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  1. Comparing PoE to BG is unfair only in the sense that BG (and most notably BG2) are fantastic and PoE is pretty poor.
  2. It's nowhere near the level of Baldur's Gate 2 or I would say even Icewind Dale. It's a very dumbed down easy-for-everyone to play RPG. In BG2, you had to know how spells worked to adequately fight Beholders or Liches or Mindflayers. Here, there's no such thing as an enemy that's completely resistant to a certain attack, you can hit something with high Damage Reduction to fire with a fire spell and still do damage. It's all a bit too easy and combat becomes very redundant and repetitive. Many of the spells that the different classes get are totally OP and easy to roll over mobs with. I suppose if what you want in an RPG is going around reading a lot of books off of shelves then this game would be the tops in that department. But I want tactical combat challenges, and this game does not provide that.
  3. I see your point but for me D&D was a fantasy world that had full plate and no guns so that's what I want to see from a game trying to evoke games like Baldur's Gate or Icewind Dale.
  4. I can see how that would be historically true, but PoE, like a D&D world, is a fantasy world, not history. And like a fantasy world in D&D, I don't want to see guns.
  5. I'm in Act 2, I'm at level 8, playing "Hard" and just burnt out on the game. Nothing is a challenge at all. I guess I will have to start over and play PotD but it's sad that this game is so easy. I'm hardly a power gamer either.
  6. I don't actually mind the Might thing as a concept, if the Attributes were balanced better (which they're not), but I must say that now I have the image in my head of the angriest man-nurse slapping bandages on SO HARD. If it's a female nurse slapping bandages on SO HARD, i'll take it.
  7. So I'm at 8th level playing on "Hard" difficulty and the game is too damn easy. I don't feel like starting over and doing a PoTD run-through, but I do feel like changing things around to try to make the game more challenging. My current party consists of 6 custom characters: monk, paladin, druid, wizard, cypher, priest. I refuse to use any of the guns or rifles because they are OP and they just don't belong in a fantasy setting imo. I'm also considering dropping the cypher as she is just too OP and makes combat way too easy. Besides dropping the cypher, what else would you recommend for making the game harder on myself?
  8. This guy knows how to monk. Solo monk fighting the end boss. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nAj4kpOVt6E
  9. I refuse to use any of the firearms in PoE, they are OP and just don't fit in a fantasy world imo. Bows and crossbows for me only.
  10. I have the exact same problem, and I just updated with the new hotfix patch before doing this fight. I wonder if it's the new patch?
  11. Planar Sphere was the gift that kept on giving... until your apprentices died.
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