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  1. As someone who likes the folks she passes in the street to chatter a bit, I've always considered Beth's writing to be right on target. Most casual conversation does tend to be trite and repetitive. Anything too insightful, witty, or generally memorable would stick out in a way that street conversations that you're going to overhear over and over again shouldn't. In my opinion whether writing is "good" or not depends on its purpose, and the sorts of things you overhear in Beth games are exactly the sorts of things I'd expect to overhear if I lived in Tamriel.
  2. Scrunched box in a bubblewrap envelope received about a week ago (US).
  3. So new meta on "political correcntess" only positives can be speak out loud? I took it more as a general admonition against repetitive posting. Folks who haven't already expressed their dislike or who have something genuinely new to contribute, even if it is of a negative nature, would seem to be exempt.
  4. No, but they could have the delivered the kind of game the IE games were. I didn't care about them changing details, but the wholesale injection of righteous gaming at the expense of fun constituted a bait and switch in my opinion. It didn't surprise me (indeed, suspecting they would was the reason I lowered my pledge during the Kickstarter), but I would certainly not support another Obsidian game in advance of release.
  5. I actually caught myself thinking how refreshing it was to find Eder interesting without needing to pick the "right" responses to further his relationship with my character. Not including them opens the door to exploring more varied characters NPCs and their relationships.
  6. About the same or a little less. They do need to come up with a more comfortable approach so that written descriptions don't fight with voice-acted texts for the player's attention.
  7. It would certainly be a major departure from the spirit of the IE games. I'd be fine with them doing this in a future game, though. I wouldn't buy that game, but if Obsidian wants to develop games in which player activities are that tightly controlled, that's their prerogative, so long as they don't misrepresent their intentions to prospective supporters.
  8. At 3 Might you should be limited to light armor ... because heavy is too heavy. At 3 Dex you should lag 5 minutes behind the rest of the party when making area transitions. The game would be much easier to balance, I should think, if there were actual negative consequences to dumping stats.
  9. Foe AoE damages only your enemies. Plain AoE will damage friendlies if they stand in the red portion of its target area.
  10. I chose cipher because I prefer to play a caster and to have the option of interesting ability choices in every encounter. Not knowing how challenging the game would be during the period in which you must travel solo made me reluctant to rely on a low health, low accuracy character with limited defenses and very limited per encounter abilities. That would not be a concern in the future, but it was in choosing a first character. Also Grieving Mother is not available pre-Caed Nua.
  11. I'd imagine it's because hard story quests would form a barrier to finishing the game, while you could just skip a side quest that was too hard. On normal I've found the combat tedious, but not difficult. Occasionally I think about bumping it up to hard, and then I think about only being able to carry two nights worth of camping supplies and think, "Yuck." I'm still curious about the world, but have shelved the game until after at least the next big patch.
  12. It depends on the tier that a backer selected. For the $65 tier for example, it comes with a physical version of the game, and part of its tier on Kickstarter was to also come with a digital copy. Since we delayed delivery of the final discs, we gave all physical folks an extra Hero key so they could play on release. A number of people had already decided to give their extra key to a friend when they backed the game, so we wanted to make sure they themselves could play too on launch. If for some reason you don't see an extra key on your account and think you should, please contact us at support@obsidian.net and we'll be happy to help! Thanks, Darren No need to be snippy. No hero key has been added to my account page so it's simply not true that they were systematically added to the accounts of everyone at the $65-tier. We ended up installing my husband's GOG copy on both our PCs so I've no reason to spend my time hassling with Obsidian support in order to downgrade to a hero copy, but I have checked my product page each time the issue has been raised in the forums just to see whether a second digital key had been added.
  13. Wanting to feel that spells are available if you need them and wanting to spam your most powerful abilities are very different things. Even without Big Brother limiting how many supplies we can carry, I'm guessing that cost and momentum would cause most of us to pace ourselves. Constantly breaking off what you're doing to make camp isn't fun, any more than trekking back to town for more supplies is fun. Some folks may need to rest more often than others, but that's no reason to punish them by making the game tedious for them to play (unless it's really Obsidian's goal to achieve a smaller niche than that enjoyed by the IE games). Money may be plentiful, but there's always something that would be more fun to spend it on than supplies. And not being able to loot supplies because you're already carrying as many as you're allowed--just a needless aggravation. I'm fine with keeping the limits as an option for those who enjoy them, but don't inflict them on players who feel harassed by them, either because they're finding the game difficult or because they prefer self-pacing.
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