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  1. Hi Obsidian! Like maybe everyone else I would like to know: When do you start to do POE2? Will there be a new kickstarter? Please do not leave us without any clues for the future of Pillars. It would be nice if you could do an update with some clues for POE2. And: Will POE will be transferred to a higher graphic level of the Unity Engine? (Like Wasteland 2 Directors Cut)?
  2. NOVEL: When will all the backers get the promised NOVEL ? Will we still get the novel or is it "gone" togehter with Chris Avellone?
  3. Hi fellow backers, its been quite a long time since my last post... so does anyone know when "The White March Part II" will be ready? Any hints on story and so on? Thanks for advice.
  4. Much more interesting would be to know if there will be a boxed version to collect. For part one or two or at least for two parts together. For a nice box I would spent a fortune. Lets say.... 30 EUR, ha, ha.
  5. BTW This char looks like he has just one eye left. There seems to be someone who likes chars with heavy scars. I do not like a barbarian with just one eye. I hope if he makes it into PoE he will have both eyes. A strong fighting machine needs both eyes. But this is of course only my gusto. I have been out for a while so I am not up to date anymore....
  6. Did everybody see the new barbarian character? I guess we will see him maybe in Part I or II of the expansion: (This is a card copied from "The Eastern Reach" Table Top / Bord or Card Game.) I think he looks quite "Conan-like", what do you think?
  7. It'd be really weird if you couldn't, as this is an expansion, not a sequel, and the trailer starts off from Caed Nua, rebuilt by "you." So yeah, I think it's safe to assume that we can continue playing with our current characters. Although current companions probably will not show their faces as their story arcs are finished in ending slides. Which is why I hope to see at least five new companions in expansion. At least 5 new companions? Never! Not if they are as good as the existing ones. I have never seen a char that was much better than Durance or the Mother. But yes, I ho
  8. Nice intro video! I was hoping for 3 new companions. Every thing like the main game but just more. I wonder who did the writing if CA left Obsidian. Really strange! More writing does not mean "very good writing". So I wonder how it will be. And most important: I hope the extensions will be without major bugs. How much does one had to pledge to get the extension? And higher level cap and all what comes with this is appreciated as well. This makes the game more epic. I am sure there will be a pen & paper rule book some day...
  9. Another thing I forgot: There are mentioned 16 hero cards... Is this a hint for 8 new heroes (companions) for the expansion(s) of PoE crpg?
  10. Its interesting how PoE is a BRAND right now. As a brand I am sure we will see a lot more games and "merchandise" and things with the PoE Brand in the future. Maybe I will pledge this card game if there will a language localization. (And I am sure there will be one). Good luck to the project.
  11. 20 hours would be a minimum. And not to forget the new companions (there WILL be new companions, right) and the higher (LV 16?) levelcap.
  12. And yes, The Road To Eternity is a real "making of" - masterpiece. Thanks to Obsidian! Now I am waiting for the novella. (I think this will take some month!?).
  13. Yeah, would be nice to know how to download the Documentary. Also, when i click on watch the Video opens but when i click on the start button nothing happens. Anyone else has that problem? Pretty sure streaming vs downloading is a function of different tiers. I don't think so, lets wait for some 24 hours and you will find the whole movie on youtube or elswhere. I managed to dowload it via opera download plug in. I think this is possible also with firefox or chrome. Good luck for the download to everybody.
  14. Hi fellow backers, how can this movie be dowloaded? My browser (Opera) only shows me a "watch video" button. How do I download this? ** a little confused** thanks for your help in advance. @Obsidian: Thank you for uploading and creating this Movie!
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