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  1. Turning off the Steam overlay and telemetry in the options fixed the problem for me too.
  2. I bought a bunch of Rice and Ale at the ship supplies store, and it shows up under the Food section of my party stash. but when I go to the ship screen, it just lists hardtack and water. I can't figure out any way to transfer it. Will it still get used? How does this work? Thanks.
  3. On the Gorecci Street map, the thugs are in the extreme upper-left corner. When I fight them, I can't target them with attacks because whenever I put my cursor near that corner, the "Enemy info" popup covers them all! And of course I can't scroll away to uncover them because they are in the extreme corner.
  4. Just wanted to add a "me too!" At (seemingly) random times, maybe about every minute or two, the game just freezes - screen locks up, no input allowed, nothing (though the cursor still moves). Just frozen. Then after about 30 seconds it all of a sudden starts up again and runs fine. This is infuriating because while I can play, I keep having to wait for it to un-freeze. I *know* it isn't anything to do with my PC. It isn't load times or memory because the game is installed on my SSD and I have 16GB of RAM. All other games - Divinty: Original Sin 2 and everything else work just dandy, even very graphics-intensive ones. All other apps work fine. I have the latest drivers installed. The computer does not do this when not running the game. I can submit any diagnostics you want, just ask. I'm at my wits end. I really want to play, but playing this way makes me want to smash the monitor. Thanks!
  5. Really? That totally BLOWS!!!! I thought that buying the expansion would give me some more play time, no I have to go BACk a long ways and do it all again? BOOOOOOOO!!!!!!
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