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  1. I can for sure says it has nothing to do with boots. I just started the game my druid merc has no boot equipped and he is in slow motion. I am in Eothas temple in Gilded Vale, with only the armor given..when you create the merc and..that's it no buff, my team is level 2/3. Imo the issue comes from unsheated. It is also a Stag druid/wild Orlan (not sure it helps).
  2. Depends which stretchgoals we're talking about and how much it will delay the whole release. I wouldn't mind more depth to the companions rather than new ones and class quests.
  3. I did hoped than this update would have been about Chris Playing Arcanum (you guys did say he will be forced to do so by January ) We don't forget! Some of us upped their pledge only to see that happening XD
  4. Thanks for you feedback Nepenthe. I was waiting for a real answer from someone who played the game. Even, if i think i will wait after xmas to buy it (wallet issue ).
  5. @Hormalakh Never said it should be that name. Plus, i think the name does make sense. Since it means Eternity.. But i don't think myself that name should be proposed. But this thread was going a bit..on the off-track side. So, i wanted to make a real proposition. To recenter a bit the subject. Aevum sounds a bit like Avernum and Arcanum. But that's also what make it interesting. Since there is a real reference and winkle to previous work done by Obsidian. But like i said, it wasn't a real suggestion. Was more trying to recenter the subject. Because i have read Dozen of parodic post w/ Baldur's name, Planetscape and Fallout name in it. The first one made me laugh, the others less. Besides, without any more info. I don't think any of us can come up with a good name. Btw Aeon also means eternity in Latin (there is a lot of words than means Eternity but their sense differs).
  6. I really want another AP unfortunately I think it'll never happen.
  7. @BruceVc Thanks, i think i'll do that. It seems they made a buggy version..
  8. I was wondering if i should buy it or not. From your comments, i guess they tried to make money around a legendary game. But didn't improve a lot of thing and even worse it seems they really screw up some..? Is the game experience procured inferior to the original saga ? Can you really feel any improvement worth buying it ? (because if it doesn't worth it, i'd rather keep my money for xmas gift and other KS project).
  9. @Lady Crimson It's Actually done by a team of modders. So, they know how the mods are essential to a game .
  10. I voted nope by personal conviction.
  11. Currently playing Mount & Blade Warband (great game).
  12. Hiro you just don't know the story behind that sword. Actually during an helpless fight against dozen of Xvart an adventurer in his last breath put his sword in this treasure pile thinking "may this sword be useful to the son/daughter of a god" (yeah he had tips from Avernus).
  13. So what was enhanced in it expect the price ? ^^
  14. I'd like to point out 2 games that might interest you guys (well i hope lol). http://www.kickstart...rsaken-fortress It's a survival-RPG. Creating a base, finding raws materials, hunting, defend your base, interact with the characters..you can be betrayed etc..the game offer a lot of possiblity. Their inspiration is Fallout (post apocalyptic background)/Fallout Tactics and Jagged Alliance for the fight. Btw i am boohhing Obsidian for not backing a game that says that their direct inspiration is one of your game. They are only 40% funded with..like no media coverage at all..(one article..) and there only 13 days left. Second game a direct successor to Dungeon Keeper ! http://www.kickstart...r-the-overworld I think it doesn't need explanation for anyone who have played DK and miss it
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