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  1. during gameplay, the game hangs and what seems like random times, but it is consistent. i'd guess it happens around every 10-15 minutes. it appears to be a hard freeze, but I found that if i wait it out (10 to 30 seconds), it will unfreeze and I can go back to playing. Just before unfreezing, i think i hear the sound drop out and restart. once it recovers both audio and video are back to normal. This also happens 100% of the time on exiting the game. the screen freezes for about 30 seconds, then will 'release' to the desktop. attached save game, output log, dxdiag report, zipped edit: this definitely seems to be tied to vsync on (for me). when I disabled vsync, the problem went away, including on exiting. With vsync on, exiting the game had always resulted in 60 to 70 secs of hard freeze before releasing. With it off, the game exited in about 4 seconds. No in-game freezes either, so far. bug_report.zip
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