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  1. Achievements are worthless anyway. Give it a few years, and everyone will get a virtual participation trophy.
  2. Reading is fun, voice actors are expensive, and the budget is limited. Spend the money elsewhere, I say.
  3. The digital one has linked chapters in the table of contents, and you can bookmark pages, so it's easy to navigate, which is good, as it clocks in at over 500 pages. It's a huge file (hundreds of megabytes). It's well-designed and makes it easy to avoid spoilers. As far as the usefulness of the guide itself, I've found it indispensable for the abilities/spell lists alone. I highly recommend it.
  4. Either fix or obliterate the stronghold. It's an exercise in frustration at best, a bit of a tacked-on slap in the face at worst.
  5. I hate to say it, but I am having trouble staying interested for now. Every time I fire it up, I get bored after 10-15 minutes. I'm assuming that I'm just RPG'd out. Will come back to it later, as I'm not convinced it's an issue with the game itself.
  6. It's Metacritic. Good for a laugh, but pretty worthless at its stated purpose. I still say it's an 8/10, myself.
  7. Perhaps the answer is nobody is crazy enough to do that amount of work gratis. I know I'm not.
  8. The stronghold needs a lot of work. It definitely feels like a tacked-on placation. Personally, I'm confident it will get it, but only time will tell. A thing worth doing is worth doing well.
  9. I don't mind them starting out as cosmetic, but being able to add a minor enchantment or two to them would be nice.
  10. Actually, this has nothing to do with the Unity engine whatsoever. The only obstacle is money. Professional voice actors do not come cheap. They cannot take less than a certain amount of money for a project, or they will get in trouble with their Actor's Guild, even to the point of getting kicked out of it, which means losing health insurance and any possibility of future employment. Definitely not a risk anyone would or should be willing to take. With that in mind, the sheer amount of text in this game would put full voice acting out of even a AAA game's budget. And with the limited funds available for PoE, this becomes a pipe dream. The alternative is to use amateur volunteers, which, if you've ever heard before, let's just say you'll realize why professionals are so sought after.
  11. Seriously, seven pages here, who knows how many more posts on reddit–has there been any response from Obsidian on this? I didn't pledge enough for the physical goods, but I feel bad for everyone who did The prospect of a map was nearly enough to convince me, but wow, it really is terrible.
  12. You didn't have to wait to walk into a store, inn, or private home either. The reason those load times were so long was because they loaded the entire map all at once. That PoE can't seem to do this baffles me.
  13. Seems like a super-fast patch cycle, which is both good and bad, IMO.
  14. For what it's worth, I think the iOS app size limit is 4GB. That would never be enough space for this game. Not sure about Android OS.
  15. If there weren't loading screens between literally every area, I wouldn't care. As it is, I have to go through one when entering a store?!?? That wasn't even the case 17 years ago in Baldur's Gate. As it is, I wholeheartedly agree with you.
  16. People still read Gamespot? That said, I think 8/10 is fair. DA:I should never have gotten a 9, however.
  17. I'll never understand the cryout for balance in a single player game. This isn't an MMO, though those mechanics seem to be infecting the entire market. The game can be beaten with any race/class combo. Why would you pick any of those other combos? Well, it is a role-playing game, after all. :|
  18. A fine map indeed. Too bad it was the best thing about that game :D
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