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  1. DOS 2 is a very good game, and the armour system is child's play, just make sure your party is focused on either magic or physical, don't go half and half (hell you can solo it with a good build on tac/ honour mode). Pillars 2 story or the lack thereof will stop it getting any critical awards (and the godawful overland travel system, is only marginally better than Pathfinder, and that's saying something)... I have no idea why they thought ship combat was a major feature 0.0). They are, however, 2 different games, and if I was voting, DOS 2 would win easily and by a country mile. Attacking DOS
  2. This patch has made the game worse... I've had to turn off telemetry and use Nvidia Control panel for the first time and it is still leaking memory. The AI scripting is also fairly clunky at the moment (after the patch) with the idiot AI just standing there spamming buffs over and over (even with the premade script as a guide nothing changes) . I have no idea what the problem is. Lastly, the scrolling in the scripting menu or hot spots are just not selectable without a great deal of piddling around. I'm affraid I'm going to roll back 2.01.0044 . Other then that the game has been stable outsid
  3. No, leave it as it is... I prefer making theme based builds on PoTD like my current Pacifist and Archon playthroughs... and frankly, I'm tired of games reworking the difficulty curve over and over again, for what, a minority of the players base. Anyway Pathfinder is out soon, as is the reworked DOS 2 :D I'll play them for a while and come back when POE 2 has freshened up in my mind.
  4. I must agree the main story in POE 2 is totally forgetable... I play these games for complex story and game play. The art work and VO are excellent, just a shame the rest of it isn't
  5. The roll was an example, as a maxed roll for say Sorcerer would be a waste of time, and I think the longest I ever rolled was for a mage about 30 mins (Human straight 18s which I wasn't actually after, as I missed clicked and lost the earlier roll which was good enough)... these days I just use EE auto roller (others may use EE Keeper). If this was a competitive game or the feature broke the game outright or was an actual bug sure remove it fix it whatever. My rule is if the feature does not impact my enjoyment of the game directly and is an option that I can choose to ignore then its all go
  6. Really, someone prepared to roll for hours could get that type of bonus at the character creation screen, straight 18s in BG 2 (ignoring race)... paying more money for a product to gain an advantage is really not an issue in a single player game (unless this was an EA game and then christ help us, as content would be behind a pay wall delivered via loot boxes), especially PoE 2, so I have no idea why you even mention that. Many classics have used bonus stat point systems (BG, BG2 and DA:O for example, it was the player's choice to use/collect them, as it is PoE 2) it's not new... if you don't
  7. Use the game mechanics: barrels, sparklers, choke points, Berath's blessing, scrolls, potions or whatever.... they are legit in game, don't fall into the trap of limiting your playthrough if you are enjoying yourself. A good game gives you the tools to make the game fun for you, and if you can have fun and kick its backside on a triple crown run or designer party with a Chanter summoner army or as a pacifist healer buffer, then that is all that matters. I absolutely LOVE CHEESE in games and the best iso Crpg of all time (imho) BG 2 came with mega lashings of it and it was glorious.
  8. When spirit shifted to Stag animation/AI locks as soon as I try and cast Holy Radiance (Universalist), AI off/on... noticed the same thing happening with Aloth as well (AI freeze) especially with dual cautious aggressive settings. edit: Also rings like eg Suppress Affliction will show in the AI Behaviour editor "but if a healer", this may already be present.... yes it shows 2 Suppress Behaviours but does not show which is which; item or learned spell.
  9. I've encountered this. If your own cannoneers are high level you can shoot with just as good accuracy and damage right back at them. I just reloaded the fight and my Iron Thunders have higher hit when distance greater then 500 metres, they're out damaging my Imperials at + 500 range.... any way glad its not just me :D
  10. Enemy Thunders seem to have high damage at 570+ metres (low miss) which is well over their effective range of max 500, is this a bug (ship's cpt was low level yet was doing more damge with Iron Thunders then a higher level cpt with Imperials firing at 550). err new PoTD game
  11. I don't understand the difficulty setting for PoTD at all, Eder is getting one shot by a single skeleton pistoleers in the starter area ffs (and mouse over stats do not match this amount of damage ??? ... tweak the game difficulty by all means, but be transparent with your changes... have the mouse over update to show those changes ) Things like Nature's Mark (eg) also seem to be totally inconsistent with ability description: should last 42 secs "with int modifier" , but is lasting anything from 18.9 secs to 50.4 secs when applied to the same group of npcs, each mob is getting a different time
  12. Anything would of been better then soulless main quest with a PC character who's journey in the game has been nothing but forgettable (they really need some better writers).
  13. I had your problem with build/class selection as well, I found things changed when I dumped fighter, chanter and paladin from my builds (if I try a no deaths run I will definitely use them then, as they will be a must have... but when death is not an issue, they are a tad overkill). Playing 2 multi-classes presently... Cypher/Cleric and the other a Ranger/Druid. Also Nature godlike Evoker with power stacking items, abilities and pet... is seriously, "watch them explode" powerful, unfortunately, the texturing and colour of the Nature Godlike are fugly limes with legs .
  14. I've had Pallagina lose 50 percent of her hit points from one mob of the same level (elite) quite often in veteran (whilst she was wearing best in slot for her level, low to mid game). Veteran is more like a base hard mode, but ship to ship battles early can be very brutal and unforgiving (especially in Vet level). Personnally I feel the difficulty settings allow for some entertaining and creative builds to be used in Vetran or PoTD without being restricted to power builds based on fotm classes or templates. If the difficulty is to be increased, I would rather see players "forced" to use more
  15. It is a single player game, so this hurts no one... reporting it or complaining about others using it, is assinine.
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