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Dog companion  

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  1. 1. Do you dog companion (like Dogmeat)?

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Companions are great and dogs a great companions, but it would be best to have more choices. Just no silly companions like flying book familiars or hamsters. Oh wait, hamsters are ok.


I said they're ok! Arraraghh.... no Boo, no... not the eyes, not the eyes please...

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So the vanity pet (only one vanity pet will be created, I guess?).


I still don't want a dog.... But I wouldn't be averse to a Fizzgig. :) Maybe a LIm-Lim (lol). Or a tribble.


Of course, the vanity pet can't be useful in combat or that would unbalance things for backers above $50, unless it only does 1 pt of damage per hit and misses half the time.


Hamster, I certainly wouldn't mind--or some similar rodent since PE is a different kind of world. I suspect many people would want to see it visible as a sprite, though.


We have no idea about the beastiary for PE yet, though, so I'm still holding out hope for something a little more exotic but cute.

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I've nothing against entirely optional dog companions, but when they aren't optional, I am against them -- for the same reason many people would rather not have a spider, which is to say that I have a phobia of dogs and ending up with one following my character around whether I like it or not tends to put me on edge. It's not so bad in isometric games as it was in the Dragon Age games (I cringed a bit every time my character was interracting with a mabari), but it's still definitely not something I'd want.


Something different might be kind of neat, though. Maybe a large reptile of some sort.


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I love dog companions, but I didn't like those wardog mutts in DA O.

Here's the coat of arms for dog handlers within the Obsidian Order of Eternity:



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I am happy to have a dog come along for the ride as long as it doesn't take up an NPC slot :)


New Dogmeat FTW!!


Houndmeat! :'D


In tribute to the Black Hound


Using this thread/post to gather all pet topics, bit of a necro but I think it's good to be on the same page (knowledge) sometimes:

Pet Mechanics a suggestion

The in-game pet (KS)

Enhanced Pets

Pet as a Gel Cube

Pet Speculation


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Standard dog companions are so cliche. Knowing Obsidian and MCA, this is what we're going to get -


The Shadow of the Dog: you think he's the evil archmage's familiar, but the evil archmage is HIS familiar.


Plato Dog: because people whine about lack of deep interaction with their dog companion.


The Traitor Dog: because canine loyalty is so passe.


The Dog Who Transforms Into a Human: because weredogs are so yesterday.


The Dog Who Thinks He's a Cat: only trumped by...


The Cat Who Thinks He's a Dog


Romance with a Dog: Bioware supports LGBT, you say? Don't worry, we're one step ahead...


All of the above put together: now we're talking Obsidian.

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There are doors

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