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  1. I dunno maybe its a bug; once i didn`t meet that frightened guard in a tavern in Twin Elms but then after i talked to the Stewart of Caed Nua she told me that the undead Raedric is awaiting at his keep. The other time i met the frightened tit in the tavern and the quest appeared in my log. Alll that happened post 2.0 patch...
  2. PoTD solo is really intense and fun and sort of masochistic.
  3. i really like rogues i think i got my first and only PoTD solo playthrough with a rogue that was prior to 2.00 patch so i skipped con and per; he was a pale/elf bloke wielding a estoc, was fun. Ofc that was when summonings lasted for a fight not only 20 secs
  4. Yeah but Adra actually contributes to the story, Sky and Other are decent enough, but the stupid Alpine Dragon is pointless. That being said, I want my money's worth, and I don't feel I get that with such terrible encounters. Actually i like the solution where u let it live! basically i only fight that semi - retarded dragon in that quest given by the Magran priestess. Alpine dragon is doable but its just a bother; its really tiresome so i usually just skip it.
  5. I detest cyphers so i would go with a rogue; but thats just my personal preference
  6. Good luck finding a way to beat Thaos and his sidekicks with summonings that last 20 secs on PoTD solo, but hey its less cheesy and much more balanced now
  7. More party diversity (with so many awesome races to choose from, PoE has too many white male party members).- ...So what do you want to see added to the next game? More white male party members would be nice so that we have more suggestions like this one Seriously u are one sick puppy
  8. If this is true (that survival affects the duration of summonings) then this thread is absolete and i should get a permaban hahhahaa
  9. Is it now affected by Survival, as figurines are in a way consumables, or is the duration absolutely fixed? It should be! Gonna play with survival to see if it affects duration!
  10. I didnt try it i am gonna try it now (version 2.01), if its still there i ll give u a nudge
  11. Is it ur first Wm playthrough? If it is make it easy on urself and re-enter it at level 10+. I am doing it and its rather easy
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