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  1. It's not just spoilers, it's sales lost to people watching streamers instead of buying the game and other things to consider. There are tons of reasons a developer needs to consider before releasing their product into the wild, those are just some, I'm sure there are other reasons I didn't mention. But regardless, keep the thread on topic so it can be fixxed quicker.
  2. Any game these days launches with bugs, especially complex games like pillars of eternity. I'm kind of glad they didn't release the whole game as backer beta, there would have been spoilers everywhere. Also, it may have helped a little, but with every new build to fix bugs, new bugs will crop up. Looking thru the MobileObject.save I can understand just how complex the game is. Brings a new appreciation for the work the team has put in to the game. Just give them some time I'm sure it won't be long till they patch the issue.
  3. have u any other chanter's but kana? if so - try trick with them too i was in a lower lvl when were doing so.. * and what log say? u can try find naked kana in savegame file and erase him, maybe this will do something )) Nah, Kana is the only chanter I have. I have tried all possible options by now (recruiting him outside of brighthollow, recruiting him inside of brighthollow, dismissing all my party and only recruiting him), but the game still throws the same NullPointerExceptions in the Chant-Klass NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an ob
  4. Anyway here's the link to my files for the team to take a look at. https://www.dropbox.com/s/v63ir1bgw97slv4/Pillars%20Diag.zip?dl=0
  5. Crafy, changing the extension from, and then back. I'll see if I can find him and clean it up, whill give me something to do as I wait for a fix.
  6. have u any other chanter's but kana? if so - try trick with them too i was in a lower lvl when were doing so.. u can try find naked kana in savegame file and erase him, maybe this will do something )) Took a look at the save file with a hex editor to try and clean the save before, and poke around in it. Wasn't able to make sense of it, so I left it be. It's encrypted pretty well.
  7. That does work, weirdest thing is now I have a naked kana down stairs and a fully geared kana upstairs. Now how do we get him back in party?
  8. Yea Same thing for me Kana broke my brighthollow. I had him in party till I benched him, now he won't come back in, and i can't go upstairs to see him. Would like to submit my save if that helps diagnose the issue.
  9. I am also having this issue, goes to black screen. I think for me Kana is causing the issue, I can't reinvite him back to party on top of not going upstairs. I think since I doesn't want to load his model the game is bugging out. Try moving people around in your party and seen if someone won't join https://www.dropbox.com/s/v63ir1bgw97slv4/Pillars%20Diag.zip?dl=0
  10. Having the Same Issue. Fully upgraded Caed Nua and I try and go upstairs to rest, I get the black screen. I have all 6 recruitable companions. Kana is defintiely causing issues, when I try to move him back into party. I was having an odd issue with him when I was using piercing shot modal and chants, I think it may be contributing to the problem. If I move in to the first floor of brighthollow and try and put him in party his model appears naked but is not in party.
  11. Lucky me, I got spring break all next week! I plan to lock myself in and game till the semester resumes.
  12. I must say, the game I liked most was Neverwinter Nights 2, and all the expansions. I think that game got romance right and it didn't need all that FMV stuff. That's all the romance I think that pillars really needs. We don't need a Crap Effects sex simulator, didn't like that series after the first game so pardon the bash, but something more akin to NvN 2. And it has to make sense, not something forced. That said, Dragon Age 1 made sense story wise, so it kind of worked well for that game.
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