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  1. Still waiting on news for purchasing the expansion for drm-free copies. Also 3.0 for drm free.
  2. I too am curious if you guys are going to allow dvd backers of if he champion tier to purchase the expansion.
  3. I have not posted to this forum before and am a longtime fan of Obsidian. As a DVD Backer who gave his steam key away to a friend, I just want to voice my displeasure with how Obsidian has handled DVD Backer updates. As of typing this, my PoE install has been a patch behind for almost two months and still does not have support for WM1. With the upcoming release of WM2, I wonder just how long Obsidian is going to take to actually get DVD Backers up to speed. I have been patiently waiting for a relatively extended period of time with no news or updates for DVD backers, something that I do not believe is truly fair. I understand that update releases for multiple platforms is a relatively complex problem, but even if Obsidian would just release some kind of official statement addressing these issues to DVD Backers I would be completely content to wait out whatever their release schedule may be. And please do not take this post as a rage filled rant of an impatient jerk. I love Obsidian's work and have been a fan of theirs for years. I just think this situation could be handled much better if it was approached with a more open exchange between Obsidian and backers.
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