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  1. I too hope a 2nd installment will come to happen. And I trust them enough to assume that it will be another great rp game
  2. Yep, reduce recovery penalty of armor worn. Agree to that. Could be a 2% per CON point above/below 10. Only prob, people who don't need armor (back line), would also not need CON.
  3. It does ensure that his opinions aren't taken seriously, and basically guarantees that the designers won't listen to him either. I'd care about that if I spent so much time posting on a message board. I may not like the way @Luckmann expresses his opinion at times, but he has interesting things to say, that should be taken into consideration. In fact, I respect that he still frequents the forums discussing about the game, rather than not care anymore. However, a few balance tweaks are not an overhaul, at least not in the way some of us want it. I believe we have the best chances to see major design changes (if any at all) applied with the expansion. Most definitely at PoE2. Mind me, I am satisfied with the state of the game as it is, but I would like a few of the many suggestions presented in these here forums see the light of day.
  4. Ranger needs more options. I am not the one to say if they need buffing, compared to the other striker classes. One thing is for sure, they are not a bad choice or useless.
  5. Tbh, I have no idea what Rogues can do My point was on what you can make out of a Ranger. Does a Rogue surpass a Ranger in ranged combat ? I cannot answer that. Btw, you mentionted that Rangers need to crit to get that extra dmg. Well, they crit a lot: -very high base acc -+10 ranged acc from vicious shot -+6 acc from WF talent -+10 acc from Stalker's Link -+x acc from weapon quality . . . (Sagani is a boreal dwarf, she gets +15 acc against 2 enemy types) All of these stack.
  6. Sagani crits with fine arquebus (marked prey- vicious shot) for 60+ dmg. Since it's a wounding shot, she carries that dmg over 10+ seconds (17 if WS effect crits). And that is Sagani. You can annihilate a high-threat target at the start of combat with a custom ranger. Weapon Focus Talents are among the most useful general talents, i don t see the reason you don t like them (especially for a ranger, who has so few options).
  7. Problem with the Ranger is you don't have many options. But they shine in ranged combat. -Equip Arquebus. In 2nd slot equip a War Bow for its speed. -Get Weapon Focus for Arquebus, War Bow. Vicious Aim always active. -Start combat with a high-dmg volley with Arquebus. You can apply Marked Prey on target for +20% dmg (since 1.05 MP will not have cooldown, will be an instant activation ability). You can also wait a few secs and send the animal companion engage the target- this way with Stalker's Link Talent you get another +10 to Acc. Attack with Wounding Shot. Most likely with that high Acc you'll crit for heavy dmg, also heavy DoT. -Then switch to the War Bow. Try to attack targets engaged by the animal companion (it must attack for Stalker's Link to apply the bonus) 8 out of 10 attacks will be crits Imagine the added benefit should you get a Bow that applies special effects on crits :D -You need to be careful the aggro is not on the animal companion, your melee must keep it on themselves. Or else the animal will die soon and you'll get no more bonuses from SL. -You may also get the Utility Talent that lets you equip an additional weapon set if you want to release 1 more heavy shot with another Arquebus before switching to the Bow. But this is pretty much it. Rangers are not good dpsers in melee, animal companion talents are not good. That is the prob, they get very few options.
  8. I hate saying this, but playing PoE has gotten me into starting another playthrough of the BG 'trilogy'
  9. It sucks that putting on helms makes your hair disappear... And yes, we should be able to enchant them.
  10. Better AI, enemy tactics is of paramount importance, immunities/soft counters should only be implemented to some bosses/unique monsters. Nothing worse than an easy boss fight when the anticipation is high. (not that boss fights in PoE are easy-some are though, but they sure can become more challenging) On another note, now that Ciphers are nerfed, combat is gonna get tougher anyway
  11. I'm sorry but I'll have to disagree with you (OP). Enchanted items still are uncommon and exciting to find. I felt the vibe when I got 'Drake's Bell' for instance. And crafting ? Whoah, I can make my fav blade even better ! As for wealth, you can get insanely rich in BG. Only problem you have to store items on containers (you don't own) and waste hours of play-time travel back and forth stores. I remember every time I get 70+ thousand gold and nowhere to spend them, I stop collecting anything enemies drop or loot places. PoE companions, why they *are* memorable: Sagani the commited dwarf and huntress extraordinaire, Eder the wise-cracker, secretly devoted to the fallen deity, Aloth of split identities, Hiravias the blunt, Grieving Mother, shrouded in mystery, Durance and his opinions of his goddess. I lov BG, but I (now) realise many aspects of the game are faulty, yet I've come to accept them and make them part of the experience. But in the same time, I don't hold to the past and accept PoE for what it is- that is, not BG copy-cat, but (loosely) based on my fav game.
  12. To be honest, class balance is not necessary in a single-player game, but I don't oppose it either, since it goes with the philosophy of the game. I wonder if there's any possibility we see more drastic changes, like work on the AI, adding immunities to some bosses, unique monsters.
  13. What do you mean by soft counters ? As I see things, it's good if some common mobs can counter your actions: you charm one of theirs,they respond by dominating them (like spores do). You paralyze someone, they free him. I'd like to see unique monsters or some bosses possess immunities. That or, when they are, say, stunned or paralyzed, they can activate a unique ability that counters it, maybe applying a penalty on them also. Some boss battles really need that. I wonder if there's any possibility we see that kind of gameplay changes in this game, or maybe applied with the expansion, or if discussions aim to shape up rules for PoE2.
  14. Another area AI lacks is how they treat confused/charmed/dominated allies. It's bad that they target them instantly. However encounters with monsters that charm are still quite challenging. It's also bad that our party land disengagement attacks on their charmed allies !
  15. I really hope there are resources and the will from the developer's side to address these two, major issues present in PoE's combat: -Enemy AI We've been informed during development that there was not enough time to properly develop enemy AI, as a result enemies take simple decisions and act in a similar fashion despite their type. Combat will be a lot more colourful and challenging if this would be to be taken care of. -Option to Escape Combat A rare few parties may manage it, but certainly not the majority of them and since PoE is a game where you may end up fighting enemies tougher than you, the option to escape should be there. It could be done via an 'escape button' (not unlike scouting button) that enables the party to run at an increased mv rate, albeit applying a penalty on defenses, so as to outrun enemies and get out of the aggro zone. It will be risky, having to suffer from disengagement and all, but the option should be there. Thoughts ?
  16. ... but you should take it as "damn I've been such a whining douchebag for so long, I've lost all credibility and am now ignored because responding to me is a waste of time". You really should. Please no.
  17. I hope there are some news regarding modding. PoE needs it and modding will only expand the game's interest to the crowds, and for a lot of people game experience. Personally, I would install mods that would make the experience tougher (without having to resort to cheesy tactics like we've been shown in PotD playthroughs). Of course, I think we can afford the waiting, until the game is on a stable state and more balanced. Yes, it is playable to the end, but as patch 1.05 shows us, there are a lot of balance issues to be addressed and many tweaks the developers are still adding in the game.
  18. 1.05 reduces quest XP rewards, they paid attention (not on the point, but you can rest on any map at the stronghold and be it like you rest at Brighthollow, another point they paid attention). I will have to agree with Volourn here, players who indulge time to complete most of the content should reach MAX LV and not everybody, so I hope XP reduction is enough. Patch notes state that quest XP and bounty quest XP have been reduced so that it's not possible to attain max lv before Twin Elms.
  19. I don't mind suggestions, but negativity, seeing all is futile is one thing that gets us nowhere.
  20. Great post, well said. Seems they *do* read the forums. On a more important note, it sucks we be 'represented' by a dozen loud dudes who spend their days trolling in these here forums. Bravo to anyone who stands up to them.
  21. Does 1.05 fix the personal record loss when you remove a companion from the party ?
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