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  1. Sorry for late reply... it's not exactly a bad ending, but they do part ways, as characters in games usually do so each of them can go "their own very important way". It's frustrating because it's not like the watcher has anything to go back to or anything super important left to do, really, so I'd say my watcher would be happy to stay with her handsome fish and follow his way. For what it's worth Tekehu says his heart and the rest of him will always belong to the watcher and they promise to meet again. Yeah, it's a cheap plot device to give the devs an open ending for future games/DLC so that the player character is not permanently entangled with anyone and... I really dislike it.
  2. That's all I really wanted to say, but let me elaborate. He is such a brilliant companion to have around with his funny quips and responses to quips form other companions. Then there are all the priceless puns and innuendos in the stories of his conquests, and lovely naughtiness all around. Last but not least, to make all of that serve a greater purpose and hide a much deeper layer to the character was a beautiful move from the writers. The "grand finale" in the Wild Mare was actually very touching and made me fall in love with the character even more. One thing I either missed out on or that was not present is a follow up to his goddess mom's threat that she wanted someone better for her son. I honestly expected some sort of an epic confrontation at some point, but... part of me is glad it did not happen. That could not have ended well. I wish he and the watcher had a chance for a happy together forever, though, just as they had promised each other in the tavern to always wake up together, but... here's hoping for something of the sort in the future, yes? Because I need more Tekehu in my life, seriously. :D Anyway, thank you for Tekehu, he was like a breath of fresh air for this old and often bitter gamer.
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