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What race/class did you pick?  

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  1. 1. What race?

  2. 2. What class? (1/2)

  3. 3. What class? (2/2)

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1. Nurzhan of the Oasis - Island Aumaua Fighter (Deadfire Archipelago Merchant)


Played him as an archer (Adventurer weapons), which squandered his innate regeneration. Also, he had low Might because I didn't know that Might applied to ranged damage (all damage, in fact). He was pretty mediocre as a result.


I finished the game with him, skipping the vast majority of side quests and leaving most companions' side quests unresolved save for the wizard companion. Most of them ended up having bittersweet endings.


2. Nurzhan of the Oasis - Island Aumaua Fighter (Deadfire Archipelago Merchant)


Same build with more fighter friendly stats. Same weapons as #1, but he uses his war bow as an opener instead of his main weapon. He main weapons are his estoc and his dual flails. Much more effective than #1, able to lock down four enemies at a time.


Still playing this one.


3. Lelouch vi Britannia - Meadow Folk Cipher (Aedyran Aristocrat)


Based on the main character of Code Geass, an exiled noble with mind control powers. Terrible physical stats but awesome mental stats. Expert of LYAHF (Let's you and him fight!). Just arrived in the first town.

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Wood elf cipher (scientist from the Living Lands).  I usually play a mage in CRPGs, but didn't want to play one who was constantly saving her spells in case they were needed in a tougher fight. I understand the concept, but find it totally unfun. 

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Wild Orlan Ranger, after days of indecision and partial playthroughs.


(Will play an Earth Godlike Druid, Death Godlike Cipher, Wood Elf Chanter, Pale Elf Wizard, and... Well, I'll find some way to fit a Boreal Dwarf in there somewhere.)

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I never play human protagonists since I AM one (sometimes....) if it's a solo game, and almost always ranger-types.  Always elf or another "other" race.  If I have a custom party, it'll be a mix similar to elf ranger/human paladin/orlan rogue/elf wizard/aumaua fighter/dwarf or human barbarian.

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First character ever on Hard: Moon Godlike/Aedyr/Paladin/Shieldbearers of St Elcga/Clergyman (Beat the game zero deaths..its on hard so it was easy)


First PoTD character trial of iron: Coastal Aumau/Rautai/Paladin/Goldpact Knight/Mercenary (Killed by the Master Below, I messed up the fight)


Started over a bunch of times optimizing since then...


Current PoTD character trial of iron: Coastal Aumau/Rautia/Paladin/Kind Wayfarer/Scholar


Uh.. I like Paladins

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My first was a wild Orlan cipher. Haven't played a psion-like class since Dark Sun, so really felt like it :)

My next would be a wild Orlan barbarian, once a new patch will arrive hopefully.


Can't see myself playing anything other than an Orlan. Tempted to make my barbarian a hearth one because the bonus is better, but I just like the wild ones :p

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In my first play through I was a Moon godlike rogue from Deadfire Archipelago. I was a pirate who became so renowned a group of nations formed an armada to capture me. The ship went down, the surviving crewmen scattered, and I decided to go to Dyrwood (passing through Gilded Vale along the way) on my way to a new life . . . of even more crime. >:)

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Holy necroposting, Batman!

I have a Hearth Orlan Chanter (Aedyran merchant) and a Pale Elf Barbarian (raider from Deadfire--hey, Naasitaq is in the archipelago, and they have contact with glamfellen, so....)



I stream every Friday at 9pm EST: http://www.twitch.tv/ladaarehn  Currently streaming: KOTOR 2.


Pillars of Eternity homebrew tabletop thread: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/84662-pillars-of-eternity-homebrew-wip/


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Human Barbarian

Wood Elf Wizard


Why there's "non of these" option in class section? There aren't custom classes in this game, right? Doesn't it break poll?... 

No sense to me...


Because the polling applet requires an answer in each section....

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So far I have tried the following, but only to the end of the 'tutorial' of the Encampment and Cilant Lis: Human Meadow-Folk Fighter, a Human Ocean-Folk Barbarian, a Hearth Orlan Druid, a Moon Elf Wizard, a Wood Elf Ranger, and a Wood Elf Rogue. The Human Fighter I have almost finished Act II with, and the Wood Elf Ranger has finished Act I.

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