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  1. Huh, come to think of it I don't think I've had any either, at least not those that aren't related to quests. I remember from a previous uncompleted playthrough encounters with looters and burning houses, as well as skuldr and a little girl that gives you a sword. But not in the 30+ hours of my last playthrough. Hope it's fixed :/ worst bugs are ones that make ya miss content, imo
  2. Hah I think I forgot to actually hit submit after browsing It was too large to attach anyways (4mb but attach is a 1mb limit), I have emailed it off, hope it helps a bit!
  3. I know this is probably a long shot, but I figured nothing to lose. I noticed that with the exception of Edér, who had both the +1 and +2 rep conversations for other companions have not triggered. I briefly had the little speech bubble appear in Maia's portrait, with the 'Maia wants to talk!' hover text, but it just opened the regular dialog box with no new dialog. I was told by a dev that there had been some adjustments made, but with how long everyone has been silent, including none of the dialog box pop-up rep related inter-party banter, and others mentioning dialog triggering fine for th
  4. I assume by "Delver's Row stuff" you mean that you completed the rogue watershapers quest from the prince, too? A few patches ago Tekehu's +1 triggered either after the "Kahanga Roaylty seem to be really taken with you" conversation or after finishing this quest. But I haven't touched the game since BoW's release so I don't know if this was changed. You assume correctly Completed the rogue watershaper questline, as well as the guild one with the dragon. I've noticed I'm not getting any of the dialog between companions, the ones that bring up the dialog box I mean. The ambient ones are st
  5. Interesting. I started a new game after being away a while, and where previously I got Tekehu's dialog very quickly after hitting +1, now I'm at +2, finished the first part of the quest with the watershapers and Delver's Row, and still not a peep Since I was away a while, not up to date on patch notes, did they change it that much? Yeah, made a new character as well and things seem to have changed - Serafen's and Eder's +1 and Aloth's -1 triggered as fast as usual, Tekehu's +1 dialogue never happened yet. Here's hoping it's not bugged, since I don't recall any patch notes regarding th
  6. Interesting. I started a new game after being away a while, and where previously I got Tekehu's dialog very quickly after hitting +1, now I'm at +2, finished the first part of the quest with the watershapers and Delver's Row, and still not a peep Since I was away a while, not up to date on patch notes, did they change it that much?
  7. Ooooh looks pretty interesting I'm curious, since I'm not familiar with modding Unity games, would a tool like this make it possible to swap models? I've been wanting to switch the ranger lion pet for one of the white tigers that appear in the game, and while I imagine it should work in theory (I assume both use the same animations for movement and whatnot) I know in practice even seemingly simple changes can get messy
  8. I need to spend more time with Maia not much room for her in my group as my Watcher is already a ranger.
  9. Hello, pretty minor issue but one I thought I'd point out anyways: The hidden containers that highlight purple are remaining highlighted grey even after being emptied. This makes it kind of jarring when the rest of the screen is generally clean of highlights unless the tab is held down. example for reference The 'hidden' books item above the chair on the left of the fireplace is constantly highlighted grey. This has been happening with all hidden containers.
  10. In my game he is disliked by a whole bunch of people and still happily likes everyone but Maia himself (while Maia has him at +1). And he isn't the only one in such state, the lack of mutuality in my party is hilarious. Yeah, Tekehu seems to like a lot of people who in turn find him annoying. Again, fits with his character, he's prideful but naive. I found his exchange with Pallegina and the model boat to be the most endearingly adorable thing I've seen so far.
  11. I think Aloth is at -1 with Serafen in my game, but then I only really use Serafen for the Principi quests so maybe that hits all of Aloth's rage buttons I actually like how they didn't try to artificially balance what the companions like and keep an even number of likes and dislikes. Tekehu has like, 2 dislikes (which I think really only Maia could hit the Pro-Rauatai one easily) and 6 likes. Kind of hits the easy going personality he has going. Edér is very similar. Can't imagine what would hit the Pro-Leaden Key button, outside of maybe Aloth in Thaos' hat?
  12. Add Oswald at this point for a three some. And that old man from the bathing house. I doubt they will pass a constitution check :D Now I have this nursery rhyme stuck in my head
  13. The animations are adorable, but I can't help noticing that Aloth's idle book-flipping-through animation looks like he's holding the book upside down? When you hold a book the front cover is in the left hand, but in the animation it's being held in his right. My only conclusion is that it's upside down
  14. Heh, I'm one of those people that always argues against including romances unless the writers/narrative team I actually want to themselves. Like, enthusiastically want to write some sappy romance arcs for that character, not just begrudgingly write something because their character is of the age and attractiveness level to maybe be of interest to the general demographic the player character is likely to fall into. My argument against including them has always been that they limit the sorts of companion characters that the writers can write. Game development is ultimately zero-sum, there's
  15. I've been seeing a lot more people playing Pale Elves this time around ;D I'm pretty excited since in the Season Pass it seems like something Rymrgand related, so hopefully get some more Pale Elf related lore (In the first we just got that tiny smidge from the elves at Noonfrost) I look forward to companion reactions to being dragged somewhere cold again
  16. "The one certainty is that Eora's races can breed only with their like kind, and unions between divergent races have never proven successful from that standpoint." Start of chapter 5 in the Guidebook volume 1. So no half-anythings, not even half-elves.
  17. Chopped together another custom Pale Elf lady. Goofed a few things but hopefully not too noticeable
  18. You should see her reaction if you break it off with him. Ondra would make for the most harrowing mother-in-law horror stories imaginable
  19. It's under the 'More Reply Options' button, right beside the 'Post' one.
  20. Still seems like the good ol' Edér to me. He was there watching over the Watchers unconscious form, having their back when they're zoned out, general amusing interjections in dialog, etc. As for seeming depressed, well in the first game we meet him after his country has been dying in a slow, cruel manner that's pretty much sucking the metaphorical spirit from the population (along side the literal spirits of babies). In Deadfire, the trauma is fresh for him. I haven't finished his personal quest yet, only up to meeting Bearn, but the impression I got was that Edér might be concerned (but u
  21. Hmm, I've noticed that Tekēhu's first flirty dialog triggers the instant his reputation with the Watcher hits 1. I'm not sure if it's intended, especially since if you pick him up in Neketaka, it's ridiculously easy to get his rep up. Doing that quick little quest for that Huana villager to convince the Valian Trading Co to let go of that contract is enough to do it. In which case, it might be an issue that he just gains rep way too easily? Maia however, does seem to trigger the dialog even at 0 rep with her :/
  22. The pirates do aggro pretty easily. I found if you want to get through there without aggroing, there's a boat on the far right. You only need to get one person through to use it, and I managed it with a 4-5 stealth character.
  23. I listed the steps in my previous post on this thread, but if you need it illustrated:
  24. The watercolor portrait background was released for use here: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/91743-portraits/page-11
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