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  1. Dungeon Siege 3. I couldn't get through the first hour of that before the controls made me want to strangle something.
  2. Oh I backed it as well because even the off chance of another game like PS:T is worth the price of admission to me, but that doesn't mean I'm not going to take everything Fargo tells me with a massive dose of skepticism (and he hasn't really shown me anything to placate that mindset). After all this isn't some starving game developer working on a passion project but a millionaire CEO who's good with sales pitches.
  3. I was referring to what tigranes said. Also none of what you said was reassuring; if anything it further reinforces the idea that this "thematic sequel" is nothing more than a nostalgia fueled cash grab.
  4. So exactly how much faith should we have in a company that thinks laying off most of its work force is the way to go.
  5. 2/10, wouldn't read again. The new Thief has more in common with the original games than this Torment does with PS:T.
  6. So Torment's "thematic sequel" will not only have completely different characters and setting, but now completely different gameplay as well? At least they got the name right I suppose. Also could someone tell me why AAA devs get crucified for reviving decade old franchises as completely different games, but inXile gets a pass?
  7. And how exactly does their definition of "deep" not apply to Mass Effect, Witcher, or even Skyrim (really any RPG with C&C ever made)? My point is that the things inXile promised were so vague that they could end up making an FPS and still technically be right. As for Hunted: I liked Gears' SP so I liked that game too, but to claim it's anything other than Gears with swords is to be either disingenuous or blind.
  8. You don't say. Also it's worthwhile to remember this. If that's Brian Fargo's idea of bringing classic gameplay back to the modern audience then you'll forgive me if I don't take everything he says at face value.
  9. Not really, I'm sure everyone wants their story to be deep, original, with a rich personal narrative and lots of player choice.
  10. So basically, Torment in name only? Snip The problem is that all of that can be summarized as "we're going to try and give it a good story." Hell, using their definition the Witcher series is a spiritual successor to Torment.
  11. A solid control scheme is number one for me. A game can have the greatest story/plot/graphics/ui/whatever in the world but if I have to wrestle with the controls I'm not gonna get immersed no matter what.
  12. The difference is that D3 came out on PC first and was then ported to consoles where as DS3 was a cheap console port with a PC control scheme that appeared to have been designed by a drunken monkey. Also it helps that D3 is a better game.
  13. I'd have to see if they deliver on PE first (especially with regards to what they promised way back when).
  14. Far as I can tell it's during the war that occurred after Kain raised his lieutenants but before he sent Raziel for a swim. Edit: On second thought that makes no sense since Raziel's clan wouldn't have wings then, but then why are they fighting alongside the rest of the Vamps if they know Kain killed their leader? Whatever.
  15. The same reason kotor fans will never see kotor 3.
  16. You are bummed that it is free? That is really odd. Free is never free.
  17. Deep down F2P Well, so much for being excited for it.
  18. Irrational (dudes that made Bioshock) laid off some people in order to "streamline their process."
  19. I can imagine the end credits being a preview of DLC for 4 and then 5 having the Saints running an intergalactic empire (with Kinzie figuring out how to give the boss superpowers in the real world).
  20. I think it's something different, I think this is a person who is used to speak his mind, someone who has trouble not too. I don;t think he's media trained, and has trouble communicating effectively. I think the outburst is telling and symptomatic. I know because I used to respond very similarly under pressure. And in my case it wasn't ill will, but a lack of inhibitions. I couldn't not say my mind, and not everyone took that with grace. You see rudeness, I see honesty. Tactless, maybe, but not malicious. "Suck my ****. Choke on it." That's some real honesty.
  21. Fish completely brought this upon himself because no one knew about him (and thus no one cared to antagonize him) before he started acting like a giant douche in the movie, at cons, on twitter, etc. He did it to get publicity to generate hype for his game and it worked, but when it came time to reap what he'd sown he started to cry about being a victim and how everyone was mean to him. The way I see it if he wants to sling **** for publicity then whatever, but if he's going to go down that road then he needs to not be such a little bitch when people sling it back at him.
  22. Alex Jones is a personality as well. Doesn't mean I think he's a positive contribution to anything. Much like how Beer tells Fish that he "can't have it both ways," I say the same about Beer. Going and crying about it when a source isn't giving you the sound byte that you'd like, and then threatening to blacklist said source as a consequence (while taking credit for said source's success) is quite an Alex Jones type thing to do. Beer is a personality, but at some point he needs to step out of said personality. I am wondering if a part of the problem is that he's so used to be "Annoy
  23. The way I see it he's a personality (which even mainstream media has). Not everyone has to be C-SPAN.
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