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  1. Ok this is how i got out of it. Sneak and go across the river using the rope. Sneak until you get to the "brawler" and then show yourself. He will engage dialogue. If you have bluff at 4, you can convince him to take you to the captain.
  2. I als I also have this problem. Slept in the undercity and now cannot get out without making everyone hostile.
  3. I do agree this game doesn't really encourage you to try out different builds. You can basically dominate this game with a couple of fighters for the meat, a priest, and three chanters/and or ciphers.
  4. Yes they are underpowered. The even bigger crime is they're just boring to play. Seriously. They lack abilities, no real spells, they are ranged generally so they also stand away from the action and just fire arrows. On top of that the AI is bad so sometimes after the enemy they are targeting dies, they don't switch to another and just stand there like a clown in a lawyers office looking all awkward.
  5. Combat and loot is a very important part of the game imo, and D:OS does it better than Pillars I'm sorry to say (IMO). The combat in D:OS is highly tactical and plays fantastic. However Pillars has a better story and more interesting companions and lore so it evens out. But you cannot dismiss combat and loot.
  6. I thought D:OS was an amazing game and an equal to this game. Both deserve a 9.
  7. Don't get me wrong, I love this game. However who thought it would be a good idea to need to go through three loading screens just to get to your bed? Can you please just let us "rest" as soon as we get to the stronghold in some future patch rather than have to load into the map, load into bright-hollow, an then load into the top floor. And then, load back into bright hollow and then load back into the main map again on the way out. That's half a dozen loading screens just to sleep. Needless busy work.
  8. Glad I'm not the only one that thinks Sagani is awful. She's interesting but totally underpowered. She doesn't do anything well. The druid midget is worth two of her (seriously, he is)
  9. I think this game is amazing, BUT I must admit I do prefer the amazing combat from D:OS (loved the combat in that game, my favourite in any CRPG). Very tactical and had great environment interaction.
  10. Not that I'm condoning the whining about keys, but 70k emails is nothing for any server. They'd chew through that like it's nothing.
  11. I envy people that have such carefree lives that complaining about a key being a few hours late is such a drama.
  12. Don't have a problem with Angry Joe myself. I even sub to his channel. Yeah he's kinda loudmouth and overall I prefer the more refined style of TotalBisuit but it's grossly unfair to say he's some console gaming AAA loving modern gamer. He just did a review of Beyond Earth for example and clearly is a fan of turn based strategy games. He even did a video on Might and Magic 10 which he seemed to enjoy.
  13. Looks very nice to me. My only comment is perhaps the cities could do with a few more people standing around. Also, there's this weird font style for the S and T that looks odd to me. See below. I find it jarring (yes I know its very pedantic)
  14. Will this guide have the same contents as the digital one? Or are they totally different guides.
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