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  1. Power Armor is definitely something I think they got right. Loving how much they put into it. The only thing I'm worried about is how we're accessing the PIP-Boy and thus our inventory, notes, quest log, etc. while we're in it. Also digging how the Advanced Power Armor is back, and it seems they've replaced the Fallout 3 version with the model from 2.
  2. Gods, do the Glittering Gems ever shine. Glorious. I'm almost positive a good portion of that was Rosh.
  3. I think I saw the Deathclaw's horn come off.
  4. Had a little marathon maybe a week or two ago. Amazing Spiderman 2, Monster House, Elysium, Sky High, and then capped it off with The Monuments Men.
  5. Huh. I haven't gotten the Library yet. I've just been stealing and stashing a copy of every new book I find with the intention of reading them later.
  6. Patrick Seitz says he plays Kana on his Facebook. Not that the proof was needed. As you said, the voice is unmistakeable. I want to know who voices Grieving Mother.
  7. Hnnnnnggggg. Beautiful. Really wishing we could change portraits mid-game. The Deathlike is perfect.
  8. I think Ranger pets should share their skills with their master. Most won't matter, but Athletics, sure. An idea I had for the Wolf was giving it the Ranger's Mechanics score plus some arbitrary number for the purpose of finding hidden things.
  9. X - My character X X - Grieving Mother, Edér XXX - Durance, Kana, Aloth That's the one formation I use for everything.
  10. I'm skinny(115-128 range), short(5'6-7ish), and pale. So...Pale Elf, I guess, if not just a short and skinny Meadowfolk, because **** being an Orlan, quite frankly. Class...Cipher, Ranger, or Wizard. If I'm real honest I'd probably be a Ranger with a wolf or a lion. Because I like dogs and cats. But I want to be a Cipher. Probably focus on picking talents that make me better with a bow or a rifle, and making my animal friend tankier. First skill would probably be Marked Prey. Attributes are hard and stupid. I probably have less than the normal total number of points. Mig 8 Con 8 Dex 14 Per 14 Int 14 Res 8 Wheeeeee. Washington. Not DC. So...the Living Lands? There's no background for shut-ins or slackers for good reason so lets go with Drifter only without the drifting. Favoured dispositions: Rational, Stoic, Honest, Diplomatic. Disliked: Deceptive, Cruel Armor type would probably be some type of padded, leather, or scale.
  11. The fog of war is so we can't see, I'm pretty sure the characters have no trouble seeing even if we can't. An enemy not noticing us within a certain distance makes the same amount of sense with or without the fog.
  12. Playing as a Death Godlike, I was hoping that someone would have had something to say about it in Defiance Bay and beyond. Guess not. Also, thought it was weird that some NPCs made reference to my character's eyes despite them not being visible.
  13. I have them on for if I qualify. I like to know what's letting me have an option, but I'd rather not know what I'm missing. Reputation is on. I was going to play with that off, but...eh.
  14. That's weird, I could upload the pictures but not add text. Anyway, I made the smaller version and made the big version 210x330 with some really bad selection copying and inverting, in case anyone else wanted to use it.
  15. The Imbued from Hunter: The Reckoning are also pretty interesting, I think. Although there's Fyodor who, from my (limited) understanding, is pretty much a murderhobo.
  16. The way I see it, a Monk/Cipher would just have one or the other, not both. Most likely just focus.
  17. Something like this would be great. I pick up everything enemies drop, no matter how little money I'll get for selling it. The Black Hound girl's inventory is just loaded with stuff.
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