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  1. Late in the game (on the original release version, or one hotfix after) I releveled my Paladin/Chanter. As a result, all the 'old' chants got stuck and some even duplicates, in addition to the new chants (see screenshot). Additionally, the game would consistently default to one of the old chants (that included a phrased I no longer had on the character) in combat, making the chanter silent unless I manually toggled it every time. Is there a fix for this (that doesn't disable achivements?) Is this on the roadmap? It's still present in the latest version (2.01). Here's an example: https://ste
  2. You need primal water, which is easy to use up in all your crafting - you can buy it from the herbalist/magic shop in Pertiki's (sp) Overlook. If they aren't there, wait 26 hours for them to restock.
  3. The Item "Stormturner Cloak" uses the word "icreases" three times in the description (instead of "increases.")
  4. In the install folder for the game, Tim's Cookbook is in a folder called "Ditigal RPG Cookbook."
  5. There's a probably unintentional interaction between quests that makes the Principi quest "Goods and Services" impossible to complete (and by extension, all quests that may follow it?) I got trapped in the Old City (slept past the elevator going up). As far I could tell, the ONLY way to get out was fighting through the undercroft - my characters were not able to stealth their way past the enemies, and there was no non-combat dialog options. I therefore had to fight at least a few enemies to get past. Later, I got the quest "The Cornett's Call," and was explicitly told I ahd to use the elevat
  6. I only just recruited Pallegina into my party, and had a single conversation with her. She made a single comment tagged "antirelgious.' Xoti then exploded and initiated a confrontation, in which everything she said made it sound like this was the 'last straw' amongst a bunch of antireligeous comments form Pallegina. This was bizarre, as Pallegina had joined five minutes ago and had said only one thing. So I'm guessing this conversation shouldn't trigger till later?
  7. This is the first thing in the entire POE development that set off alarms for me. If you've played The Secret of Monkey Island HD, you know that voice-acting dialog written for text can kill otherwise good writing. Text has an...eveness of tone that allows you to have enormous range without telegraphing or playing it up. Voice tends to double down on the dominant emotion - sad-tinged stories become SAD, jokes become FUNNY, etc. Of course this can change with the talent involved, but the announced actors primarily work in anime and aren't renowned for naturalistic dialog, so if the issue exists
  8. I actually have the same issue with Bailey - she is very talented and I don't begrudge her the work at all, but I have an ear for voice actors and she's so ubiqitous that I always recognize her, and it's an immersion-breaking experience (Steve Blum has been doing this to me for the last 20 years, and manages to play at least a minor role in 50% of all video games released). That said, I recognize that I'm in a small minority there and it would be silly for Obsidian to factor that in - the vast majority of players don't notice specific voice actors, much less care that much about it. (Also -
  9. The mission description text includes the non-word "attmpt." Presumably an easy fix. (I'm on Steam, but I'm guessing it's all versions).
  10. Oof. Obviously there are two sides to every story, but Obsidian not giving him the rights sounds pretty awful.
  11. Ah! That is the problem. I see the logic as you explain it but really thought that was a hard lock. Thanks so much!
  12. Hello - There are a few banes in the game that have text similar to this (this one is from the Hag monster): "Before you play a spell that has the Attack trait, succeed at an Arcane or Divine check or you may not play spells that have the Attack trait." Every time I encounter these cards, it skips the check - I just get wholesale blocked from playing Attack spells. It's happened in a number of different scenarios (though I think it was Ezren every time). Let me know if you need any more info to track down the bug!
  13. I just checked his intel to decide whether to buy a helmet for him...and it's 55 base. Which explains why his lightning storm is covering the entire screen.... So that's definitely a bug. Also, if I use the console to change it back to normal, will that prevent me from gaining achievements?
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