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  1. Fighter + Chanter => Bard Ranger, Chanter => Harbinger Ranger, Rogue => Stalker Ranger, Monk => Forerunner / Alpha Ranger, Paladin => Sentinel Ranger, Priest => Overseer Ranger, Druid => ??? Ranger, Barbarian => Feral Rover
  2. Data is duplicated on the talent progression files (CLASSabilityprogressiontable, talentsabilityprogressiontable, etc. ). If you find and edit the data in both objects, not reloads is needed and everything works from the get-go. Descriptions are not duplicated.
  3. Hello, I am trying to switch a per rest talent to pet encounter. I found and changed the correct variables (cooldown and type). I have only one small problem, when I first pick that ability on level up it shows the old description and adds it as a per rest ability. If I save and reload my modification work and it is per encounter. I am having the same problem for all changes to talents. Any idea why this is happening and, if I can fix it(make it work without save and reload)?
  4. Eder "romancing" Pallegina at best. Sagani returns home to cook shrooms for the kids.
  5. A bit of a Ranger dream going on here: Brutal Takedown is now baseline. Faithful Companion is now learned for free at level 4. Stalkers' Link now works with any weapon. New Talent: Brutal Takedown *Requires Takedown 1 per rest The ranger's animal companion will knock itself and the target Prone with increased accuracy (+10). This ability deals double the usual Takedown damage to the target. New Talent: Concussive Shot *Requires level 5 1 per encounter The ranger's shot inflicts Concussion to the target, in addition the target is also Dazed for 9 seconds. New Talent: Blackout *Requires level 5 1 per encounter The ranger's shot inflicts Blinded (7 seconds) in a small area around the target, but deals no damage. New Talent: Designated Target Passive *Requires level 11 Whenever the ranger lands Wounding, Concussive Shot or Blackout on a target, the animal companion has 8 seconds to charge the target ignoring collision and gaining a +30 bonus towards disengagement attacks. The charge attack cannot be interrupted, is more accurate (+20) and inflicts Flanked (8 seconds) on hit.
  6. What gives? Just another thread with an overly exaggerated title about a topic that most people don't give a **** about.
  7. YES! Need romances so much >.< Romance already exists in PoE. In fact it is the first game I've played that supports polygamy. Take Eder for example, sometimes he is engaged to more than 3 of different characters! Josh Sawyer took a page out of Bioware's book of bromance and added some Obsidian spice to it. Romances in PoE are short, unrestricted and have great replay value. Biodrones need not look any further. Till Death Do Us Part On topic I would like some more banter and ambient conversations voiced, anything that adds to the atmosphere, but not fully voiced.
  8. X <- Eder X X <- Chanter+Pallegina X X <- spellcasters X <-ranger pet X
  9. On the contrary, the suggestion I started this post with (and continue to defend) is one that would allow the player to have plenty of extra exp without overleveling. That's the whole point. You missed my point entirely. There is no overleveling content in this game, because it is not some linear corridor console crap. Every player should be able to reach max level before the end of the campaign and enjoy having a fully evolved character during the last arc of the game. The way most people seem to see it is that "oh no, only super hardcores get to max level", which I don't agree with. PoE is too progression heavy, unlike BG games which had retarded progression for most classes to the point where it didn't really matter for non-caster classes (2e just sucked that way) once you've reached a certain soft cap. Your entire mindset about this is alien to me and I sincerely hope Obsidian will never adjust the exp curve to BG levels. A completionist should be rewarded with better gear, better disposition with NPCs and general recognitions of their deeds NOT exp. I'm ok with lowering exp gains by lets say 10% from traps and locks or a bit more if they nerf bounties, because there are too many quests during Act1 and 2 and too little later in the game, but anything more than that is pure madness. Now if we are looking at difficulty later in the game, that isn't due to higher exp it's due to little to no AI, dump path finding and retarded stat distribution between acc, deflection and endurance.
  10. Great post, but lets not start this again. Hasn't it been what a week or more since then? Who cares about this anyway?
  11. Can confirm, no bounties and was level 9 as well. @Zwiebelchen I follow this thread, but I disagree with the notion that people are taking into account a more casual playstyle. The only good suggestions are reducing "invisible" exp dumps like traps, locks and bounties. The rest is just "The player shouldn't have that much exp at point X in the game", which is bullocks considering most exp is coming from side quests.
  12. I hope they don't change the exp curve at all. A non-completionist will almost never max out as it is. I might sound a bit offensive here, but so be it. This thread is about a bunch of people, who not only want the game to be harder but to be unrewarding as well. Level progression in PoE is one of the few really good things the game has going for it. Overleveling content isn't the problem, it's the core game mechanics that are broken (deflection, acc, stat trinity, retarded pathing, overabundance of per rest abilities).
  13. I hate to spoil this for you, but in DB I cheated a save to check some of the options. From my limited experience, if your stats aren't ridiculously high they just unlock alternative dialog. I might be wrong, as the example you gave is 100% correct, but I doubt it applies to most of the game. :-/
  14. I just hope they don't nerf Might and Int. Yes, they are the strongest stats and are way above everything else, but if they nerf them in some way the game might as well have no stats. I say buff the other stats, might even buff Dex a tiny bit too.
  15. PoE 2: Electric Boogaloo MMO Edition I liked the Haruhi reference, even if I hated the series.
  16. Gamewhat? Also 8/10 is really good, if anyone gave a **** about that. Check the user scores on metacritic, it's a game of 1s and 0s (10, 10, 0, 10, 0, 10). Reviews are so very credible. User reviews could tell you, if a game is worth considering. "Professional" reviews tell you nothing.
  17. Fear not, for I am watchful. From my point of view IE was getting old and as Atari was going down its ever-going spiral of decline they had to make a push. NWN was born and it was a great success, despite having **** graphics bt that was not enough to pull them out of their **** hole. 2D games died, because of desparate corporations trying to stay relevant yet sticking to their outdated ideals. The problem is that 2D games have been in decline for years now while 3D games flourished. It'll take a lot more than PoE level of polish to get such games going again, simply put this will not happen.
  18. Human Chanter Starting a second run with a Human Melee Ranger
  19. The game is good, good but not perfect. I love it, but I understand that there are still some people that are hunting for the perfect game that has that perfect thing that is just perfect for them. I'll start with the negative stuff, beucause I feel these are more personal disappointments rather than failures in the game design (keep excluded). Cons Most party members feel like lifeless loredumps, most of the time. Here, I said it there are points in the game where I just want top skip whatever they are saying because some random book, npc, kickstarterupdate, whatever had told me that tens of times already or I just don't give a **** about it. Yeah, I understand they want to push the setting but chaining everything to it is just dumb. Party members seem intent to give you a lecture on lore your character should already be familiar with. Some of conversations in this game feel like reading Words of Radiance (The Stormlight Archive, #2). I loved that book (been reading Brandon Sanderson since forever), but it had these flashbacks and sidestories about the "crab" people, which were so heavily foreshadowed that by the end of the book I started skipping them. Oh and when I reread the book and tried reading them I found out that indeed there was nothing there just recycled loredump. It's the same in PoE, it's like they were afraid that you will miss something that was central to the plot so they had to repeat it tens of times. There, rant is over. This is the thing I hate about this game and I understand that my taste can be a "little" ****ed up. Attributes+Combat Mechanics The character stats are just retarded, some of them are so infinitely better than the rest that it makes you wonder who put them there in the first place. There are some spells and abilities that make no sense. For instance in a particular tier of wizard spells thare is a spell that deals 50 AoE damage and a spell that disables enemies for 10 seconds, it doesn't take an expert in game design to understand which one is better. I hope they patch these at some point because as it is, some of them are entirely pointless to some classes (even if you are not min maxing which I don't do). The Keep The keep sucks. Pros Writing Almost all coversations in the game are really fleshed out and feel like reading a really good book, something which I haven't seen in RPGs since ages ago. Choices OK, I understand people want to choose if they want to kill Star Child and to pick their own RGB. I don't. Choices in this game are refreshing, NPCs react to the way you are doing stuff rather than what you're doing. The game feels like BG2 with a lot of personal flavour to it and this is what I paid for. I never expected to decide the fate of the galaxy in the first place! Area Design I love the area design, especially most areas where you have 2-3 ways you can approach or finish them. Exploring feels rewarding and entertaining. Yes, battles are a bit eeeh and for some reason you have to sneak to spot hidden stuff, but I find most areas fun all the same. I haven't finished the dungeon so I can't comment on that. Quests The quest have this little Obsidian quirk where most of them are ****ed up, which tends to get old but they give you plenty of different ways to resolve the situation. I love that. 7.5/10 (80) Would buy again.
  20. I disagree about chanters, most of the time you'll only get 1-2 invocations for the duration of a single encounter. The ranged weapons chant sure was op, but that's nerfed now. Just like any other class they can be op in certain situations. Now if we are talking about more chanters in the party, heh it actually isn't the most powerful x6 combo. I find Ciphers much stronger, but I didn't like them from the start so it might be personal bias. At anyrate please avoid the nerf spiral that will turn this game into boring crap. These classes are nowhere near Slicken-fog crap tier.
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