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  1. Out of interest, how long did it take to arrive at your place from when it was shipped out? It looks like I have exactly the same as you (box + statue + etc) and we are in the same country. It's the first time I have encountered this "Aftership" tracking system and this is what mine currently says below. "International Processing" started 4 days ago. Aug 24, 201812:00 pm Enroute to International Processing HubRRD International Logistics U.S.AUS Aug 22, 201801:00 pm Exported to International Processing HubsRRD International Logistics U.S.AUS Aug 21, 201804:30 pm Parcel rece
  2. Thought some might be interested. Here's the top half of one of my gaming shelves. This is the RPG Big Box and CE shelf (with POE2!)
  3. Box arrived. Game, Guide and Statue all in perfect condition! The CE box contents are wonderfully packaged to ensure no movement or damage. Apart from the missing physical game, there also seems be be another item missing. The 8x10 Concept Art Print is not there. That's not cool! I had plans for that! Where is it?
  4. I was not aware there was a physical version of the soundtrack on offer. I thought it was digital only. I certainly cannot find any mention of it on the campaign page.
  5. Thanks, maybe my frustration did lead to posting more "assertively" than I should have. I appreciate the point you were trying to make. Just a heads up though "I apologize if you perceived what I wrote..." this is not an actual apology. I realize you were making one, but the "I am sorry you were upset" apology is inherently problematic and dismissive. It should never be used by anyone for any reason. Now back to our regularly scheduled posting.
  6. This thread is SPECIFICALLY for physical reward backers. Keeping this thread to physical reward backers ONLY makes the most sense. And if you're going to be a moderator try not condescending to other members.
  7. Why on earth are you even in this thread? This is for people who SPECIFICALLY paid more for physical items, including the game, box, book, etc. Your comment could not be more irrelevant. Maybe stick to threads where your opinion provides some value. This is not it.
  8. Sorry, but not acceptable. I backed for specific items and I expect to receive them. A card with a code it NOT a physical copy of the game. Is it a physical copy of the game key. These are not the same thing. I was expecting something akin to the Obsidian Edition Discs. Which is what you will be delivering to me, I guess in a second shipment now. It's bad enough it's now 3 months since release and people are still waiting on these items, but to omit content explicitly listed is disgraceful. I also find the notion that you could not include the discs for logistical reasons a little thin. M
  9. I have shipping confirmation, but I have no idea how to track it. The tracking number doesn't seem to exist anywhere
  10. As a digital backer more of my pledge went towards Obsidian than physical backers because the physical rewards had to be bought by Obsidian, and physical backers got all the digital rewards anyway. Yes, complain that your rewards haven't been fulfilled, but don't claim you showed the most support, because you did not. We literally have, and are the only ones still waiting. Not here to here the muttering from you.
  11. I am also concerned that the image being used twice to highlight the Collector's Edition does not include the Guidebook Vol 2. Is there a reason for this?
  12. Not good enough. It's been three months since release, and 18 since the campaign concluded. There is no excuse for this delay. None. The failure of the distribution partner is not the cause of this issue, but a symptom of it. Those of us who have paid the most, and showed the most support have been treated the worst. It is unacceptable. At this point EVERY physical level backer is deserving of more than an apology and a promise that you'll do better! We are still likely weeks out from getting these items, and again I will remind you the game launched THREE MONTHS AGO! All th
  13. Should I be concerned that there is no Hardcover Guidebook Volume II shown in that picture. It is still included right?
  14. Come on! The lack of clear communication here is appalling. The people who literally paid the most seem to get the least amount of info. We're almost in July and still no dates! Can someone say something official?
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