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  1. I think too much emphasis was put onto "the Gods are not real". The Gods are blatantly real because they influence the world and the people in it. They grant boons and set people trials and test mortal kith at every turn. They speak directly to kith when they come calling. The big issue is that the Gods were created. It holds a lot of implications. The world and the wheel existed before the Gods, the universe would keep running without them. Give it some time and people will begin thinking on that. Some folks will get tired of Gods poking their noses into kith business, they'll start to think that maybe they don't need these Gods after all.... Eothas is already presumed dead, at the very least he's missing in action, so people know that they can deal serious damage to their Celestial Overlords. Knowing that the Gods are a creation of the Kith, it opens the door to divine war.
  2. I just hit Act 2 with my Priest of Eothas and starting to look towards the ending, I'm beginning to wish there had been an additional option - The ability to restore Eothas. The Gods were created by the energies of thousands of souls, right? Surely it could be possible to restore him to power, resurrect him somehow, with all the souls stored inside that machine... After she learns why Eothas started the Saints War, my Priestess would do everything in her power to restore him.
  3. When I imagine a kith blessed by Skaen I think... Scars. Horrific, disfiguring, scars. Abydon. Metal, layers and layers of metal, at least they'd get a built in helmet! Don't ask me why, but I think Wael and his secrets, I think the removal of a mouth. Like literally, no mouth. Not practical, but it's what I imagine. Godlike of Eothas? I imagine sunbeams. Like, Moon only.... Warmer. These are just the things that came to me, stopping to think on it for a moment. Btw, on the subject of Moon godlike... Do we know who they're blessed by?
  4. Berath. He made the best case... Also, standing at the machine, knowing that the Gods themselves were manifested by the Engwithans and the Wheel and the Cycle had existed before the Gods.... It just made sense in the end, restoring the truly natural order of things. My next run will probably be Galawain. After that Skaen/Woedica.
  5. I spared the dragon and still managed to obtain Bird Brain's blessing... It's entirely possible. Her followers were also accepting of it, given they understand what their Goddess stands for, well... The loud mouth one wasn't, but the guy was.
  6. Wood Elf Cipher, because I put together her history when I was play-testing the beta and I really liked it so she was my first hit, I finished her run earlier this week. Next up will be Meadow Folk Priest of Eothas. Then a Vailian Wizard. Then a Pale Elf Barbarian. Then a Fire Godlike Priest of Mag. Then a Rogue, not sure which race yet... I could go on forever... I have so many characters that I've played in previous RPGs that I want to bring to Pillars, plus new characters like my Priest of Eothas that I want to take on their first adventure. I'm super excited about all of them.
  7. Gotta get that petrify...... To buff my Cipher mind pierce damage.
  8. Right, I get that I'm going to have the option, but I can ignore options with minimal effort. If I'm trying to play a weakling I'm not going to suddenly get up and throw people around out of choice. The choice element is what I've been asking about and no one has actually given me a helpful answer. I decided to play it anyway and have yet to encounter anything that could negate my role-play choice.
  9. My "father" figure in Baldur's Gate spoke a whole 5 minutes of dialogue at me and displayed very little personality before he died. I had no time to build a bond with him, his death meant nothing because he meant nothing. Labeling him as my "father" was nothing but a cheap attempt to build a bond that could not possibly exist. At least Pillars of Eternity is honest with the fact that the random people dying don't matter. Of course, this is just my opinion. Maybe there are people out there that genuinely felt connected to Gorion because he kicked the bucket, I dunno.
  10. I'm more than aware that from a game-play perspective she'd be able to pick up a large sword and hack people to pieces. That isn't what I'm asking... If I want to play as a physically weak character, is there anything within the dialogue and story-telling elements that says I am a physically strong person simply because my character has high might? Or is it entirely in my hands whether or not my character displays physical strength?
  11. You can't? Is there a particular reason...? I'm planning to play a clumsy physically weak Wizard with hard hitting spells. She'll have reasonably high might, which will unlock might related conversation options... But I don't intend to use them, because she's not a physically strong or menacing person. Is there something that is automatically going to make her appear strong and brutish? I know a lot of the scripted interactions can involve might, but I also know that they can involve tools (which I used with my Cipher who had low might) and given she isn't going to have the physical strength to deal with things, she's probably going to use her brains and a lot of luck to get by.... But is there something in the game that is going to make that impossible? Is there something that is automatically going to make my physically weak Wizard as strong as an ox? I'm genuinely curious...
  12. I had a slaver visit, looking for prisoners to buy. I sold him a guy for a boat load of coin.
  13. I got Woedica, didn't get Wael... I'm assuming it isn't a bug, but rather it's triggered by something I didn't do...
  14. I think there's a log book you can get from around Lilith, then use that to convince Maerwith to go see her? I dunno, I had the option to tell Maerwith about the log book, how Lilith waited for her... I didn't take it. My Cipher was kind of an arse. I'm assuming it convinces her...
  15. Edér is my favourite... Just because he's so freaking adorable. Gotta love an animal lover, right?
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