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  1. What is the lowest level at which the companions can be acquired? I'd like to get them as soon as possible to control their level-ups, so started a new game, avoided all optional combat in Cilant Lîs, beelined for Gilded Vale and Caed Nua afterwards and while I got Aloth, Eder and Durance at level 2, by the time I got Kana was level 3 and so was he. Possible at all to get him at 2? What about the other companions? Would it be possible to get them at level 3 (Sagani and Hiravias at least)?
  2. Godlike first of all, followed by dwarf and orlan. I'd preffer them in light/medium armor if possible.
  3. There are 3 nice male elven portraits made by Andrew Erickson here: http://thewizardssketchbook.blogspot.ro/2015/03/heres-some-portraits-i-did-for-pillars.html . Not that big a difference from the original in-game ones though.
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