. Lost in a memory of ice and snow covered stones splattered by blood and body parts and a huge cave bear was snarling and chuffing out a noisy spray of blood and saliva. it's huge swinging paw was suddenly slowed to a crawl as it was approaching his head and there was a small explosion of silver gold and blue dust erupting from his hands as the spirit lance he held blinked out of existence and his hands could not seem to follow the directions he was sending them and his mouth opened and the sound began to swell as Eder grabbed his shoulder and asked if he was OK. The priest and druid had been sitting at the back of the booth holding mugs of steaming enchanted tea in front of them with both hands and chanting softy together with heads bowed and eyes closed when Aloths cry ripped through the very fabric of the rooms reality and they both were spitting spells of protection and alacrity as they rose from their seats and their eyes flew open and the sounds of the spells then shriveled and died on their lips as they realized they were safe and Aloth had apparently just lost it for a moment. The captain jumped on to a chair and addressed the nervous patrons assuring them all was well and ordered drinks for the house as Aloth was helped into his chair and the group settled back into their seats and began to work out a plan from here. They spent half the morning talking it out over breakfast followed by numerous rounds of coarse black ale and shots of some locally distilled rotgut that brought tears to the eyes as it seared it's way into their system. Eventually they all agreed that they should finish up a few more of their tasks locally and perhaps gather some additional gear before heading east to find out what truly awaits them in Harbingers Watch and they set out for the harbor. As the sun beat down at midday in Port Maje the party left the tavern and a handful of locals who were hanging out on the docks when they passed swear their figures began to fade as they walked down the docks and clambered up the gangplank to board the Dhow Uriahs Heap, They could hear orders given and sails were set as ship was soon heading out of the port quickly gathering speed and disappearing into a fog bank that seem to rise around it... It is said neither ship nor crew has been seen since that day... Meanwhile a red headed dwarf called Cap Crimson sat across the table from the Pallid Knight. As he listened intently to her appeal in the present his subconscious mind was also working as he began to peruse the possibility of channeling the muscle of these marching orders she was laying out for him with the essence of pure power he might siphon from his association with the so called Gods that are offering him this unprecedented opportunity into a personal payday so immense that the former glory of Cad Nua might seem like a peasants hovel in the Gullet by comparison. As she prattled on he began to design the perfect vessel for a captain with a handful of Gods in his pocket and the sort of crew that would serve him as he set out to conquer the Deadfire. As the dwarf walked away from her the Pallid Knight frowned - something bothered her and she had a sudden premonition they may have just made a huge mistake.... So sayeth the the God of Restarts....
  16. It was indeed - it recently occurred to me that might have something to do with it ( we weren't really there long enough to read the fine print on everything the first time) - so I'm guessing there is no getting back up from that one? Seems a bit harsh for "classic" altho we did manage to finish the fight AND safely kill off the sigils on our second attempt but it took forever to do so and we had to bring Aloth back 3 times and Eder once altho to be fair this isn't the most powerful group of n'ere do wells to ever grace the Deadfire... ( Watcher - priest of Wael, Aloth Battlemage, Eder Swashbuckler, Tekehu - chanter/druid, new guy - chanter preist) Yikes!
  17. Don't think I even have a troll pet ?? - I think we have one of the cats equipped - increases AoE for spells for watcher and party.
  18. Ok so my party enters BOW at level 15 - takes forever to down the first enemy that appears but we all manage to get through it. Take on our new companion rest our weary bones at the inn (to remove any injuries suffered) and then head up to the next area.> So as we enter the area my archers are plinking away at one of those devices that generate spells within a given radius and some enemies approach - I send Eder over to finish knocking out the device as enemies are already over running the group and next thing I know both Eder and another companion have died permanently (disappeared completely) and eventually the rest of the crew bites the dust. Then to add insult to injury the games hangs when I try to reload and I have to shut down with the task manager. Now I am playing on "Classic" which I thought only permanently removed companions if they had too many wounds ( 3 ? ) already when they died - otherwise they got up after the battle ended. Is that no longer so in the BOW area?
  19. So I am currently level 9ish and so far I can't recall seeing any storm icons on the map. Is there something that triggers them at a certain point or is this a bug? I like to hit every storm I can to increase crew levels
  20. Re: Red Hand - wiki says : 1% Damage dealt and received on Kill until rest (Stacks 20 times) What exactly does that mean? Dealt and received by whom?
  21. Lesson learned - had a ship that was supposed to be a couple levels higher than me beat down with our cannons and opted to board her to finish them off - when the enemy crew appeared they were mostly red skull 3+ and white skull 3+ and outnumbered us as well death came quickly at least Should have kept my cannons roaring and sank the bastard !
  22. Where can you find the alternate ammo for your ship guns? Never saw any in my last playthrough... also does it work with any cannon or is it more specialized?
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