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  1. Agreed. I actually wouldn't ask for this if the console command really worked "properly" (it doesn't - it still glitches out). I wouldn't report a console command that's not working "right" as a bug though. I'm perfectly fine with black FoW until I've visited an area on the map. After that, I really would prefer that there wasn't ANY FoW. Admittedly, if this game had continuing area-refresh, new wandering monsters and so on, again I wouldn't ask for it. But the game doesn't refresh areas, and doesn't provide refreshed wandering monsters either. So seems as if they could offer an option to turn off the leftover FoW....
  2. Well, that might depend on how much profit a dev of that sort of game thinks is "making enough money"! I wouldn't have any idea, myself - maybe they all look at the Candy Crush numbers and think that's the only way to go?
  3. If you haven't performed a full playthrough of PoE then "both" would kinda be a lie of sorts, no? I'm pretty sure you are a play-test vote. Nope. Because you can't do a "complete" when there's still WM2 coming next month. That's when I'll have 10 or 15 completes. PoE isn't complete yet, so you can't have a complete game....
  4. @everyone - I won't play any game which requires I play a male toon, no matter how "wonderful" the game. And that goes double for Torment, since I'm very familiar with that universe from years and years of Dragon Mag - and I simply don't like it one bit. That game doesn't need a third strike - it's already out for me, with only two. I liked ME1 - though having to play the later ones through origin (I think it was) meant I just wasn't going there. Bad enough I have to play Skyrim and ME1 through steam.... And the Fallouts - well, yeah, they're really great games. But I grew up in the era where we spent time in school nearly every day going over duck and cover, and what could happen if an atomic bomb happened near us - it got to where I was reliving some of the horrific films we saw in school, in my dreams so I don't play them any more. Yes, it was a long time ago - but it's still revisiting something I'd rather not. PoE and Skyrim (well, TES games generally) suit me fine. They don't really reference anything IRL, and I can play females in them. Yep. I'm nitnoidy that way.
  5. Can't answer poll; both are my favorite. You should have included a third choice: both. The first thing I do with a game (ANY game, this includes MMOs) is playtest to determine a "working hypothesis" for favorite first class/race/general build to play. Then I'll play for a while to see if the testing was right. If it was, I do a complete on that toon. If playtesting was off for some reason, it's back to the drawing board. I probably made and deleted 25 toons when I first started WoW. Ditto RIFT. Ditto PoE. I don't have a complete in this game yet, because I won't until WMII is released and I can play the whole thing. For PoE my complete game main will be a Ranger with a Wolf pet, and 5 custom companions. (I never use premades; hate the whole idea of them, always have.)
  6. Huh. The left hand guard should offer to let you in for 1k. I guess you're too far down the road to load a save before you left Heritage Hill?
  7. Interesting discussion. Bottom line for me: most companies are NOT making games I want to play. I detest phones of any sort, and I wouldn't play a game on a phone to save my sanity (yeah, I'd rather go round the bend than mess with that sort of crap on a phone) - however, it's obvious that I'm about 4 generations out of date.... Then there's the issue with not having unlimited bandwidth. All I hope is I can keep finding games to have fun with that I can play on my desktop AND for which I can afford the download bandwidth. I figure I have 30 to 40 more years of life, so all of the above may not even come close to happening.... And if that's the case, well, I guess I'll still be playing Skyrim, POE etc. assuming computers down the road will run them.... [And hey guys - be nice to each other okay? Otherwise Cant will whack y'all and I do enjoy reading what you post!]
  8. I actually really enjoy the Endless Paths, though like AndreaColombo, I'd rather it wasn't tied into the stronghold. I get why they did that, but it would work better for me done otherwise.
  9. I wouldn't opt for killing ANY boss if given a way to avoid it. Just how I am.... @Elric Galad - I really don't know what games you mean. I don't necessarily follow "famous" names.
  10. I consider a hatchet the weapon of last resort IRL. This is because if I use every bit of ammo in every gun in the house, I'll still have the hatchet (well, I'll still have the butcher knives too, but they're in the kitchen....) that sits on the hearth as the last resort before the bad guy guts me. *shrug* Works for me.
  11. And this is why I've begun playing only high resolve PCs. I HATE having to kill my way through a game. And the only way to not do that in most games of this sort is to finagle around with the "speech" perk (whatever it may be called in any given game). I'm not going into my rant about no way other than killing to advance. Not right now. I suppose you can take it as read though....
  12. Vithrack. Very dangerous. You go first. Vithrack. Why'd it have to be vithrack? Heh. I'm not very fond of those suckers....
  13. I *think* I remember a patch note or something (maybe from a blog post?) where it was stated that everyone would be able to see hidden objects now whether they had a stealth build in the party or not. I'm on really limited bw right now, so can't take the time (and bw) to go digging around.... Sorry I can't post the quote.
  14. I don't honestly like rogues in this game. And I'm not honestly thrilled with mages either.... I make a custom party: looks like this (mostly -sometimes I have a bit different compo, but generally....) PC Ranger Custom party NPCs: Barbarian Paladin Fighter Druid .... and a mage if I have to..... but really - I usually have to, because I at least understand the mechanics. Ciphers et al.... eh, no thanks - WAY too hinky for me.
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