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Backer Beta Build 392 is Live!


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Hello, all. Build 392 is now live for the Backer Beta. The Windows and Mac builds are now live. Linux will not be going up until we upgrade Unity and that won't happen until after January 5th, 2015.


Important Changes

  • You will notice quite a few combat balance changes in this build. Be on the lookout and let us know what you think.
  • You will notice many UI polish changes. Some screens may even be entirely new (loot screen, I'm looking at you).
  • Most of the icons are now in the game. There are still a few that are missing, but those should be few and far between.
  • Some final VO is in the game. You will also notice sound sets are in and hooked up.
  • Skill system has changed back to a point-buy system.
  • Talents are now organized during level up.

Important Known Issues

  • It can be difficult to loot bodies sometimes. It can help to try to loot the bodies toward their feet. One workaround is to do a save/load. The body will turn into a loot bag and you will be able to loot it properly.
  • Saving with a modal active will cause the modal to appear to be non-functioning. If you deactivate and reactivate the modal a couple of times it will start working again.
  • Pressing the "Take All" button in the Loot UI, if a lootable body is underneath the "Take All" button, will cause the cursor to get stuck. This can prevent you from opening doors or interacting with objects. To clear this you can do a few things: mouse over a loot container, loot anything, transition, or save/load.
  • The "proof" mods (e.g. Pierce-proof) are not stacking correctly and will have problems after a save/load. Best to avoid those mods for the time being.

Fixed Issues

If an issue has "Needs Verification" after it. It means a fix has been checked in, but QA hasn't checked it yet. These issues are likely fixed, but a few may fail the verification process.



  • After loading a game all party members revert to their first weapon set - Thread Link - Needs Verification
  • Save/Load before transitioning to Dyrford Village causes 0 seconds travel time and a black screen (Workaround in Thread) - Thread Link - Needs Verification
  • Save/Load causes the inventory paperdoll not to show weapons and shields until another character is selected - Thread Link - Needs Verification
  • Enchanted Mods disappear after loading the game - Thread Link

Area Design

  • Korgrak's attacks are not causing recovery - Thread Link - Needs Verification
  • Force Attacking Medreth, just after attaining the quest, A Cat and Mouse, causes you to be unable to complete the quest - Thread Link - Needs Verification
  • Can't pick the Pilgrim's Crown plant in the southern central area of Dyrford Village - Thread Link - Needs Verification
  • The Temple Skaen entrance is visible on the area map without first moving the statue - Thread Link - Needs Verification
  • Boar companion is left behind when Medreth leaves - Thread Link - Needs Verification
  • Dengler's Store cannot be accessed after returning to the Dracogen Inn - Needs Verification


  • AI does not consider Range bonus from Perception when moving into range to cast a spell - Thread Link - Needs Verification
  • Dexterity is currently not properly affecting action speed (animation times and recovery times) - Thread Link - Partially Fixed
  • Exiting Scouting Mode causes a loss of FPS that persists until Load or Transitions - Thread Link - Needs Verification
  • Hired adventurers spawn inside the player character - Thread Link - Needs Verification
  • Chanters cannot use the Cautious Attack modal while chanting - Thread Link - Needs Verification
  • Chanter's talent Ancient Memory causes the party to twitch consistently - Thread Link - Needs Verification
  • Trap Triggered and other similar bark texts persist for too long - Thread Link
  • The Goldpact Paladin talent Enduring Flames is causing Flames of Devotion to apply a permanent DoT effect - Thread Link - Needs Verification
  • Best of Weapons are not showing the proper damage type in the combat log - Thread Link - Needs Verification
  • Talents Resilient Companion, Faithful Companion, and Painful Interdiction are not working properly - Partially Fixed
  • Some new class abilities have been added for the druid, fighter, paladin, and wizard. These abilities have missing strings and temp icons - There were a large number of these, they should all be fixed
  • On death load doesn't function if an entire party is knocked out while one party member is dominated


  • Scouting Mode causes targeting recticles to appear at character's feet when activated/deactivated - Thread Link - Needs Verification
  • VFX art shown during Scouting Mode does not align well with selection circles - Thread Link
  • Male Moon Godlike head 4 is missing a model - Thread Link
  • The Cladhaliath Spear is not visible in game, only in the paperdoll - Thread Link - Cannot Reproduce
  • The Health bar indicators feel somewhat unpolished and appear to overlap the portrait - Thread Link - Needs Verification


  • The Sabre will sometimes strike for 0.0 damage negating the attack entirely - Thread Link - Needs Verification

User Interface

  • Combat HUD and "Injured, Near Death" indicators do not correctly match character Endurance values - Thread Link - Needs Verification
  • HUD effects and glowing elements (such as Level up and glowing active ability) show when inventory etc are open - Thread Link - Needs Verification
  • "Best of" weapons do not display their change in damage type in the combat log when the alternate type is used - Thread Link - Needs Verification
  • Accuracy shown in the Inventory and Character sheet do not reflect the bonus for single 1 Handed weapons and Enchant/Mod accuracy effects - Needs Verification
  • Character Creation attribute allocation arrows continue to make SFX sounds if clicked after they have disappeared - Thread Link
  • Item tooltips often appear behind the inventory and loot UI


  • Dyrford Ruins hallway plays the SFX of footsteps splashing through puddles, even though there is no water - Thread Link - Needs Verification
  • Combat Music is no longer playing - Needs Verification





  • Launching the client through steam while running OSX Yosemite causes the client to crash (workaround in thread) - Thread Link - Needs Verification


Known Issues

These issues have been reported by the community, but have not been addressed in the current build.



  • Save/Load causes character shadows to disappear on the East and West sides of Dyrford Village - Thread Link - Open
  • Saving a paused game, closing and reopening the client, then loading that game via the Continue causes the game to load in paused - Thread Link - Open
  • Save Files can become unreadable if PC loses power supply while the game is running - Open

Area Design

  • Critters in the wilderness do not always react to the party - Thread Link - Open


  • Some spells and abilities (Jolting Touch, Knockdown, etc...) always display a movement spell icon - Thread Link - Open
  • Mods affecting attacks are applied multiple times if a character is knocked prone/petrified etc... before the hit frame of an attack - Thread Link - Open
  • Dexterity is currently not properly affecting action speed (animation times and recovery times) - Thread Link - Partially Fixed
  • Wizards in character creation are not holding Grimoires - Thread Link - Open
  • The Bloody Slaughter talent has a blank description - Thread Link - Open
  • Medreth's Boar Companion is following the party from scene to scene and causing combat issues - Thread Link - Open
  • Miss/Graze/Hit/Crit Ranges are off by 1 value - Thread Link - Open
  • Talents Resilient Companion, Faithful Companion, and Painful Interdiction are not working properly - Partially Fixed
  • If the Ranger or their Companion are knocked out near an enemy while the other is far away, they will repeatedly fall unconscious - Open
  • If you hire an Adventurer when you have a full party, the Adventurer will be made with no items - Open
  • Changing difficulty level in-game doesn't scale the number of opponents correctly - Open


  • Models for Doors, Weapons, Shields, etc... change texture quality/mip at improper zoom ranges - Thread Link - Open
  • Items held by NPCs can be seen through the Fog of War - Thread Link - Open
  • The Wizard's Grimoire is held in the offhand even when a weapon or shield are equip in that hand - Thread Link - Open


  • Cape/Cloak items do not align with character's shoulders and clip through character models - Thread Link - Open

User Interface

  • Descriptions for spells and abilities presented in character creation and level up screens cannot be scrolled - Thread Link - Open
  • When wielding a single weapon in your offhand and nothing in the main hand the UI indicates that you are dual wielding - Thread Link - Open
  • The Area Map in Stormwall Gorge often displays lines through the Fog of War on the outer edges of the map - Thread Link - Open
  • Feedback is not clear that clicking portraits in shop allows you to compare examined items - Thread Link - Open
  • Combat HUD occasionally displays a "stuck pip" on the right side of the HUD even though the character is injured - Thread Link - Open
  • Spell and ability tooltips in character creation display "Right-Click for details" when this function has no effect - Thread Link - Open
  • UI elements and selection circles can be partially or completely obscured by spell VFX and distortion effects - Thread Link - Open
  • Culture bonuses are always factored in character creation, even when the user hasn't reached that step in the process yet - Thread Link - Open
  • Double-Clicking on a character while the game is paused, causes the party's shadows to jitter slightly - Thread Link - Open
  • Resizing the Combat Log after hiding/expanding the Central HUD allows you to overlap UI elements - Thread Link - Open
  • Assigned Action Bar Hotkeys are duplicating ability UI and not unassigning previously assigned keys - Thread Link - Open
  • UI screen borders are shifted offscreen in higher resolutions causing quest updates etc to become clipped - Thread Link - Open
  • The level up button in the character sheet appears available even if you cannot level up - Thread Link - Open
  • Paladin's description is missing the word "Health" after the health multiplier - Thread Link - Open
  • White damage values in the combat log only display whole numbers and not decimal values (Makes DoT effects misleading) - Open
  • Time stamp font is small in when viewing saved games - Thread Link - Open
  • Traps and Hidden Secrets change the mouse cursor when hovered over (before they are discovered) - Thread Link - Open
  • Saved games are not ordering properly and are sometimes resetting their play time - Open
  • Stash access in the Shop UI needs to be switched to page format - Open
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Bravo on getting this out for Xmas. I know a lot of players will be delighted with this.


Well done, team.

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Yahoo !


...but a lot of bugs..!

Matilda is a Natlan woman born and raised in Old Vailia. She managed to earn status as a mercenary for being a professional who gets the job done, more so when the job involves putting her excellent fighting abilities to good use.

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Hey Devs, a big thanks for this.


I already thought we would not get a new build for X-Mas. Great that I was wrong.


This seems to have a lot of changes and a lot of things to check out. I am curious.


Thanks a lot and a Merry X-Mas to all of you. And  nice and relaxing hollidays.

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Hired adventurers spawn inside the player character - Thread Link - Needs Verification


Not fixed, still happens for me.


That sounds really, really painful. 8P

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Should we not start with some Ipelagos, or at least some Greater Ipelagos, before tackling a named Arch Ipelago? 6_u

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Why where Slave and dissident removed the background choices?  In  my opinion the slave is the other side of the coin from aristocrat and would make different choices, react differently to what is happening around him.  Dissident also would have a different view point from most people.  I like to actually role play my character, why does he react this way, why would he make the choice to kill or to save someone.  I choose a drifter background for my monk because he has given up family and home to sacrifice himself.  I could continue with why he has chosen this life but this isn't a story forum.  I think background is very important in establishing who your character is.

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 I have but one enemy: myself  - Drow saying



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Thank you, Sensuki,  I just went through some of the cultures and I see what you are saying.  Too bad.  Well, I expected to not agree with or like 100% of what OE did.  That's life.  :cat:

 I have but one enemy: myself  - Drow saying



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  • 2 weeks later...

Linux will not be going up until we upgrade Unity and that won't happen until after January 5th, 2015.


*looks at calendar*


Are we there yet?

"Some ideas are so stupid that only an intellectual could believe them." -- attributed to George Orwell

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